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Talus Pay Review

TALUS Payments was the previous name for a Talus pay review. Although Talus Pay claims that it offers merchants accountability and truth, the business unquestionably falls short of this claim and is also expensive.

Overview: Talus Payments

Talus Pay is a business account selling TSYS (a subsidiary of Global Payments) and Fiserv’s credit card processing services.

AMCP Payments Intermediate Company, LLC uses several DBAs, and Talus Pay is one of them. AMCP mostly promotes goods and services from other companies, such as the well-liked Clover brand of POS systems and terminals. Additionally, it offers Talus Pay POS, a unique point-of-sale software programme.

Talus Pay has a negative reputation owing to its aggressive sales strategies (including telemarketers’ employment), high prices, and excessive leasing costs for processing facilities. The firm has overhauled most of its sales force in recent years. It has hired several industry veterans to occupy leadership positions, indicating that it is aware of its “identity problem.”

Unfortunately, the outcomes of these initiatives have been inconsistent. There are also signs that some of the issues with Talus Pay reviews have not been fixed, even if the firm’s constant stream of complaints has greatly decreased.

Eventually, as long as the business continues to function as an old-fashioned business account provider, changing staff and making modest changes to sales procedures won’t be enough to turn the business around. Things like long-term agreements, qualifying capital expenditure, and even graded pricing structures are being phased out in the payments sector. Businesses that insist on maintaining these qualities will struggle to stay competitive.

Since the most recent Talus payment review revision in 2020, Talus Pay has generally improved and is presently rated 3 out of 5 stars. Even though this rating is only average, it represents a significant improvement over earlier results. Even since we still do not even advise Talus Pay for your organisation, we have optimism that the company will keep enhancing its offerings and methods of sales.

A Quick Look At Talus Products and Services

Before this, Talus Pay’s services were only targeted at enterprises in the professional services, restaurant, retail, and automotive industries. Here is a quick summary of the company’s main services:

  • Merchant Accounts: Talus Pay is not a direct gateway for merchant services. For your card processing services, TSYS or Fiserv will be logged. Be aware that only the Fiserv processor system is compatible with Clover products.
  • Countertop Terminals: Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and PAX A920 versions of credit card terminals are among those now offered by Talus Pay. All accept NFC- and EMV-based payment systems like Apple Pay and others. Even if all of these items are excellent, you should know that Talus is renowned for selling terminals through pricey lease agreements, which take years to pay off and will cost you far more than the equipment is worth.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Talus currently provides the Clover Station Duo and Clover Station Solo POS as a result of a new agreement with Fiserv. Additionally, the business offers its exclusive Talus Pay POS software that can be set up on most Androids and iPad tablets. Pricing is not provided. However, Talus Pay Clover Systems and POS software often demand monthly software subscription costs.
  • Mobile Payments: Talus Pay provides the SwipeSimple card readers or Clover Go for mobile banking. Both devices enable NFC-based, EMV, and magstripe payment mechanisms and are compatible with iOS and Android.
  • E-Commerce Support: For your ecommerce marketplace, Talus Pay can probably help you prepare with a payment processor or virtual terminals. However, all mentions of these goods seem to have been removed from the company’s website in its current iteration. You can anticipate receiving an offer from Fiserv or TSYS for a third-party product.

The accessibility of e-check or ACH processing systems is not mentioned by Talus. We came all over a user dispute that claimed the business does not provide any ACH management solutions, despite the possibility that it might be accessible for an extra cost.

Know the Talus Pay Rates and Fees

Talus Pay doesn’t provide any data or information on rates or fees on its site. Due to the significant degree of variability in fees and rates, which are frequently the topic of negotiations between the sales agent and merchant, this failure to disclose is not typical in the processing sector.

It’s frustrating that Talus is not being more open, considering that the corporation has made a point of being transparent. The majority of merchant reviews we’ve received is that the company’s fees are much higher than usual for the sector.


While Talus could allow merchants to get an interconnect pricing plan, all indications point to the fact that all pricing schemes offered by Talus by default employ the more costly tiered price structure. Merchants have frequently complained to us about paying 4% or even more for processing under these arrangements.


Per the details we have been able to piece together from merchant complaints and a 2017 merchant agreement, merchants will be responsible for various costs. Although widespread in the business, most merchant services providers often do not apply these fees.

Talus is said to demand yearly and monthly interest charges, according to merchant feedback, while the exact amount is unknown and probably varies from one shop to the next. Additionally, you should budget for a monthly PCI compliance charge of around $9.95. Additionally, Talus contracts also provide a monthly requirement that doesn’t go into play until many months into the agreement. Although the price isn’t stated, it is presumably $25 per month, which is the industry norm.

Other expenses reported by retailers include a $9.50 recurring monthly fee, a TSYS mobile app fee, a $98 annual “corporate fee” per site, a $99 application fee, and early account closure penalties.

Additionally, we should caution you that, in most circumstances, your sales representative will be a very poor viable source of truthful information concerning price. These concerns survive regardless of the company’s efforts to alter public perception.


Additionally, you should budget for leasing costs of $30 or even more per month if you lease a credit card terminal. Terminal leases typically last four years and cannot be terminated for nearly any reason. Do some calculations: for a terminal which you can buy for $300 or less, that works up to $1,440 throughout your lease.

Even after your lease expires, you won’t own the entire item! Avoid terminal renting at all costs since they are a total rip-off.


In this section, we have discussed the Talus payment reviews, including negative and positive reviews and complaints. Moreover, here you will also come to understand whether TALUS deserves your business or not.

Negative Talus Pay Reviews & Complaints

The BBB has recognised Talus Pay and presently has an A+ rating. 3 of the 25 complaints against the company were submitted in the past twelve months. Since the Talus pay review 2020 update, the total volume of complaints has greatly declined, which is a solid indication that the firm’s initiatives to strengthen its services are beginning to pay off.

The Talus above Pay problems is frequent:

  • Aggressive Sales Practices
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Early Termination Fees
  • Difficulty Cancelling Accounts

On the plus side, the business seems to address the majority of the grievances brought against it and frequently grants refunds when they are appropriate.

Positive Talus Pay Reviews & Testimonials

Over the past couple of years, Talus Pay has received more favourable evaluations. There are 295 evaluations of the business on the BBB website, with an overall star rating of 4.83.

Talus Pay’s Facebook page has been inundated with favourable comments, raising its rating among reviewers to 4.5 out of 5. Nearly all of the Facebook reviews for the business during earlier review updates were quite nasty. Once more, almost all favourable evaluations highlight a single Talus employee and seem to have been written soon after the reviewer joined the company.

The business itself also provides numerous endorsements. While some are just on the Talus Pay site, others can be found on the business’ YouTube page. These “Talus Tales” showcase actual clients who were content with the business’ services enough to recommend it.

Final Discussion…

Most companies in the payment processing sector, like Talus Pay, act as resellers for bigger direct processors. Reselling companies may offer a better bargain than working directly with a big processor like TSYS and Fiserv since they can determine their contract terms and prices more freely. 

Talus Pay has battled several significant issues for several years with how it tackles marketing its client accounts, says the Talus pay review. It generally has a negative reputation for being expensive compared to industry standards.

Contrary to several other providers who have some issues, it seems to be trying to enhance its offerings. These actions include giving up telemarketing, offering digital and paper copies of contracts to merchants, and upgrading sales employees’ training. By forming a new relationship with Fiserv, it has also increased the number of products it offers by adding POS systems and Clover terminals.

At present, Talus Pay receives three stars out of five. Even if this score is still just about average, it represents a big improvement over past review upgrades and shows that the business is making an effort to improve.


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