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Earn Haus Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Do you want to make money online by taking online surveys? Did you hear about earnhaus.com, a website which claims to help you make money by sharing real opinions about products and services. Are you afraid this platform is legit or a scam? In this “earn haus review” we’ll take a closer look at this website, on the web and review sites to help you decide if it is worth investing your time on this website or not.

What is Earn Haus?

Earn Haus is a website which claims to help you make money by sharing your genuine thoughts about other companies’ products and services. As per available information on this website, they said “businesses and researchers want to know about their product and services quality and public opinion to improve their product and service quality”.

How Does Earn Haus Work?

If you want to start earning on earnhaus.com, you need to start with signing up your account and add required details in your account. You can sign up on this platform using your phone number, gmail account or by email. Once you set up your account on Earn Haus, you will see a list of available survey tasks.

You can choose any of the available tasks and submit your opinion for a given product or services to make money. Earn Haus pays its users real money no points, tokens or pretend bucks. You can withdraw your earnings from Earn Haus with Paypal or Venmo account.

how earn haus work

Earn Haus Review – ​​Pros and Cons

To give you some better ideas in this “earn haus review” article added some pros & cons of the website. Check this added information carefully before starting working on this website. However there are not any fees to sign up and participate in the survey program but your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste your time if this does not give you what you are expecting from it. 

Multiple Positive Reviews are AvailableCompany Information (Location, Owner) Missing
Claimed by Many Users to Get PaidNo Payment Proof is Available
Real Cash Payment (No Reward Points)Many User Report Fraud
Quick Money Widrawal (Paypal & Venmo)Low Earning Opportunity
You Can Use Any Device for Taking SurveyRequired to Share Personal ID and Selfie with Website

Earn Haus Review: Is Earn Haus Legit?

In this “earn haus review” we tried to add all possible information which gives you a better idea that this site is legit or a scam. Lets analyse this website on different parameters – 

Reviews by The Users on TrustPilot

We check online review website TrustPilot to know what their user said about earn haus website. In “Trust Pilot” there are 787 total reviews for this website and it has 3.8 rating out of 5. There are many reviews that indicate that websites give easy payouts for the survey done by its users. Many satisfied users praise the website for easy payouts and good earning for taking surveys, some mentioned this website as the highest paying company for survey tasks and quick paypal verification.

On the other hand we found many bad reviews for earning haus from unsatisfied users. Around 19% users give 1 star rating to this website however in most of the reviews company representatives give responses and ask them to file a complaint regarding the issues. We found these unsatisfied users reported issues such as companies asking for sensitive information like ID Card and a selfie, survey approval issue etc. there are many other negative reviews for Earn Haus. If you want to check all these positive and negative reviews you can visit here

Reviews by The User on Youtube

While checking on youtube, we found one user mentioning her experience with this site which is not good. As per the information added by her, we found that, if you want to use this site for making money by doing online surveys, you need to share your personal information such as proof of identity, selfie  with the website

Company Information (Location, Owner Details) Missing

While checking this website we found that the website does provide any information about the owner or company location of the company. Also there is no social media page associated with this website which makes this website a little bit suspicious. 

It is important to note that just because the owner information and social media page are not added on the website does not mean Earn Haus is a scam. However, it’s a good sign to have company information and social media pages for websites to gain user trust. 

Scam Check by Scam Adviser

While checking Earn Haus on scamadviser the website scored 100 out of 100, which is a good indication that this site is legit.

Scam Check by Scam Adviser

Earn Haus Review – Conclusion

In this “earn haus review” we check all the possible factors to know if the earn haus website is legitimate or a scam. In our research we found this website legitimate with some issues which can be resolved by contacting them on customer support. 

There are some concerts that you need to be aware of before using earnhaus.com. There many users have reported receiving payments for their survey participation and praise the website for its quick and easy payment methods, there have also been reports of sensitive information being required, low earning potential, and other issues.

It is important to note that the website does not provide any information about the owner or company location, and this lack of transparency may raise some red flags for users. 

We also noticed that they respond to almost all negative reviews on Trustpilot, as per our suggestion. If you haven’t received a solution for your issue, you can give your feedback on Trustpilot and request for your issue to be resolved.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have had any experiences, positive or negative, with earnhaus.com, please share it in the comment section below. Your experience will help others get accurate information about this website.


Does Earn Haus Charge Money for Sign Up or Participate in Surveys? 

No, Earn Haus does not charge any single penny from its users. This platform is completely free for its users who want to earn money through taking online surveys. 

How Earn Haus Found These Paid Surveys?

Earn Haus works with a network of market research companies to find survey opportunities. These companies are constantly looking for participants to provide feedback on their products and services.

How to Withdraw Money From Earn Haus?

By using PayPal and Venmo you can easily withdraw your money from Earn Haus.

Why Earn Haus Ask for Personal Identity Proof?

As per the policy of Earn Haus, only one account is allowed per person to ensure that there are no fake accounts created by the same user. As a part of their verification process, they may request for identity proof to ensure that the account is legitimate and belongs to the user.


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