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The Best VPN To Bypass Internet Throttling Free

Today, in this article, we will discuss the best free VPN to bypass internet throttling. It can help to stabilize your internet. And also help to eliminate the drawbacks of throttling.

Initially, the throttling of the internet was brought into when it was needed, but nowadays, people are constantly streaming and downloading all the time. Therefore, it has increased the bandwidth consumption since internet providers cannot control and keep up with the users’ requirements. 

ISP perspective, this is a regular activity to ensure that all the customers get internet freely. But, from the consumer point of view, this is unacceptable, because each consumer pays the total amount to get internet access at full speed. So, ISP has no right to decrease the internet speed, and users can’t prove that throttling is being used against them. But VPN helps to get back speed to normal.

What Is The Best Way To Bypass Internet Throttling Free?

If your bandwidth speed is decreasing and you think ISP is throttling your bandwidth, and also you know that switch to another provider is not an option. So, the easiest solution for bypass internet throttling is to connect through a VPN. It helps avoid inspecting the data packets and won’t able to throttle the internet whatever service you are using, at the end of result come out and prove that is pure, free streaming video.

What are the Best VPN To Bypass Internet Throttling

Here we discuss paid and free VPN to bypass internet throttling. There are so many VPN, but we make it easy to find the best VPN, and below we have listed some VPN.

Proton VPN

VPN services protect your web traffic from being caught by your isp and also make it hard to track you online. Proton VPN is the high-rated VPN we have reviewed. It satisfies each client and provides an easy interface to use, also keep the private information secret. Also, proton VPN offers a premium tool for advanced privacy that is reserved for more expensive products. And for all provides a genuinely free version that has no limit.


  • This is the Best free subscription
  • Provide Flexible and low-cost plans
  • There are Numerous advanced privacy tools
  • Follow Strong customer privacy stance
  • Accessible client
  • ProtonMail bundle


  • No public infrastructure audit
  • Fewer servers, 
  • Lacks of WireGuard support

Tunnelbear VPN

The best VPN to bypass throttling helps you contain your privacy secret and prevents all the web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server, making it hard for spies and snooping to track you. There are so many VPNs accessible available; one of that tunnelbear VPN is the good one because it maintains an ideal position on transparency and consumer privacy policy and offers excellent privacy tools at the best price.


  • Affordable at cost
  • Offers Excellent privacy policies
  • It Provides Annual independent audits
  • Friendly and approachable design
  • It offers Browser extensions and a stand-alone ad blocker
  • Good speed test results
  • Bears


  • Lack of geographic diversity in server locations
  • Few advanced features

Hotspot Shield VPN

A VPN shields your web traffic from prying on your isp and makes it hard for spies and advertising to track you online. Hotspot Shield VPN is a good choice for the privacy policy. It also offers an extensive collection of servers around the globe and providing many options for spoofing your location.


  • There are Numerous server locations
  • A slick and approachable client
  • Split-tunneling by domain
  • Hefty services bundle


  • Expensive than others
  • Free version throttled and also supported by targeted ads on Android
  • Gathers significant, but anonymous, data
  • There is No third-party infrastructure audit
  • Dated transparency report
  • Only Limited WireGuard support

Avira Phantom VPN

When you are browsing the web, it is hard to make sure that is no one is actually looking at your information. But the hackers can intercept your data without your knowledge. So a strong VPN always protects your private information, such as Avira phantom Vpn. Avira Phantom VPN offers easy to use interface for the customers, and also the price of a VPN is very affordable.


  • Unlimited devices in the free version.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing.
  • Offers Excellent consumer privacy policy.
  • Botnet protection.
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent.


  • Few servers and server locations.
  • Inelegant desktop client.


Using a VPN is an easy way to improve your privacy online. And Want to secure your information so that you can go with Kaspersky VPN. This is the most popular brand in this industry, and also it is affordable.


  • The most affordable for-pay VPN we’ve reviewed
  • Free version
  • Simple, pleasant interface


  • Few server locations
  • No additional privacy features
  • Disappointing speed test results
  • No discount for purchasing other Kaspersky products

Hide Me VPN

When we search for a private network or the best VPN to stop throttling, we always consider the price, privacy policy, and technology. Hide me VPN offers advanced premium features like split tunneling. However, this is expensive compared to the other VPN.


  • Advanced features
  • Ten simultaneous connections
  • Good server distribution
  • Strong speed test scores
  • BitTorrent friendly
  • Supports anonymous payments


  • This is very Expensive
  • Unusual location selection behavior
  • There is No specialized server

Which One Is Better Paid Vpn Or Free Vpn to Bypass Internet Throttling?

There is only a limited VPN available in the market that offers a genuinely accessible and free bypass internet throttling. And many companies provide time-limited trials or money-back guarantees. As we discussed above names of the VPN are the best among those we have reviewed.

Some VPNs limit the amount of bandwidth, and you can use in a given period. There some VPNs that keep the number of connections low. And they have limited the server; you can’t jump to a better performing server.

Paid VPN offers all premium features that are reliable for your safety, often limited access available at the free level. Paid subscription provides all the server locations and more simultaneous connections.

Free VPN is so limited, and maybe you can face some performance issues while using free VPN service. Generally, this is a result of limiting the available servers. Such as, hotspot shield VPN is the fastest VPN. Its free version limits Mbps and 500 Mb per day limit.


As we have discussed already, bypass throttling with VPN reveals your private information, and there is no way to find that you are also a victim of it. And there is only one method to know the throttling internet is happening: when you experience an extremely slow internet speed, you cannot download and upload in time, or sometimes hard to stream video online. Sometimes, this is irritating, especially for those people who are streaming all the time.

There is no need to worry about some spying on your information. Now using VPN is the best method to solve your problem. And also, we have discussed above the best paid and free VPN to stop throttling. All of you have to download to your device and enable the VPN in your device; then, you can enjoy unlimited internet access without facing any type of throttling.

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