How to use google drive on android and PC: Beginner’s guide


How to use google drive on android and PC | Are you facing some storage (memory) related issue on your phone? or are you want to store your file on cloud storage and access your files anywhere on the planet? then this post is for you.

First of all, let me tell you what is google drive, and then we start our guide on how to use google drive on android and pc, how to save files in google drive, how to share, download or upload files on google drive.

What is google drive?

It is one type of cloud storage where we can save our files (documents), forms, photos on the cloud and access those files anywhere.

If you are facing any issue related to full storage, then you can also solve this problem by using this cloud storage service.

In 2012 google has started this service, and there were more than 25 million worldwide users in just two years after launching. People like this cloud storage service launched by Google, and now google drive has billions of users worldwide.

For simplicity, to understand what is google drive let me explain to you in simple words. As we have a phone and on that phone, we have some memory storage right. We can say it as offline storage. So, in the same way, google drive is online storage. And the good thing is that we don’t need to pay any charge. It is free for up to 15GB. If you want more space, then you will have to pay for that.

So now you know what is google drive. So it’s time to learn how to use google drive on android, and we will see how to share files in google drive and also we will see how to use google drive to upload and download files.

How to use google drive on android

By default, This app has already been installed on your android phone. Because it’s a product of Google. If you don’t have this app, then you can install it from the play store.

After installing this app, you need to log in to google drive through Gmail id. If you are already signed in, then no need to log in.

When you open this app, you will see this type of screen as shown in the screenshot below. There is nothing uploaded because you have not uploaded any file yet. Now we are starting to explore all the sections and options of google drive. So read this google drive guide till the end.

How to upload files in google drive
How to upload files in google drive

Make sure this app is already updated if you get different screens. First, let’s see how to upload files on google drive.

How to upload files in google drive

You will find a plus icon at the bottom-right corner. So, To upload a file in google drive, click on that icon. After that, choose “upload”. As soon as you click on upload, a pop-up box will appear, and then you have to choose a file that you want to upload.

how to create folder in google drive

How to create a folder in google drive

If you want to create a folder in Google Drive, then the procedure that we did to upload the file, you have to click on the plus icon in the same way and after that click on Folder. Give the name of your folder, and then tap on the create button.

In the same way, you can create docs, sheets, and slides too. So your question was how to upload files in Google Drive and how to create a folder in google drive, so these will be solved now.

Now we are going to learn the different tasks that we can do with a particular folder or a file. So to perform these tasks on a specific file, click on the three-dot icon next to the file. You can do it with the whole folder also.

how to use Google drive to upload files

When you click on that icon, you will find lots of options to perform different tasks. We will see all these tasks.

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Refer to the figure below. All options you can see in the screenshot below. The first option is sharing. So let’s see how to share files on google drive.

How to share files in google drive

How to share files in google drive

Share: if you want to share any files on google drive, you have to click on the Share option. But if you do want to share a file link, then first, you have to turn on the link-sharing option. Tap on that option, then you can share that link anywhere, and when someone clicks on that link, they can view that file.

Add to starred: If you want to make this file important, or you are viewing this file multiple times, then for quick access, you can make it as a starred. So to do that, click on Add to Starred. Then you can also view that file which you have starred, in the star option located at the bottom.

Make available offline: If you want some files to be available offline, make them offline.

Copy link: To copy the link of that file, click on this option. Then share this link anywhere where you want.

Make a copy: Want to make a copy of the file, then tap on this option. It will create another same file.

Send a copy: Click on this option if you want to send a file via Gmail, Whatsapp, etc.

Open with: For example, consider that a file is a text file. And you have an application installed on your phone in which you want to open a file, then click on the Open with option. Then select an app in which you want to open a file.

Download: Files that are stored in google drive are not available in your phone storage. To download that file, click on the download option. But if you don’t want to download that file and want to access that file, then you can do it. There is no need to download it. This option is for you if you wish that a file remains stored in google drive and your phone storage.

Rename: Want to change the file name, then you can do it by clicking on the rename option.

Add shortcut to drive: If you want to make a shortcut of a file to drive as we do on the computer, then this option is for you.

Move: To move a file from one folder to another folder, click on the move option.

Details and activity: If you want some details which are related to that file, such as file name, file type, size of the file, when this file has been created, and when this file is modified, then you can do it.

Print: To take out a print of a file, tap on the print option.

Add to Home screen: If you want that this file is available on the home page of your google drive, then this option is helpful.

Remove: If you want to delete that file, then tap on the remove. After clicking on the remove option, that file will be available to the bin folder, and after that file will be deleted permanently. You can find the Bin folder in google drive.

So this is all about the tasks that you can perform on the files and the folders.

Now you know that what is google drive, how to use google drive on android and mobile, how to share files in google drive, how to upload files in google drive, how to rename, delete, download, move files in google drive, and how to use google drive to save memory in our phone.

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So it’s time to learn how to use google drive on a PC or laptop. Let’s see how to do it.

How to use google drive on PC

On mobile, we have this app installed. And to use google drive on PC, we have to open a browser, and you have to type

After that, log in with your account and enjoy google drive. The way we learned how to use Google Drive in mobile, in the same way, you can use Google Drive on the computer also.

So now you know how to use google drive on a PC.

If you want to access files stored in your Google Drive, you can do so on any mobile or computer by logging into Google Drive.


Hope you guys liked this post and learned about google drive. It’s very easy to use google drive. But still, if you have any questions, then you can tell us about your questions in the comment section below.

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