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Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses [2024 Updated]

Recruitment and hiring have always been a tedious process. However, none of the businesses wishes to compromise with human resources as it determines their productivity and returns on investment.

Small businesses especially do not wish to compromise. Hiring, training, and replacing the resource is a hectic and unpleasant process. To get over this to-and-fro process, the best way out is to use the Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses. 

Have you heard of Applicant Tracking System? Are you a business owner who wants to know what it is and how it works?

Here is a complete guide for a small business applicant tracking system. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS), or an application tracking system, is a software application organizations use to manage and automate the recruitment and hiring process.

An ATS serves as a digital repository for monitoring and managing job applications, resumes, applicant information, and much more.

Multiple Applicant or Application Tracking Systems are available in the market with varied features. However, a few essential features prove to be valuable applicant tracking systems for small businesses. 

Let’s explore. 

Key features and functions of an Applicant Tracking System: 

Some standard features are available in all the Top Applicant Tracking Systems Customized for Small Businesses. 

1. Scrutinizing or Parsing Resume : 

An Applicant Tracking System or software automatically filters relevant data from resumes, such as contact details, work experience, education, skills, and all other required information for shortlisting. It also organizes it in a structured format.

2. Job Posting and Distribution

A sound Application Tracking System allows recruiters to create job postings in a presentable manner and disseminate them to various job portals, career websites, and social media platforms for more accessible applications or shortlisting processes.

3. Application Management

ATS is highly helpful in collecting and storing job applications, enabling recruiters to view, filter, and sort applications based on specific criteria, such as qualifications, experience, skills, or any other keywords of their choice.

4. Candidate Screening and Evaluation:

 Recruiters can use the ATS to screen and evaluate candidates based on a set of predefined criteria or qualifications, facilitating the initial shortlisting process. It saves both time & effort. 

5. Communication and Collaboration

The Applicant Tracking System is helpful for businesses as it includes features for communication and collaboration, such as email integration, interview scheduling, and sharing applicant information with hiring managers or team members. Easier communications often result in faster conclusions

6. Reporting and Analytics

Most Applicant Tracking System platforms, specifically designed for small and medium-scale industries, offer reporting and analytics capabilities. They help provide insights into recruitment metrics, such as application sources, time-to-fill, and candidate pipeline.

In short, there are multiple benefits of an Applicant Tracking System; small and medium enterprises can use the same to streamline:

  • Recruitment processes,
  • Save time and effort in managing applications
  • Enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their hiring processes. 
  • It helps to centralize applicant data, automate routine tasks, and improve the overall candidate experience.


However, the performance and benefits highly depend on how efficiently an ATS program is designed. It would help if you were mindful while choosing the Applicant Tracking System.

Are you confused about the Best Applicant Tracking System for small businesses?

Well, we have all the answers to your queries. Continue with a good read to get the piece of information that aids your inquisition.

List of Top 16 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

After checking the reviews of entrepreneurs of successful small businesses and personally using some of the Applicant Tracking Systems, hereby sharing with you a specially curated list of the Top 15 Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses.

Talos ATS

Talos ATS

Talos ATS is a UK-based award-winning applicant tracking system, designed to help businesses take control of their own hiring. As it’s built specifically to enable companies to hire direct, Talos ATS focuses on cost savings and reducing the amount of time that businesses spend finding and managing candidates. 

To power candidate attraction, Talos ATS is linked to a huge job board advertising network and has a built in job advertising multi-poster, so there’s no surcharges to send vacancies to job boards. With a strong focus on hiring ROI, Talos ATS offers a clear and engaging candidate journey, to minimise costly candidate drop-outs during the hiring process. 

Talos ATS is also huge on performance and compliance, with over 99.5% uptime, and handy integrations with HR systems and hiring essentials such as background checks.

To ensure hiring success, personalised guided implementation comes as standard with Talos ATS, ensuring that your applicant tracking system setup resolves and streamlines your hiring challenges. 

