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Prism Bill Pay Review: Free Bill Management App (2023 Updated)

Almost all of us have to pay some kind of bills on a monthly basis. Be it a credit card bill, any kind of loan instalment, electricity bill or anything else and they go on with our life. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage these bills and due to this the payment of bills also gets missed and we have to pay late fee charges.

In this “Prism Bill Pay Review” we will discuss the free bill management app “Prism”. In this article, we will discuss the key aspects of Prism, its functionality, benefits, potential drawbacks, and user experiences.

What is a Prism Bill Pay App?

Prism is a Free App available on app store for IOS devices and on google play store for android devices. Prism is a bill management app that helps you to track your bills, check their due dates and allows you to pay directly from this app by linking your payment account for that bill with this app. 

Prism Bill Pay Review: Pros & Cons of this App

However Prism bill pay is one of the best apps that help you to manage your bills and save yourself from unwanted late fee charges. There are some cons with this App too. While checking customers’ reviews we found these issues. Below are the pros & cons of this App.

Effective bill tracking and payment managementSyncing Issues with vendors, leading to late fees and interest charges.
Extensive biller supportThe app frequently failed to open
Real-time synchronizationUsers reported poor customer service
Convenient payment optionsApp functionality and features were degraded with the new update
Free to UsePrism lost access to major creditors one by one
Notify you if your bill looks abnormalUsers encountered problems with biometric security
Keep the history of the billDecline in App Quality Over Time

In our “Prism Bill Pay Review” we found that before the previous update on App there were many positive reviews by users to this App, in 2023 the App had done something with its interface, functionality and more but users did not like this and faced many issues. This year we found there are more negative reviews compared to any previous year.

Prism Bill Pay Review: What Does this Bill Management App Do?

After reading all the above given article, you want to know more about this App and how this helps you in paying your bills on time. Well in this “Prism Bill Pay Review” we cover all major information for this app and help you to make the right decision for you.

The “Prism App” was built to help you to track your bills, their due dates, the amount that is due and push notification to ensure you paid your bills on time and did not encounter any late charges. 

To use this app you don’t need to manually add all your bill details. You just need to link your payment account for that bill and it will automatically pull all the information about your bill from your online payment account and show all this information in your app dashboard. 

If you do not have an online account for that bill then it is required to manually add your bill details along with due date, how often you want to pay it etc.

Using this app you can also pay your bills directly from this App using any of your payment methods. If you link your credit card with this app this also allows you to see balance on the credit cards, available balance, total credit you have and debt you have. 

If you link your bank account with this app then you can see the available balance in each of your bank accounts which you link in this app. Also if you are using a bank account to pay your bills there are no charges, but if you are using a credit or debit card to pay your bills there are some charges but you can avoid it by using your bank account for paying bills. 

It will also send you push notification to remind you about your bill due dates, so that you never forget to pay your bills on time.

Linking bills with the prism bill pay app is quite easy. You just need to follow the required steps mentioned below – 

  1. Install “prism bill pay app” on your mobile from app store or google pay store
  2. After installing the app open it and in the bottom you will find plus feature
  3. Click on plus button and this will allow you to add your bills and payment accounts on the app
  4. After adding all these details you will see all your bills in one location along with the due amount.

How to Pay your Bill Using Prism Bill Pay?

If you already linked your bills and payment account on Prism now it is a very simple process to pay your bills. Every time when a new bill is generated, a prism will send you a push notification to your device, prompting you to pay your bill or schedule a payment date. After this you can go to the app and pay your bill immediately or schedule a payment date. This app also allows you to pay your bill full or minimum amount as well as allows you to choose the payment account that you want to use for your bill payment. 

User Reviews about Prism Bill Pay in 2023

The Prism Bill Pay app first launched in 2012. Since then till now many changes have happened in it and many are happening. To give you a complete insight of this “Prism Bill Pay Review”. 

When we checked user reviews, it was found that till 2019 many users were satisfied with this app, although at that time many users were facing problems but that number was very less.

After 2019, we found that the number of unsatisfied customers kept increasing and there were many users who changed their previous review and also told the problems faced by this app over time.

Many users said after the acquisition of the bill pay app by Billgo on October 15, 2018 the quality of the app has declined over the time and many new issues have occurred. 

Below I have attached a screenshot from google play store. Here you see how badly this App is losing its image now. At the moment the overall rating of this app is 2.7 out of 5, and in 2023 this app will not get a single positive review from its users.

Prism Bill Pay User Reviews

There are many more negative reviews from “Prism Bill Pay” users who are continuously facing problems with this and also facing difficulties in new design and changes made on this app.

Prism Bill Pay Review: Is it Good to Manage Bills Using Prism Bill Pay in 2023?

At the moment I will not recommend you to use this app, because there are lots of negative reviews for this app on different platforms and these negative reviews are constantly increasing. But there is no doubt that this is one of the best apps for bill management and because of some technical reason and other bugs create some issues with this app.

However I am confident that the dev team is working on these issues and soon this app is ready to use and build its image again. Before using this app I will recommend you to check recent user reviews for the app and when you see significant improvement in user reviews, you can use it for managing your bills.


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