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Sekure Cost Review

Sekure Merchant Solution is also Sekure Cost review or secure card services or sekure bank services, which provides one of the payment processing services through North American Bancard. Sekure Merchant solution is a well-known service provider company for the merchant in the market, which started its operation in 2006. As per the data shown on the company’s website, more than 25000 merchants already use their services. 

The different names of a single company create confusion for many merchants and some prospective partners who want to use the service of sekure merchant solutions. Most sources on the internet confirm that Sekure Merchant Solutions Review has a tie-up with North American Bancard for reselling. On the other hand, NAB plays the main role in sekure’s contracts with merchants which have not good reputation publically. 

In this article, we will provide an in-depth sekure pay review and deeply try to analyze the company’s brands and services and how it relates to the merchants who already use services. The only aim of this review is to help valuable customers to gain the real information that helps them to make better decisions.

Services offer by Sekure Merchant solutions (Sekure Merchant Solution Review)

All major processing services like online, mail/phone order, mobile, and in-store transactions. Sekcure Merchants solutions provide you access to any sort of debits and credit card. Moreover, it also processes gift cards, electronic checks, loyalty programs, etc. 

  • Online processing

Sekure merchant solutions provide any sort of payments done by any of your websites. Along with the ability to validate and confirm the payments, it also has fraud detection tools. With more than 80 different certified shopping carts and the seamless transition from any website, this company specializes in e-commerce.

  • In-store processing

There is no doubt about processing when it comes to Sekure Merchant solutions. Whether it’s a standard terminal or taking payments of a computer with a virtual terminal. The company is providing a full point of sale system that accepts swiped cards or key-in payments, EMV, smart cards, and contactless payments. It depends on your business needs whether you use single or multiple services. Whether the company also provides tailored equipment and fleet card acceptance services for gas stations. But as we know, the more payments option means easier sales for you and your business.

  • Mobile processing

Running a business requires so much extra effort to chase down payments and much more stuff. With the services offered by Sekure Merchants Solutions, you can transform any of your smart devices, like a smartphone or tablet, into a remote payment device. The company also offers a wireless terminal. All in all, mobile processing is one of the best conveniences for tradeshows, the delivery person, and different locations.

  • Gift cards and loyalty program

Are you interested in expanding your business? With the help of Sekure Merchant Solutions, you can provide many loyalty programs and gift cards to your valuable customers regardless of any size of business. 

  • Phone/Mail orders

With the help of virtual terminals, Sekure Merchant solutions provide you can key-in payments. With the help of encryption and firewalls, the company provides the best services regarding protecting your sensitive data. You can also get round-the-clock customer care support for any query regarding your virtual terminal.

  • Business cash advance

Have you heard about the merchant cash advance or business cash advance? If you are also looking for working capital, then Sekure merchant solutions offers you a business cash advance too. You can utilize this cash for any sort of business expense. But on the other side, it may seem like a good deal as a business, but they come at a price, and by some calculation, you can easily find out how costly they are if you compare it to any standard loan.

Sekure pay rates and fees

If you visit the website of Sekure Merchant Solutions, then you can easily notice that there are no listed rates or fees on the website. On the other side, the company claims to offer a low rate. The company also promises that by choosing its services, customers will get the right solution at the lowest price. It may seem like a temper to every new customer. There is no doubt that the company provides equipment that can easily be switched from another merchant service. 

Furthermore, as discussed above, Sekure Merchant Solutions claims for low fees but does not list any fees, which is quite strange.

Sekure merchant solution review

  • BBB reputation

As per the USA media, most sites that link to Sekure Merchants Solutions are not registered in NYS. Moreover, there are 32 complaints against the company and resolved most complaints. 

  • POS

Regarding POS, Secure Merchant Solutions provides a free terminal that is indirectly bad for you. This simple meaning of Free POS is that the money has to be made up somewhere. It requires an initial outlay which costs you higher than usual. All the merchant agreements contain future fees, meaning customers have to pay a lot more for free equipment.

  • Sample review

It is like a typical side-by-side review for the same transactions at the same POS. Rate comparisons are the only way to choose the best merchant process.

1. Interchange management cuts your fees by 1/10 time.

2. It can increase EBITDA positively by improving productivity

3. It can also increase productivity for other business areas by using reduced PCI compliance.

What about the service charge in Secure Merchant services?

As we discussed earlier, secure merchant solutions claim that they provide the best transaction service at the lowest price. But, I never release any details regarding their services’ charges, conditions, and prices.

It always depends on the services you needed for your company. There are many other charges like tiered rates, interchange prices, and many more.

However, one of the best ways to get the best deal is directly connected to the firm and let the sales staff identify your real requirements. Here the cost you will have to pay is defined by the payment processor the firm that has chosen for you. 

Is Sekure Merchant Solution worth it?

  • Good customer support

All the customers directly connected to the secure merchant services get full access to the dedicated account manager. They also provide you with email, phone, chat, and onsite assistance during office time. All you need to start a live chat or any other form of conversation you need to apply for a merchant identity number.

  • Not eligible for credit cards

One of the drawbacks of Sekure merchant solutions is when you establish a new firm and don’t take credit cards. The company denies providing its services to your payment processor. Also, the company’s agreements are long and very difficult to understand. Like another firm, the quotation provided by the sekure merchant solution does not show price information.

Final thoughts

All in all, there are many negative online specifically directed at Sekure Merchant solution reviews, which are mostly about the sales and services regarding the behaviour of sales executives. However, the real fact is that all these Sekure cost reviews target North American Bancard, which handles contract and processing for Sekure Merchant Solutions. 

Furthermore, there are many positive reviews about the excellent customer service. To gain more information, stay tuned with us!

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