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Top 10 most amazing websites on the internet

Top 10 most amazing websites on the internet | Today, I am going to tell you about the top 10 most amazing websites on the internet. Some of these websites will be very useful for you and many of them are such that they will entertain you. One of the special things on the internet is that the internet is full of millions of websites and it is not possible for us to know about all those websites. On this internet, there are so many amazing websites which we do not even know about. But those are very useful websites. And from this internet, I have found the top10 most amazing websites for you guys. You should definitely visit these websites once.

Many such websites exist on the Internet which has been developed in a very amazing way. But Do you know what is the most interesting website on the internet? What are the coolest websites on google? Although all these crores of websites are not useful for us, many of them are.

Artificial intelligence has been a major contributor to developing these amazing websites. Here I have found the 10 most amazing websites for you and you will enjoy exploring them.

So, without delay, let’s explore the top 10 most amazing websites that you never knew existed on the Internet.

Top 10 most amazing websites on the internet

1. The Internet Map

You are aware of the map of the geographical area but do you know about the map of the internet? Yes, this website shows you the map of the internet. It’s a really cool, interesting, and amazing website.

most amazing websites on the internet

Once you open this website, you will see a large number of dots. Every dot represents one website that exists on the internet. But what is new and interesting there? Let me tell you.

You will see the large size of the dot which is the most popular website on the internet and then the next large dot which is the second largest website on the internet. Means size of the dot depends on the popularity of the website.

Google is the largest website on the internet and thus the dot size of google is larger than other dots,  Facebook is the second popular website so the dot size of Facebook is larger than other dots but smaller than the dot of google.

This is the most amazing website on the list of our top 10 most interesting, useful, and amazing websites on the internet. you must try this https://internet-map.net/

2. Affinelayer

most interesting websites
Screenshot of Affinelayer

Let’s see what is there on this website. This website is an amazing tool that provides you a similar image that matches your created drawing. Millions of images are stored on this website’s server. but what the use of this website? Let me tell you.

When you open this website, on the home page, you will find two boxes. In the left box, you have to make a drawing using the available drawing tools on this website and then click on the Process button. After that this website processes the drawing you have created and shows you the image that matches your created drawing. Meaning is that this amazing tool processes the drawing and gives you the matched image that is similar to that drawing.

You are given a demo on that website. So you can understand how this website works and what you will get. You must explore this useful website once. https://affinelayer.com/pixsrv/

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3. Icons 8 Upscaler

Have you any image which is blurred and you want to convert it to HD quality? Then this amazing website is only for you! This website has the ability to enlarge any image to 2X, 4x, and even 8X.

If you are a learner then one question might come to your mind that how this website works and how this website enlarges the images you provide. It uses the state of the art artificial intelligence.

Are you exciting to use this? Then why not. just go to this website and upload the image you want to enlarge and want to remove the blurred effect. After that, this website will provide you a clear and neat version of the uploaded image.

This is how this website will help you to convert an image to an HD version. You must try this as it’s a very useful website. https://icons8.com/upscaler

4. AI article writer

cool and useful website

The website about which I am going to tell you will literally blow your mind. This amazing website will make you feel how advanced artificial intelligence is even today. To use this website first you have to go to app.inferkit.com and have to sign up.

On the home page, You have to write one or two paragraphs about the subject that you want that artificial intelligence writes whole easy on that topic.

Let’s simplify this by taking an example. Suppose I want a full article or essay on global warming then I will just write a paragraph about global warming and will press the “Generate Text” button. That’s it. Now, Artificial intelligence will write an essay on that subject. This website will identify the subject based on one or two paragraphs that you have written. You can set the character length. This means what should be the length of an essay.

This is a very useful website. didn’t try this website then make sure you will visit it.

5. 10minutemail

On this website you are given an email address that is valid for 10 minutes only and just for you. after 10 minutes, all the emails in it and even the given email address will be destroyed automatically.

The best thing about this website is that it provides you a temporary email service for free for 10 minutes and for that you don’t need to even sign-up on this website.

Just you need to do is open the website and on the home page, an email address will be given to you and you can use that email address for any purpose. But it is valid for just 10 minutes.

This will be very useful in a situation during the signup process on any other website where you do not want to provide your real email address. In that case, you use this useful and interesting website.

Only you have access to that email address. No one can get access to that. You will get all the messages sent to this temporary email address in the mailbox given to you on the home page of the website. https://10minutemail.com/

6. FlightRadar24

You are aware of the live tracking of buses and trains and you are using these services too. But have you ever think that what if we can track the airplanes. if you have thought, then it’s possible for you to track and get the real-time position of airplanes from around the world.

This website gives you the facility to track any airplane and get information about that airplane such as where it is right now, source and destination, etc. It’s a global flight tracking service.

Once you open this interesting and cool website, You will see all the airplanes that are currently flying and you will see it on the map given there. Click on any plane to get more details about that plane. This is the most amazing website I have seen. Particularly I like this one. https://www.flightradar24.com/

7. Flag Waver

flag waver the cool and amazing website
Screenshot of Flag Waver

This is a very funny and amazing website. The duty of this website is to convert any image into a flag. If you are excited to use this cool website then go to this site and upload an image you want to convert into a flag or you can paste the URL of the image too and after that, this website will create a flag for you.

The flag looks original but actually, it is not original. But it is one type of simulation generated by a computer. Also, you can change the wave of the flag by changing the direction of the wind and you can change the background of the flag. https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver

8. Pixel thoughts

This amazing website is a 60-second meditation tool to help clear your mind from the stresses and feel you relax. But how? How this website will help you to feel stress-free?

For that, you have to visit this website and have to enter the thoughts that give you stress. once entered, This website will give you the instructions and follow these instructions. It will really help you to feel stress-free. https://www.pixelthoughts.co/

9. Camel Camel Camel

Are you using the Amazon website and have you ever purchased anything from it? If yes, Then have you ever tried to know about the price fluctuation of that particular product? If NO, then the camel-camel-camel website will help you so. But how?

This website gives you information about the price of a particular Amazon product such as when the price goes down, Up and down price history. You can add your amazon product list to this website and can get alerts when the prices of that particular product decrease and at that time you can buy that product from Amazon. https://camelcamelcamel.com/

10. You’re getting old

Let’s first see how this website is useful and amazing for you. Visit this website and on the home page of this website, enter your birth date and press the GO button.

Once you click on the GO button, this website will show you how many years, months, and days old are you, How many times your heart has beaten, How many times you have taken the breaths, How many times the moon has orbited since your birthday and so on.

Also, it gives you information about what happened in the world before you were born. So, do you not think that this website is very amazing and interesting? yeah, it’s really fun. https://you.regettingold.com/


Hope you like this list of the top 10 most amazing websites on the Internet that you never knew existed. Maybe you are aware of some of these websites. This is not the end of the most interesting and cool websites that are present on the internet. The list of most amazing websites is not listable because there are millions of websites. But we have tried to find out some most interesting and useful websites for you.

Don’t forget to tell me which one of these websites you like the most and want to visit once. Also, share these top 10 most amazing websites with your friends and relatives.  Thank you.


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