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Temu Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

With the recent surge in online shopping’s popularity, giants like Amazon and Shein dominate the e-commerce scene. Temu is a rising star in the mobile and everyday store category who has been climbing the download charts in months and is a newcomer to this scene. Our thorough review of the Temu app is the best resource for checking out it’s shopping options. Examine it’s features, benefits, and drawbacks before adding it to your online shopping list. After reading this Temu reviews article, you will know how to use this website and app confidently.

What is Temu?

Introducing Temu, pronounced “tee-moo.” The US online retailed with meagre prices. They sell a lot of goods made in China. Although they are based in Boston, Massachusetts, their big boss, Pinduoduo, is in Shanghai, China. 

Think of Temu as Pinduoduo’s little sister for shopping in the us. They made their debut in September 2022, and after a memorable Super Bowl ads, everyone took notice. More ads means more people using the app.

Temu offers low-cost Chinese made goods. Since they ship them directly from China, you save money. Temu and Aliexpress are like rivals fighting for your attention. Users claim that the website and app are more straightforward to use. They also offer 90 day return, faster shipping, and lower prices. 

On the other hand SHEIN is all about fashion, just like Temu’s cousin: shoes, outfits, and stylish accessories. It is unique in that it serves many things beyond just being fashionable. They are similar to AliExpress, but some people think Temu is superior.

Pros and cons of Temu?

When exploring the review of Temu, an online shopping platform, it becomes crucial to understand the pros and cons. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages that define the it’s experiences.


  • Temu is the preferred option for economical shoppers. It is a great option for anyone watching their budget because of the low prices on a wide variety of items.
  • With its easy-to-use search tools and filters, this app or website is fantastic. Their smart setup makes it easy to find what you are looking for.
  • It offers free shipping on almost everything. You keep more money in your pocket which makes it a great deal. 
  • The Return process is straightforward. 
  • Shipping is free on your first return if you return anything to Temu within 90 days of purchase.
  • Temu features 250 subcategories and 29 categories with millions of product listings.


  • Customers have reported that their orders took up to a month to arrive, although on Temu, standard delivery times are between 7-14 days.
  • People say Temu’s customer support is not so good because they take a long time to reply or the people who help are not very helpful.
  • The refund process is a bit slower. After they receive your return, Temu will refund your money. This process may take 1-4 weeks. After that, the refund takes 7-30 days. You can get Temu credits or request a refund of your original payment.
  • Due to bad packaging some customers received items that broke during shipment.

History of Temu

In September 2022, Temu entered the scene, and launched iOS and Google Play. According to TechCrunch, it is the app that everyone is using, beating Amazon and Nike. You will find that story on youtube.

Why is everyone mad about them? Their meager prices. Cheap baby stuff and cosmetics are also available. You can find pet supplies and household goods under $5. Temu is a part of PDD holdings, which calls Delaware home. Started in the US, it went global. Lots of Chinese vendors are on board. 

By providing free products to users who encourage new users through affiliate codes, social media and little gamification, Temu accelerated its growth. 

Early in 2023, Temu was launched in the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, New zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France. With this year’s Super Bowl ads, it further raised its profit. 

Is Temu a legit site?

So I tried, this excellent online shop from China. They sell various items, including makeup, shoes,and clothing. What got me hooked? The super cheap price. It is like going on a treasure hunt for unique bargains because they ship directly from china.

But hold on, there is a catch. Be careful of suspicious messages or links that request additional payment. Temu wont send an email or text like that.

I checked out the Temu reviews to understand whether Is Temu legit or not. It has received 3.3 stars out of 12110 reviews on TrustPilot. It has 1591 reviews and 2.54 stars on Sitejabber. Not perfect right. Based on 805 complaints the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated them a C+. people complain about the stuff not showing up or taking forever to arrive. Lots of people complain about wrong sizing and also fake stuff. Keeping customers happy is tough for Temu. Indeed, Temu is a legitimate online marketplace operated by the chinese e-commerce company PDD holdings. 

