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How to create a Linkedin company page for business

How to create a LinkedIn company page | Are you a business owner and want to create a Linkedin company page then read this article till the end to get everything about the company page in LinkedIn. In every social media platform, there is an option given to you from which you can make a page for your business and for your brand. for example, on Facebook you can create a Facebook page for your business, in the same way, LinkedIn provides you a facility to make a business page for your company.

company page or business page both are considered as same because they are related to a business. Also by creating a company page in LinkedIn you can reach more people that are interested in your company or your brand.

Before starting this valuable guide and step by step process of how to create a Linkedin company page, we have written an article on how to create a profile on Linkedin so you can also read this.

So let’s begin with this guide on how to create a LinkedIn company page and letter on we will go through the How to customize a LinkedIn company page.

How to create a LinkedIn company page

To create a LinkedIn company page, make sure you have a profile on LinkedIn. we have explained about a personal profile on Linkedin in detail in a previous post. So below is the process on how to create a LinkedIn company page.

  1. First, You have to log in to LinkedIn with your email id.
  2. On the home page of LinkedIn, you will find a Work icon on the menu bar. Click on that icon.

    how to create a company page on LinkedIn
    how to create a company page on LinkedIn
  3. After that, scroll down and tap on the create a company page. you will find this option at the last. LinkedIn company page
  4. On the next screen, you have to choose what type of company page you want to create. The 4 types of pages are given there and you have to choose one from that. you can read the purpose of every page. (If your company has less than 200 employees then the small business page is for you. If the number of employees is beyond 200 then select the medium to large business page, and if you already have a company page and want to create a sub-page of that parent company page then you have to select that showcase page, for the schools and universities an educational page is given there). In short, select the suitable type of your company page that meets your business. LinkedIn business page
  5. Next, you have to fill in the information about your company. page identity, company details, and profile details. these three types of detail you have to give on that screen.
  6. Write the perfect and professional name for your company page on LinkedIn. make sure that whatever name you give, it should represent the service of your company and intent. next, you have to make the URL of your company page. whatever URL you want to create for your company page write it after the linkedin.com/company/ box. this means that this is the URL of your LinkedIn company page and whenever someone opens this URL, your LinkedIn company page will be opened.
  7. If your company has a website then you can add your company website too.
  8. in the company details section, you have to select the industry type of your company, then select the size of your company means how many employers are working in your company, then select type of company means whether your company is a government agency or a privately held or a public company.
  9. In profile detail, you have to upload a logo of your company that will be reflected on your LinkedIn company page and gives a tagline for your business page. make sure you write an attractive tagline. You can see a preview of your page on the right side.
  10. at the last, checkmark the check box.

Now the process of creating a LinkedIn company page is completed. Till you have just created a company page on LinkedIn and we have to customize a LinkedIn business page in a way that it looks like a professional and clearly indicates your business. we have learned how to create a LinkedIn company page so the next topic is how to customize a LinkedIn company page.

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How to customize a LinkedIn company page

On the home page of your Linkedin account, all the pages that you have created are listed there. Click on that page that you want to customize. here we have given you an overview of what you can do with your LinkedIn company page.

  • First, if you want to add a cover photo to your page then click on the edit icon next to the cover photo and set your desired banner as a cover photo of your business page. you can make a Linkedin cover banner with the help of photoshop, canvas, or any other tool.
  • To customize your page click on the edit page option.
  • if you want to change your company page logo, name, tagline then you can edit these details under the page info section.
  • You can customize your page button. 5 types of buttons are given there. you can choose anyone according to your need.
  • under the about section, you can add a description of your LinkedIn company page, can change your website, and can change your company details.

You will find all the necessary options by clicking the edit page option on your page. and you can add or change any detail of your LinkedIn business page anytime. This is all about how to customize a Linkedin page.

If you want to share your page then you can share it, you can publish a post to your page.

How to know who has visited your LinkedIn company page

you can see how many people have visited your page under the analytics option of your business page. you will see an analytics option on the home page of your company page. tap on that option and all the numbers of visitors are given there with the graph. And along with the numbers of visitors, you can see who has followed your page too. select the period of time for which you want to see the analytics report and you are done.

How to view a Linkedin page as a member

If you want to see that how your business page looks like to other users then you have to click on the option view as a member that is located on the top-right corner of your Linkedin company page.

How to edit LinkedIn company page URL

If you want to change your page URL then click on the admin tool option and select edit public URL. it may happen that you have changed your page name so there is a need to change the public URL too. this is how you can edit LinkedIn page URL.


Here we have explained to you how to create a LinkedIn company page, how to customize a LinkedIn company page, How to edit a LinkedIn page URL, how to see an analytic report of a business page, how to add a cover photo to a LinkedIn business page and much more.

Hope you liked this guide and will share this with your friends. follow us on social media to get every update of our new articles. Thank you.


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