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Reviewing iPhone 13 Pro Max Price & Features

The iPhone series is definitely the most successful smartphone series out there. They are considered the top-tier smartphones available in the market. The iPhone 13 Pro Max was one of the most popular phones when it came around. If you are planning to purchase it knowing the details is better so that you know whether you want this one or would want to opt for another one. The iPhone 13 Pro Max price is Rs. 373,999(1303$). By making a purchase through a reliable online platform like the SAVYOUR website you get to order the authentic phone to be delivered to your home and also avail the cashback offer. This means you save up a percentage on the phone. 

What makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max stand out from its own preceders and makes it a good choice for you? Well, there are quite a few updates that the company has made giving everyone a better user experience. 

Features of iPhone Pro Max 

It is always exciting to open a new box and look at what comes along with the phone. There used to be chargers and headphones that used to usually come. But with time, things have changed in this company.  

As the Apple company claims, they are doing its best to meet its environmental goals. Hence, when you open the box, you get very limited things along with the phone. Apart from the phone, you have the USB-C to lightning cable without the USB-C power adaptor. The adaptor needs to be bought separately. Though the cable works perfectly well with laptops to charge your phone. Then you have all the documents such as the instructions manual and stickers that come with it. You don’t get the headphones or EarPods included in the box. You can also re-use the old USB-A to lightning cables and power adaptors that have been designed to be compatible with all iPhone models. If you have not thrown out or damaged the old charger, it works perfectly well with this model. 


Keeping up with the three-lens camera, the backside of the new phones has a new camera system. This version of the iPhone includes the new wide lens, then you have the ultrawide lens, and lastly you have the telephoto lens. You also have three different zoom settings to capture the perfect shot. First you have the 15x digital zoom, then you have the 3x in and 2x out optical zoom. The camera also captures HDR video recording with Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60 fps with results that match any professional camera. You end up with some amazing shots and videos that look amazing on your social media timeline. The camera automatically adjusts itself according to the available light and you also have different light settings available in the portrait mode. Whether you are taking pictures indoors or outdoors, the results are always great. There is also an upgraded night mode that results in clear low-light photos. If you love taking photos and videos, you will definitely fall in love with this. 


You have a bigger display screen then the last iPhone with a 6.7 inches display screen with an impressive pixel resolution of 2778 x 1284. Then you also have the Super Retina XDR display which ensures clear and crisp images when you’re using the phone. For smooth and fast scrolling you have the ProMotion technology. It is Apple’s own adaptive refresh rate technology resulting in a 120Hz refresh rate. Though how you treat your phone, and your battery health does affect the refresh rate. 

Feel & Appearance with Build Quality

The basic Phone 13 Pro Max design is an industrial design. The front of the mobile is made of Ceramic Shield. Then you have a textured matte glass back. While the frame is made of stainless steel. The microphone and TrueDepth front camera cutouts are thinner in comparison to the previous models which adds to the phone’s sleek look. You would find the phone to be slightly heavier and larger than the iPhone 11, but it is much thinner than it. Everyone who likes watching movies and playing games can enjoy them much more as the screen size and resolution is perfect for viewing. 


The iPhone 13 Pro Max sports the new 6-core processor along with an A15 chip. This turns your phone into a handheld computer, and you can do most of your worth on it while switching between apps seamlessly. At the same time, you can take pictures, edit, and share them within a span of a few minutes. You don’t need a computer system everywhere you go.  

Battery life

Even with considerable usage such as texting, browsing social media, streaming videos, taking meetings, and emailing; the battery easily lasts the entire day. The phone also charges quickly, and you can use it without any issues. It is recommended not to leave the phone for overnight charging, and it should be taken out of charge at the earliest once fully charged. 

User Experience

The phone sports the new iOS 15 operating system and works seamlessly. You can download all the apps you require without phone handling. Then you also have the added Do Not Disturb and Focus features which are a great addition for people who need to take a break from the distraction and just focus on their tasks. 

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max price is steep but it has a lot to offer at the same time. From the build to the processing system to the overall user experience it is not something that is comparable to the market. You would find it to be in a class of its own. You can always use online platforms such as the SAVYOUR website to order an authentic phone and save on it through the cashback offer. You can also silence iPhone notifications whenever you want. Hope this review can help you a lot to buy iPhone 13 pro max.

What do you think of the iPhone 13 Pro Max? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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