Although many people love this brand, there are some unhappy people too. Take caution when shopping if you dare. Examine the product before making a purchase. The good news is that you have 90 days to request a refund if something goes wrong with your order. Overall, happy or not is entirely up to you.

What products does Temu sell?

Temu is an online store that sells everything for incredibly low prices, usually under $10 including electronics and clothing. Now let’s discuss about the quality:

  • Clothing and accessories: picking clothes online might be a sizing problem, but don’t worry about safety. These days accessories are an essential part of the dressing. The storage bags, organisers, sunglasses and hair products are top notch. 
  • Non-electronic household items: let’s talk about kitchen stuff and decor items from Temu. Essential items like cutlery and storage are highly safe. Less components means fewer potential problems.
  • Stationery and craft supplies: look at the essential items on Temu, such as tape, pens, notebooks and organisers. These things are straightforward and don’t cause any issues and concerns. 
  • Books and printed materials: simple and secure purchases on Temu including stationary items like tape and pens. They match what is described or shown, making it a worry-free shopping.
  • Simple gadgets: check out the valuable items on Temu, such as fans, cords, and keychains. There are no technical issues here. You can order these items without worrying and headaches.

Temu is like a treasure hunt for you. You can get fantastic deals; not all are good quality. Check Temu reviews before you hit the buy button. Overall don’t expect high-end quality for cheap prices.

Why is Temu controversial?

Temu has faced some serious problems lately. Lawmakers are worried about forced labour, with a risk of products being made under unfair conditions. The BBC even claimed Temu was selling things made this way.

Order errors, surprise charges, missing deliveries are among the common complaints. With over 800 complaints, the Better Business Bureau gave Temu a C+ and noted that their products are very slow to deliver.

However, Pinduoduo, Temu’s sister app, was fired for malware issues. Temu also gathers up the standard information of name, address, phone number, birthday, photo, social media profiles, and technical information like IP address and browsing history.

Security experts found Temu might sneak past your phone’s defences, peeking at other apps, messages and settings. Rumours have also been circulating that banking data leaked after Temu’s use.

Though some people love Temu, many people are upset. If you dare to shop, be careful. Check out the product before making a purchase. The good news is that you have 90 days to request a refund if something goes wrong with your order. Temu offers a feature known as purchase protection. If your stuff does not show up, missing, or not what you expect, you are eligible for a complete refund. 

To do that log in, go to “your orders” and hit “return/refund” on their site or app. Overall, to find out more details about how to return, visit their site.

Customers reviews on Temu

Temu stands out in the online shopping scene, offering a mix of affordability and variety. Highlighting the positive aspects, Temu charms with affordable pricing, making it a go-to budget-minded shop. The user-friendly interface on the website and app adds a smooth touch to the shopping journey.

However, there are things to bear in mind. Due to international logistics, shipping may take a little longer, and product quality may vary. Despite its appealing promotions, Temu’s return and refund policy can be complicated. 


Is Temu Sustainable?

Temu produces a wide range of products, some living up to expectations and others not because of different manufactures and uneven quality control. Despite mixed reviews, many praise Temu for delivering impressive quality at affordable prices, making it appealing to clients with various budgets. 

Is Temu an excellent company to buy from?

Temu is an excellent option for consumers on tight budgets who want a wide selection of products. Still, being aware of potential problems like quality and delivery time is essential. Global user reviews for the Temu app confirm its popularity.

Is Temu Ethical?

Temu’s ethical features cause debate and concern, including labour practices, sustainability, and supply chain transparency. To learn more, it is advisable to look into Temu complaints and reviews on sites like Google Review.


To sum up, my experience with Temu reveals a mixed landscape. Temu does well in terms of price and product selection. The potential drawbacks could be poor quality products and longer delivery times. Even though the platform offers temping promotions regularly, returning items and getting refunds can be challenging. Despite these trade-offs, Temu is still a good option for people looking for affordable solutions and a wide selection of products. Overall it is a balancing act of pros and cons that defines the Temu shopping journey.


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