Advantages of Talos ATS

  • Strong focus on time and cost savings for businesses to hire direct
  • Huge job advertising network with free multiposter
  • In-built AI job advert content creator
  • “Easy apply” enabled – to get better ROI on your candidate attraction spend
  • Professional careers site building tool
  • D&I focus with anonymous hiring and candidate assessment features
  • Integrated with hiring compliance essentials, such as background check providers
  • Onboarding microsite builder
  • Award-winning customer service with fully managed customer success team
  • Free personalised implementation service


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workday applicant tracking system


Workday is a comprehensive HR management system with an integrated ATS functionality

Benefits of using Workday:

Streamlined recruitment processes, robust reporting, and analytics, seamless integration with other HR modules

Top 5 Features of Workday Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

  1. Mobile Accessibility

One of the finest features of the Workday Application Tracking System is that it is accessible on mobile devices, allowing recruiters to manage recruitment tasks on the go.

  1. One-in-All HR Platform:

Just install an all-inclusive Workday ATS, and you are free from all HR liabilities. Workday is part of a comprehensive HR management system, offering all HR functions, including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and a lot more.

  1. Smooth and Seamless Integration

You can effortlessly integrate this software with other modules of the Workday platform, allowing for smooth data flow and centralized HR information.

  1. Advanced Candidate Management

Workday is a one-stop solution for automated job posting, resume parsing, candidate screening, interview scheduling, applicant tracking throughout the hiring process, and shortlisting the best for your organization.

  1. Overall Analysis and Reporting

This software is the best for small businesses because it uses powerful analytics and reporting tools. The Workday ATS enables recruiters and HR professionals to gain insights into recruitment metrics apart from tracking key performance indicators and making data-driven decisions.

Why Choose Workday ATS for Your Business?

For small businesses, Workday is a powerful ATS making the hiring process proficient & smooth. Not to forget Mobile accessibility feature always keeps it a priority while shortlisting the best applicant tracking systems for small businesses. 



User-friendly ATS with automated job posting and candidate sourcing capabilities

Benefits of Jazz HR

Get Simplified applicant tracking, time-saving automation, and affordable pricing options

Top 5 Features of JazzHR ATS for Businesses:

  1. Automated Job Posting:

 JazzHR is an applicant tracking software that simplifies the job posting process by allowing you to create and publish job listings across multiple job boards and social media platforms in a few clicks, saving a lot of time, effort, and workforce.

  1. Customized Branding Options:

The first impression makes your organization a first choice by gaining applications from the most suitable candidates.

  1. Candidates from Qualified Sources:

No junk profiles; only quality leads to closing the openings. With JazzHR, you get the best human resource to take your organization closer to its visions.

  1. Central System to Rank & Track:

You will get notified of new candidates searching for a job with no profile repetition, irrespective of sources. With Jazz, you have a unique centralized system for all platforms.

  1. Digital & E-Offers:

Don’t lose candidates waiting for offline formalities and closure. Get e-signatures on digital offers to stay on top.

Why go For JazzHR ATS?

It’s the Best Applicant Tracking System for the best businesses, with all the updated features for hiring the top candidates that keep you ahead in the race.


smartrecruiters application tracking system


 End-to-end recruitment solution with built-in sourcing tools and advanced analytics

Benefits of SmartRecruiters

Comprehensive hiring processes, effective candidate sourcing, and data-driven hiring insights

Top 5 Features of SmartRecruiters ATS

  1. End-to-End Applicant Tracking:

You do not need to set follow-up reminders; the software does all the applicant tracking, from shortlisting to interaction and hiring. 

  1. One-Stop Career Portal:

It has all the features of a career portal, like global hiring, automated resume parsing, career page configuration, applicant data management, and a lot more. 

  1. Background Screening:

You do not have to hire agencies separately for background certification. You get to avail of an all-inclusive package with SmarRecruiters.

  1. Streamline Offers:

Shortlisting, arranging interviews, and accelerating all the intermediate procedures until the hiring is closed. 

  1. E-signatures:

Get confirmation from candidates through e-sign—no more waiting till the joining date and getting ditched at the last moment. 

