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What Would Prevent Data from Appearing in a Custom Report

What would prevent data from appearing in a custom report? This is one of the most asked questions about Google Analytics. Whether you are working full-time in an organization, you are part of a digital marketing agency, or you are running your own business, Reports are the essential segments to gain insights into the business growth. 

Now, before we delve into the segment Which would prevent data from appearing in a custom report, it’s essential to understand:

What is a Custom Report?

Custom Report refers to the report you customize beyond the standard reports directly downloaded from Google Analytics. It is an out-of-the-box report that builds a relationship or comparison between the objects that you wish to compare with one another for your analysis. 

However, it is not always possible to build custom reports. Well, what’s the obstruction that stops you from downloading the custom data and making the desired form of reports?

Let’s delve deep into the article for comprehensive insights.

What would prevent data from appearing in a custom report?

This question is frequently posed in Google Analytics exams. Below are the options with their potential answers. Please attempt to answer first to assess your knowledge.

Here are a few possible options the users guess over the web.

  • Too many metrics in a Custom Report
  • Application of too many dimensions to the custom report
  • Combining the metrics and dimensions of the different scopes
  • A filter that removes all the data

Although one of the answers in the above options is absolutely correct, not all are aware of the same. 

Now it’s time to clear your doubt. Below is the answer to this question: 

Answer – A filter that removes all the data

However, you have now obtained the answer, but there are many things you need to know about the reasons that prevent data from appearing in a custom report. Additionally, there are frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Now, let’s delve into the logic to answer the question.

Machines and software are often designed to work in a unique fashion, and it wouldn’t be very relevant to say that the mistake is made by software. 

So, if you cannot download the custom reports, mistakes might be made at the human end, Which would prevent data from appearing in a custom report.

Top Reasons Which Would Prevent Data from Appearing in a Custom Report

Well, before starting the discussion, here is the answer that prevents data from being listed in the custom report, and that is the use of the filter that filters out all the data. 

Yes, now you have the answer to this frequently asked mock question from the Google Analytics Exam, but what if it comes as an explanatory question? 

Do you wish to know why and how? Read further for more details

  • Use of Inappropriate Filters or Segments

At times, while generating the custom reports, if you are using segments and filters to filter only the necessary data, keeping the reports clean, the chances are high that the data is not displayed in custom reports. 

Always check for the filter that you have used and check that it does not exclude the data that you require in reports. 

This is just one reason; let’s check for the next.

  • Incorrect Data Source

While you are generating the reports, always ensure that you use the correct data source. The chances of using incorrect data sources are high when running multiple campaigns, which would prevent data from appearing in a custom report.

Once you cross-check that the right source is used, you shall also validate that the source is linked to the right database. 

If both options listed so far are not the reasons blocking your custom report, proceed with the good read. 

  • Wrong or Missing Fields

It’s always essential to double-check the data you are fetching while running a Google Ad Campaign. Ensure that all the fields you want in your reports are selected and exist in the data source. 

Remember, at times, it is just a misspelling that can lead to a mismatch and failure to locate the desired files. 

  • Incorrect Date Range

You also need to select the precise date range for making a custom report along with the right fields. If the date selection is not done or the wrong dates are chosen, there exists the chance of data mismatch. 

Apart from selecting the desired date range, it is also essential that the date format be the same in both the report and the data source. A mismatch in the date format is also one of the primary reasons which would prevent data from appearing in a custom report.

If you do all the above settings properly, you will never face any issues while generating the custom reports for your Google Ad Campaigns through Google Analytics. However, if you cannot do it on your first attempt, do not settle for the standard reports, as there are multiple benefits of custom-writing the reports.

Apart from all the details shared above, there are some commonly asked questions from the users and highly helpful in understanding Google Analytics Custom. Continue with the detailed read.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What is The Primary Purpose of Google Analytics Custom Reports?

Answer: Custom Reports in Google Analytics helps you create personalized reports based on the metrics, browser, and city. With these reports, you can also download the data for analysis, including sessions, engaged users, page views, purchase history, user journey, and bounce rate. You can mention or pick a metric from the database to be mentioned in your end report for monitoring your current campaigns and planning your future campaigns.

Question 2: If You Want 100% Accurate Reports from Custom Data, What Actions Must be Avoided?

Answer: For generating accurate custom reports through Google Analytics, you shall never include dimensions that belong to different scopes and pair metrics. It will either not reflect any data or will result in displaying inaccurate data. 

Question 3: Are Custom Reports Helpful in SalesForce? What is the Use?

Answer: Yes, Custom Report Types are highly helpful and essential in Salesforce as they allow the users to define the relationship between primary and related objects to create customized reports tailored to their specific business needs. If you compare the general Salesforce stock reports to the custom reports, using the custom reports, it’s possible to make much more complex reports. 

Take Away

Now, we hope you have all the insights about the custom reports and What would prevent data from appearing in a custom report. If you are careful while making the reports and apply the filters and segments wisely, you can create even the most complex reports within no time, driving the best strategies to scale your business. 

Custom reports are the best insights for the business that can help you to grow multi-fold. A thorough analysis periodically will help you customize your campaigns. You can gain the best ROIs for all your campaigns. The feature in Google Analytics is underrated due to its inappropriate usage, but you have all the details to use it wisely. 

So, what are you waiting for? Use all the details listed in the article to make your first custom report. Correct all the settings as per the brief, and you will succeed. 

Stay tuned with us for more updates to use the digital tools and excel in your business. If you have further queries, let us know in the comment box.


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