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What is LinkedIn and how to create an account in LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn and how to create an account in LinkedIn | in this article, we are going to show you the step-by-step process to create a Linkedin account and I will give you a complete overview of LinkedIn i.e what is LinkedIn and why you should create a profile in this platform?

If you have not heard the word LinkedIn then don’t worry! here you will get the detail of this and also much more information about this. and after reading this post you will be excited to use LinkedIn. so let’s get started with this guide and first, let’s know what is LinkedIn, and then we will discuss how to create an account in LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one type of social media platform but this social media platform is quite different from other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. you may have doubts that why LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms? when you know what actually is LinkedIn then this doubt will be solved.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world and millions of users are using Linkedin to connect with professional people around the world. from the different-different part of the world, professional people can interact professionally with each other.

If you are finding the best job then you can find it on this professional social network. thousands of jobs are posted on this platform and you can apply for those jobs through LinkedIn too. you can find any type of job near to your location or city because currently almost every company has its own profile on LinkedIn and they post jobs for their company.

till now we have seen what is LinkedIn. so let’s see why use LinkedIn?

why use LinkedIn – Benefits of LinkedIn

There are lots of benefits that attract you to use this biggest community of professional people. we use Facebook, Instagram, etc social media platforms so why not LinkedIn? Look at the different-different benefits of Linkedin.

  • If you are a student and want to connect with the people that are in the field in which you are studying then you should use LinkedIn and can interact with these professional people.
  • You can explore your skills via LinkedIn. you can learn new skills from there too.
  • If you are finding difficulties in getting a job then you can search for your dream job on LinkedIn. lots of jobs are available and waiting for you. find the best and apply for it.
  • You can directly contact a company. You can view company profiles, their achievement, their growth, and so on.
  • You can acquire the thoughts of professional people and also you can share your thoughts too.
  • By creating a profile on Linkedin you can build your own professional network and can join the communities of other professional people.
  • If you have your own company then you should create a company profile on LinkedIn. And if you want to hire employees then LinkedIn is the best place for you. because this is the largest network of professional people.
  • Also, you can use LinkedIn for a business perspective.

These are some benefits of LinkedIn and a brief overview of why to use LinkedIn. So, this is all about what is LinkedIn and the benefits of LinkedIn. now, moving forward to this guide and see how to create an account in LinkedIn or how to create a profile in LinkedIn.

How to create an account in LinkedIn

Find out the complete guide on how to create an account in Linkedin here.

Creating an account in LinkedIn is a very simple process just like we create an account on other social media platforms.

You can create a Linkedin account through the official website of LinkedIn or from the LinkedIn app. whatever way you like. here we are going to create a LinkedIn account through the official website of LinkedIn.

Below are the steps to create a Linkedin profile.

  1. Go to the official website of Linkedin i.e linkedin.com
  2. When you visit this website, the below screen will appear. You can find the Join Now option at the top-right corner of that screen. just tap on that option. why to use LinkedIn
  3. Once you click on that option, a signup form will appear and you have to enter a valid detail in that form to create a Linkedin Profile. see the below screenshot.

    how to create account in LinkedIn
    how to create an account in LinkedIn
  4. You have to enter your first name, your last name, your valid email id, and a password of 6 or more than 6 characters. Make sure you use the special symbols in the password to make it more strong.
  5. At the last, simply click on the Agree & Join button. that’s it. you have successfully created an account in LinkedIn. and now you can use this largest professional social network and can connect with professional people around the world.

So, this is how we can create an account on Linkedin. Now we know what is LinkedIn and how to create an account in LinkedIn. so let’s see the overview of LinkedIn and we will discuss how to use Linkedin, how to use Linkedin for business, and so on.

How to use LinkedIn

Most people use LinkedIn to find a job, to hire employees for a company, to explore their skills, achievement, to share their work experiences, and so on.

The first step is to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and professional. sometimes the relevant companies directly contact you by visiting your profile. So make sure you add each and every required detail in your LinkedIn profile. you can add your work experience, educational details, skills, courses you have completed, projects you have completed, your achievement, your goals, your area of interest, your valuable thoughts, and so on.

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If you own a company then you can make a company page too and you can reach your services to more people, can share your company progress, can hire employees, and so on.

Now to connect with people you have to send a request to them (As we do on other social networks). when someone sends you a request, you can accept it or reject it. you can see who has sent you a request under the My Network section and can send a request via this section.

You can share photos, videos, anything you want to share. you can follow other peoples, company pages and so on.

You can search for a job under the job section. Also, you can filter the job search that helps you to find the perfect job that you want such as you can filter by location, designation, fresher or experienced, skills requirement, company name, etc. after finding the best job you can apply directly through the LinkedIn or you can contact to that company.  if you want to post a job then you can do it under the job sections too.

Want to join an internship then you can search for it under the job option and can make a professional resume inside Linkedin.

When someone sends you a message you get it under the message section. and you can send messages to your connections under this section.

You can see the notification that you have received under the notification section.

if you want to create a group then you can create it and can add members to that group.

SO this is the overview of how to use LinkedIn. so, now you know how to connect with the people on LinkedIn, how to send a message on LinkedIn, how to search for a job on LinkedIn, etc.


In this guide, we have learned what is LinkedIn, why use Linkedin (benefits of LinkedIn), how to create an account in LinkedIn or how to create a Linkedin profile, how to create a LinkedIn account for a business, how to use LinkedIn, and so on.

Hope you guys like this article. if you have doubts regarding this post then do comment and please share this article with your friends. Thank You.


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