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Why My iPhone is Not Turning On After Charging? A Detailed Guide

If your iPhone is not turning on even after you plugged your iPhone with the charger, you want to know the reason behind this issue and the best guide to fix this issue. There are many possible reasons behind it but finding out what is causing your iPhone is difficult and anyhow if you find out the issue, fixing it is another challenge for you.

In this article we will discuss the most common reasons why the iPhone is not turning on after charging and the best guide to fix it.  

iPhone Not Turning On After Charging: Common Reasons

There are many reasons that cause this issue but do not worry. We will cover all possible reasons and fixes for why your iPhone is not turning on after charging. Below are some reasons and their fixes, hopefully after reading all these points you are able to find out the problem with your iPhone and the solution to fix it. 

Dead Battery

Sometimes the problem behind this issue is your battery. If your iPhone battery is dead then after plugging your iPhone with a charger it will show you your battery is charging but your phone is not turned on. 

There can be many reasons for the battery being dead. For example, continuous non-stop use of the phone, no charging of the iphone for a long time, etc. are some of the reasons due to which this problem can arise.

Not Using Original Charger

Another most common reason behind this issue is you are using a charger which is not compatible for your device and sometimes when your iPhone is shut down because your battery is drained it will not charge the battery. 

Damaged charging cable or adapter

Another reason why the iPhone is not turning on after charging is that the cable or adapter you are using is broken or damaged. Sometimes it will not be visible from the outside and you need to check the cable and adapter closely. To check this issue you can use another working cable and adapter and if your iPhone is charged after using another cable and adapter then it is a clear sign that the problem behind your iphone is not turning on after charging is damaged cable or adapter. 

Software Issues

Sometimes your phone is not turning on after charging because of IOS issues. These issues can cause an iPhone not to turn on after charging. This issue occurs when there’s a glitch in the operating system. Restarting your iPhone is one option you can try to fix this issue. There are high chances that by restarting your iphone or restoring it using iTunes can fix this issue.

Hardware Issue

If you check all the above methods and still do not understand the reasons, there are high chances that your phone has some hardware issues. The reason behind these issues are many like your phone being dropped or exposed to water. If you think this might be a reason you need to take it to a professional repair service to diagnose and fix the issue.

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If your iPhone is not turning on after charging check the above given common reasons and solution to fix them. By following the above-mentioned guide, you can easily identify and fix this issue using our detailed guide. However, if you are unsure or did not find the best solution about fixing your iPhone, it’s always best to seek professional assistance to avoid further damage to your device.


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