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Is Streameast Safe and Legal to Use? Everything you need to know

Are you using Streameast to watch games online? Don’t know whether it is legal and safe to use? Don’t worry, in this article, we tried to give all the possible answers to your queries. Make sure to read the entire article so you don’t miss any important information that is required for you before streaming this website for watching games online.

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What Streameast Website is?

Are you interested in streaming games online? If your answer is yes then there are a lot of chances that you heard the name of this website. Streameast is a website that offers live game streaming to its users from all over the world. At Streameast you can watch sports games live such as cricket, football, basketball, and many other games online.

Is it Legal and Safe to Use Streameast?

Do you want to use Streameast to watch online games? Don’t know whether it is legal and safe to use or not? Here we have two questions: is Streameast legal to use and is Streameast safe to use, well we answer both questions separately.

Is Streameast Legal & Safe to Use?

When we talk about the legality and safety of using the Streameast website for online streaming then there are some notable concerns which you can not ignore. However, Streameast offers you a platform to watch live games online for free but this website also hosts the content without getting proper licensing and this can cause you legal concerns.

Although there are many countries outside the USA where you can use this website without any problem, there are many countries like the USA, China, Germany, Britain, Australia, etc. where pirating is illegal, and in these countries, the use of the Streameast website is prohibited. Can give you legal problems.

Streameast allows you to watch live sports without getting any broadcasting rights and this can cause you legal concerns. While Streameast claims that the website operates legally and there is no legal issue with using this website for streaming games live, the users must be aware of the consequences of using copyrighted content without proper licensing or authorization.

How to Access StreamEast Live?

If you are living outside the USA then it is hard for you to watch live sports online on Streameast Live but don’t worry there are some ways by using you can access this site and watch your favorite sports live online for free. There are many VPNs available that help you to change your virtual location and allow access to this website so that you can easily access this website. You can use some of the best free VPNs to bypass internet throttling and protect you from disclosing your real location.

Easy Steps to Access StreamEast Live Using VPN

If you want to stream StreamEast live on your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices and you are living outside the USA then you may find difficulties in accessing StreamEast live. With the help of a VPN, you can access StreamEast live easily. Below are the important steps to follow for accessing the StreamEast live. 

  1. Download and Install Any trusted VPN service in your system
  2. Signup and login with VPN if required login
  3. From the different server options select any US-based server
  4. Open the website on your device and now you will be able to access this website

By setting up a good VPN you can enjoy sports online on StreamEast Live.

Best VPN to Access StreamEast Safely

If you are using a VPN but that is detected by the website then possibly you need to search for a reputed VPN service that can not be detected by the Streameast website and you can easily access this website. Below are some of the best VPNs for accessing StreamEast safely – 

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark

How to Protect Your Device from Streameast Malware or Viruses?

If you are using the Streameast website for streaming then you need to be more careful about the possible damages to your device because of the Malware or Viruses of Streameast. This Malware is mostly spread through pop-up ads, push notifications, and unauthorized ads. Once you click any of them your device will automatically download these viruses in your system or redirect you to a spam website. 

It is very difficult to avoid these malicious ads because these are hidden with lots of other ads and when you mistakenly click any of these hidden ads containing malware, it will download in your system. 

Other than this many misleading advertisements try to attract you by asking you to download virus cleaners and in reality, they contain viruses. once you fall into their trap and click on those advertisements, within some time that virus comes to your device.

To avoid these instances you can install a reliable ad blocker on your device and try to keep yourself from clicking any ads, pop-ups, and push notifications. 

Steps to Remove Malware if Accidently Installed in Your System from Streameast

There are certain steps you need to follow when you realize that Malware is accidentally installed on your system from Streameast. It is required to follow these important steps immediately to avoid any potential damage from these malwares. 

Disconnect your Device from Internet Connection

Switch off your Wi-Fi or unplug the network cable. By doing so, you will prevent the malware from communicating with its command and control server and further spreading the malware across the system.

Remove Recently Added Apps & Files

Identify and uninstall any recently added or suspicious applications and files that are downloaded and installed after clicking on any link, ads, or pop-ups on Streameast. These can be the source of Malware that affects your device if you do not remove them instantly. 

Scan Your System with Any Reliable Antivirus Software

If there is some malware remaining in your device that can not be removed by the above process it’s time to do a full system scan for it from a reputed Antivirus software. This will enable you to identify any malware that was left out during the manual scanning exercise.

Remove Browsing History & Change Passwords

Removing browsing history and password changes for your online accounts helps you to protect your sensitive information that may be compromised because of these malwares. By removing your browser history and changes in passwords you can protect your information.

By following these steps you can protect your device and sensitive information from the accidental installation of malware from Streameast.

What are Some of the Mirror Sites of Stream East?

If you are searching for Streameast online then you find a lot of mirror sites on this website. Some of the popular mirror sites are mentioned below – 

  • streameast.app
  • streameast.to
  • streameast.gg
  • thestreameast.to
  • thestreameast.to etc.

What are Some of the Legal Alternatives for Stream East Website?

If you are looking for some legal options to stream sports live or you can say the legal alternatives of Streameast, in this case, the first thing you need to understand is that almost every legal streaming service requires subscription fees for their users because they too spend a lot of money for licensing and broadcasting rights.

Here we are discussing some of the best legal streaming websites that help you to stream your favourite game live without thinking about the legal issues. 

  • ESPN Plus
  • Hulu Plus Live TV
  • Fox Sports
  • NBC Sports
  • Sony Liv etc.


ESPN Plus is a subscription-based streaming service that offers various types of sports content such as live events, original programming, and on-demand content. It covers a wide range of sports including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and others. ESPN Plus is an extension of the ESPN network and offers exclusive content that may not be available on regular ESPN channels.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu Plus Live TV is an all-inclusive streaming service that comprises live TV channels as well as vast libraries of on-demand content. It gives users access to leading sports channels so that they can watch sporting events in real-time. Hulu Plus Live TV apart from sports provides access to numerous entertainment channels and original material.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a popular sports network that streams different sports events live. Users can use the Fox Sports website or specific apps while it often requires cable or streaming subscription for full use. This includes the NFL, MLB, and NBA, amongst others.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is one of the biggest players in the sports broadcasting industry and offers live streaming of various sporting events. Through the NBC Sports app, users can stream live games, view video highlights, and be informed about sports news. The Olympics, NFL games, Premier League soccer, and other related events are covered.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a streaming service by Sony that provides live sports, television series, films, and others. It covers different kinds of sports like cricket, football, tennis and WWE. Premium content may require a subscription to Sony Liv but it guarantees a legal and high-quality streaming experience.

However, it must be noted that while these services provide legal alternatives for streaming sporting events online there might be availability restrictions from one region to another as well as costs in terms of subscription charges for use. It is important for users to thoroughly examine the specific conditions of each site so as not to violate any laws.


As we earlier discussed in this article, StreamEast is a free streaming website that allows you to stream games live from all around the world free of cost. Also, if you want more features this website has an option called StreamEast Pro. However, StreamEast is illegal to use in many countries because this site does not have any broadcasting rights or license to host content on their platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Streameast

Is Streameast Free?

Yes, StreamEast is a free game streaming website that allows its users to stream live games free of cost.

What is the Cost StreamEast Pro?

If you want to get access to more channels compared to normal Streameast, there is a cost that is $2.99 per month and $29.99 per year. Streameast Pro provides you access to 45 sports channels and ad-free DVR storage space.

What are the Sports Available on StreamEast?

On the Streameast website, you have access to live sports from all over the world. Here you can stream live sports such as NBA, NFL, English Premier League, La Liga, and more.


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