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When Looking To Expand Your Business Internationally On Social Media, What Should You Do First?

If you are listing your business on social media, and it is local, not global, then you are limiting your business as well as your success. Social Media is the best channel to scale your business beyond geographical boundaries. People are earning from across the globe irrespective of their native. 

What makes you wait? Why are you still restricting your name, fame, and earnings?

Well, if you decide to grow beyond boundaries, don’t just hop on. You need to know where, when, and how to start. The right steps will help you excel limitless, and the unorganized, irrelevant initiation can lead to downfall. 

Do you really wish to know the crucial steps to escalate your business online and spread your digital footprint?

So, your search ends here. This article will help you unveil the mystery. Continue to have a good read; 

When Looking To Expand Your Business Internationally On Social Media, What Should You Do First?

This question is related to the fundamentals of digital marketing. The purpose of this question is to understand the right time to consider expanding your business internationally and the first thing you need to do. Below, you can see an image with the answer to this question: “When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?”

Answers for When Looking To Expand Your Business Internationally On Social Media, What Should You Do First?

5 Important Tips to Grow Your Business Internationally on Social Media

With these essential tips, you will not have to snuggle with the research. Here, you can find compiled all the essential tips together. Take a sneak peek to gain the necessary insights.

  • Do The Detailed Keyword Research For Your Niche:

Understanding your audience and their behavior is the key to growing online on digital platforms. Without knowing the likes and dislikes of your TG (Target Group), you cannot grab their attention. 

So, first, shortlist your key niche and research the related keywords. 


If you are shopping for bags on your favorite e-commerce app like Myntra, Amazon, or Flipkart, what will you search for?

Best bags, best bags under 5k, best bags under 10k, or related words per your intent. These are the primary keywords users use online while searching for or buying products. 

Well, earlier, these keywords were highly used in the Google search engine, then for YouTube. Still, now, When you are looking to grow your business on social media, you should do your keyword research effectively because all the social media platforms are now user-friendly and list the search based on the keywords. 

  • Personalized Content Creation:

Have you heard of the proverb, “One size doesn’t fit all”? Well, that’s not just a saying but a business success mantra. Every nation has an audience with different cultural preferences. So, what’s the idea to incept the market internationally?

what should you do first When looking to expand your business internationally on social media?

One of the first steps to grow your business across the globe is to understand cultural nuances, lifestyles, and preferences. Product or service might be one, but you have to personalize the content in different styles as per the taste of most people in that particular region.


What’s your favorite Burger? Mc Donalds!

Well, have you been to McDonald’s outlets in different places? If not, you should try doing that. The best part about brands like McDonald’s, Domino, Subway, and other best-selling international brands is their customization.

Their products, prizes, menu, and even services are tailor-made based on the population’s choices.

In short, if you seek a people-first approach and revolve your content creation around the same, the chances of success are increased manifold. The reason many businesses are successful nationally but fail in other countries is the lack of a tailor-made approach. 

  • You Shall Abide By the International Rules & Regulations:

Always ensure that you stick to the rules. Every nation has different rules and regulations. The regulations of usage for a particular social media in your country might vary compared to another state. 


For content sharing in different countries, you should know the norms of responsible content sharing. There are several rules adhering to data privacy, data encryption, type of communication, usage of words, attribution, copyright, and much more.

So, when looking to expand your business internationally on social media, this is the basic research you should carry out. Most of the time, your media and ads will be blocked in your target country if the online posts do not resemble the regulations. It is better to launch well than to fail and restart over again. Not everybody can accept the failures and is not confident enough to attempt a relaunch. Moreover, if the brand image is lost once, users mark it in their spam list, and building trust becomes much more complex. 

  • Select the Social Media Channels Properly:

Yet another rule to run a business successfully is maintaining the synchronization between the demand and the supply. Selling the right thing at the right time through the right medium is essential. To make anything viral, Twitter is the right channel for professional discussions- LinkedIn, for entertainment or business, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook; for some specific types of business, all the digital networking platforms prove to be fruitful. 

However, there are other things to check as well When looking to expand your business internationally on social media.


Countries like Iran, China, Belarus, Uganda, and several others have blocked the globally accepted or frequently used social networking websites. In such cases, if you are putting your efforts into optimizing the content wherein the platforms are not functioning properly or at all, you are just wasting your time, effort, and money. 

For social media channel selection, you have three different things to consider:

  • If the particular networking channel is functional in the target country
  • If the intent is appropriate as per the purpose of the specific networking site
  • Lastly, whether or not the content is created and optimized as per the social media platform

If you follow all of the above, you are closer to launching your business the right way and reaching the targeted audience. 

  • Frequency of The Content Creation:

In the world of social media, the frequency of content creation equally matters, like the quality of content. If you are not regular in content creation, you will most likely be left behind in the race. The one who remains regular is always maintained in the users’ feed, while the others who are rarely seen can hardly make their presence felt.


You like Puma and Adidas both for sports shoes. Puma launches only 1 product a month but markets it properly, ensuring users acknowledge, understand, like, and develop an intent to chase. On the other hand, Adidas is launching 5 products with better design, quality, and lower prices but hardly creates content for the same. Which one, according to you, will make more business? The answer is clear: it’s the first one. 

When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first? Here are the tricks:

  • Create content regularly
  • Plan a strategy as per your TG
  • Analyze your competitors and stay ahead in the race
  • Prioritize cultural preferences and reach accordingly
  • Customize all the possible things that can engage and convert users
  • Don’t just market; you should have strong remarketing and retargeting strategies. Focus on building a loyal customer base over one-time users.
  • Ensure you deliver high-end customer, customer-satisfactory business irrespective of your domain, product, and services. 

Implement the tips mentioned above to expand your business internationally on social media. All of them work if implemented together. Apart from that, there are a few more things that might bother you; keep reading to get your answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions: When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?

Question 1: Are separate accounts required for different nations?

Answer: The answer to the question significantly depends on your niche, target audience, and interests of the people in your target countries. 

You will be required to set up different accounts if:

  • You have different products (customized) for different countries.
  • If significant differences exist in religion, culture, region, and beliefs, you would require different pages.
  • The nature of your business is to serve different TG and different age groups with a variety of products.

If the above conditions do not exist, you can create a single page with a language translation feature and use the same account across the globe. 

Question 2: How essential is it to engage influencers for promotion in the beginning?

Answer: Startup or settled business, if influencer marketing is used correctly, it is fruitful to enhance your reach. In the initial period, it can be highly helpful for brand building and scaling your business. However, it also depends on your budget. If you don’t think your pocket allows it, you can rely on organic ways of promotion.

Question 3: Is Paid Promotion Helpful for Expanding Business Internationally?

Answer: Yes, it is extremely important. You can select your target country, location, and age group and customize your user for your promotions. So, you can cut your budget on other things but not on social media advertising when planning to grow your business internationally through social media. 

Question 4: Will advertising only work without putting efforts into organic growth?

Answer: To build your business online, be it locally or globally, you need to balance between organic and paid promotion. Advertisements are good for short-term growth, but for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, you shall rely on organic optimization using all the tips in the article. 

Hope, now you have all the tips for scaling your business line on social media. Don’t restrict yourself. You can take baby steps, start from two countries, then expand to others, but don’t restrict yourself. Both service and product industries have the scope for growing internationally through social media.

If you have any queries, do write to us in the comment box. For more insightful interaction, stay tuned for our next post.


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