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Clay Advisors Review: Pros, Cons, Legitimacy & User Reviews

Are you looking for a website that can help you with your bad money habits and get you out of the debt trap? In this Clay Advisors Review, we will discuss in detail about Clay Advisors website and see whether it works or is it a scam.

In this article, we will try to collect all the information related to Clay Advisors in one place which is not available anywhere else so that you can decide whether this website is right for you or not. Some important topics that you are going to get in this Clay Advisors Review are its Pros, Cons, Legitimacy, and User Reviews. Before we review Clay Advisors, let us know what it is, how it works and what are its important claims.

Clay Advisors: An Overview

Clay Advisors debt consolidation company in the United States that assists individuals from the USA burdened by multiple debts at high-interest rates. The key focus of Clay Advisors is Debt consolidation as they recognize the benefits of combining multiple debts into a single, more manageable payment. Clay Advisors offers private loans to assist individuals and help them to consolidate debts, cover unexpected expenses, or fund personal projects.

As per Clay Advisors’ official website, Clay Advisors provides guidance and support to individuals who have experienced job loss, rely on irregular income sources, or have been caught in a cycle of debt due to an extravagant lifestyle. The main target audience of Clay Advisors is people with minimum debt of $15,000 and FICO scores ranging from 420 to 740.

How Do Clay Advisors Work?

Using Clay Advisors is very easy, if you want to use Clay Advisors for debt consolidation then there are some steps that you have to complete. All the steps have been explained in detail below.

Step 1: Fill the Form

To complete this step, you will have to submit the web form by filling it out, which you can reach by clicking on the apply now button or by scrolling the home page. There is nothing here that is difficult and this information has been taken only to know your financial level. Along with this, it does not have any effect on your credit score.

Step 2: Clay Advisors will contact you

After doing 1st step, all the necessary information reaches Clay Advisors and within one hour you will get a call from Clay Advisors so that they can know you, guide you and solve all kinds of queries related to debt consolidation.

Step 3: Discuss Client’s Financial Status & Starts Making Payments

In this last step, Clay Advisors knows the financial condition of the client and tries to answer all kinds of questions of the client. If all things go well then this saves the client about 50% of the current payment.

Pros & Cons of Clay Advisors

Many companies offer debt consolidation services in the market, so if you want to choose Clay Advisors for yourself, then you should know about its Pros & Cons. Pros & Cons of Clay Advisors are given below.

Pros Cons
Streamline Payments: One Easy Monthly Payout Negative Reviews on 3rd-Party Websites
Lower Interest Rates: Save on Loans & Bills Similar to many other debt consolidation companies
Creditor-Free: On-Time Payments Guaranteed Charge Hefty Fee for the Services

Clay Advisors Reviews: What do Users think about this company?

If you are looking for an honest opinion about Clay Advisors then you must read the reviews from its customers. To find out what existing users say about this website, we searched various consumer review websites. However, when we researched in search of Clay Advisors Reviews, we found Clay Advisors Reviews only bbb.org a website where users have shared their experiences.

bbb clay advisors reviews

So far 8 users have shared their experience with Clay Advisors on bbb.org and all have given it 1 star rating. Some common issues and concerns based on comments posted by various users are:

  • Bait and Switch: Some users mentioned that Clay Advisors presents themselves as a lender but, in reality, they forward your information to multiple lenders.
  • Unsolicited Marketing: Several users complained about receiving unsolicited junk mail and pre-approval letters from Clay Advisors, even when they have no debt or have not expressed interest in their services.
  • Lack of Proper Disclosures: A reviewer with a background in finance pointed out that the company does not provide the required disclosures, raising concerns about their legitimacy and compliance with federal regulations.
  • Discriminatory Practices: One user reported that the company refused to work with them due to their oral communication issues, which they perceived as discriminatory.
  • Sharing of Personal Information: After complaining or showing disinterest, some users claimed that the company shared their personal information with other lenders and got paid a finder fee.

After reviewing all of these user reviews, it appears that there are some serious concerns associated with Clay Advisors, including potential scams, deceptive marketing, and privacy issues.

Is Clay Advisors Legit?

If we talk about whether Clay Advisors is a legitimate company or not, then many things make a company legit. In this article, we will check Clay Advisors on all those points and see whether this website meets all these points or not.

BBB Accredited

Clay Advisors website is not BBB Accredited, although it does not mean that Clay Advisors is a scam, the chances of being scammed by the BBB Accredited website are less and most of the BBB Accredited websites or companies are legitimate except for some exceptions. This is the reason why it has been added as a factor to check the legitimacy of Clay Advisors.

Contact Details

Most of the scam websites do not have contact no. and email and when a problem arises, there is no option to register your complaint. Both of these are available on the official website of Clay Advisors, which indicates that it can be a legitimate company.

User Reviews

To know whether a company or website is legit or a scam, it is very important to know the opinion of those people who are its users. There are very few reviews of Clay Advisors available on the web and the user reviews available on the Clay Advisors website cannot be considered authentic the few reviews that are available on bbb.org are all negative which puts Clay Advisors under suspicion.

Company Physical Address

Clay Advisors has given its physical location on its website and if the company operates from a physical address then it is a positive signal which is found in all legitimate websites or companies. On this point, Clay Advisors appears as a legitimate company, although there are many more points here.

License and Accreditation

One of the most critical factors in verifying a company’s legitimacy is checking for licenses and accreditations from relevant authorities. Our research did not find any licenses and accreditations for Clay Advisors from relevant authorities. If a company has any licenses or accreditations received from relevant authorities, then this is the best proof of a company being legit.

Final Thought

According to the information given in this Clay Advisors Review article, many such points question its legitimacy, although there are some such points that make it a legitimate company. If you want to use Clay Advisors company for debt consolidation, then we suggest that first of all check about the company thoroughly.


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