Why Choose SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses?

Traditional ATS systems are no more helpful; it’s time for modern Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses to help them scale at pace without any setbacks. So, SmartRecruiters is the best choice. 


bamboohr applicant tracking


All-in-one HR platform with integrated applicant tracking and onboarding features

Benefits of Using BambooHR ATS: 

Centralized HR data management, intuitive interface, streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes

Top 5 Features of BambooHR

  1. Centralized Employee Database:

You don’t need to manage all the things manually. It’s feasible to store all the employee databases in BambooHR software.

  1. Time & Attendance Tracking:

Not only for hiring, but it is also a useful Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses as it comes with complete HRMS features.

  1. Global Capabilities:

It is best if you wish to hire multilingual people or staff for multiple locations. 

  1. Application, Benefit, and Payroll Administration:

Yes, you can easily compare, analyze, and add employee benefits, payroll, and further plan growth accordingly for your staff using BambooHR ATS.

  1. Paid Time Off:

With the BambooHR Application Tracking System, you don’t need to follow the traditional PTO paper trail. It’s possible to leverage the benefits of digital time-off, requests, and approvals. 

Why is BambooHR the Best For Your Business?

The unique self-reporting feature of BambooHR makes it the best Human Resource Management System for small and established organizations.

Oracle Taleo

oracle taleo applicant tracking system


Enterprise-level ATS with global recruiting and onboarding support

Benefits of using Oracle Taleo:

 Scalable recruitment solution, integration with Oracle HCM suite, comprehensive reporting, and analytics

Top 5 Features of Oracle Taleo

  1. Resume database:

This ATS has a strong resume database of all the domains and industries, which is updated from time to time to make recruitment convenient.

  1. Formal & Informal Employee Reviews:

Both employee & employer needs feedback for the accomplishment of the desired hiring processes. However, this feature helps with enhancing the internal process & productivity. 

  1. Email Templates:

You have the best email templates useful for internal and external communications. You can approach the candidates with a few clicks. 

  1. Offer Complete Database Support:

By using the tool to filter your requirement from the database, it’s possible to get end-to-end support from the Oracle Taleo team.

  1. Smart & Quicker Hiring of Resources:

For more innovative organizations, it’s necessary to have intelligent and quick solutions; Oracle Taleo Applicant Tracking System is one of those serving all the purposes of small businesses.

Why Choose Oracle Taleo?

This cloud-based system is a choice for all small, medium, and large-scale industries for its advanced features that support before, during, and after the hiring processes. 


jobscore applicant tracking system


JobS core ATS is designed for small to mid-sized businesses

Multiple Benefits of JobScore

Simplified applicant tracking, interview scheduling, candidate evaluation, and communication tools

Top 5 Features of Job Score ATS

  1. Single Click Data Entry:

Maintaining records with JobSearch Applicant Tracking System does not require many manual inputs saving significant time & effort.

  1. Controlled Flow of Information:

The information can be shared with the entire team of recruiters in one click. No time wasting in multiple approvals and mail forwards; it’s possible to gather all feedback & views in one go. 

  1. Spread the Word:

Why limit to a single platform database for hiring when you can get the best applications from multiple platforms? JobScore Applicant Tracking System pushes your requirement to all popular social media channels. 

  1. Secured Data:

It helps you to store company data with advanced security settings to avoid data breaches. 

  1. Streamlined Processes:

From recruitment to onboarding, all the processes are streamlined precisely. It saves time for recruiters at all levels. 

Why is JobScore a Choice for Small Businesses?

Jo score is convenient, user-friendly, affordable, and has all the necessary features for improving the hiring procedures in small organizations. 


jobvite talemetry application tracking system


Recruitment marketing platform with ATS capabilities

Benefits of Integrating Jobvite ATS:

It offers multi-channel sourcing and candidate engagement, talent pool management, analytics-driven recruiting strategies

Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Jobvite in Your Small Businesses:

  1. Scalability for Growth: 

As and when your small business grows, Jobvite can scale with you. You would not require to shift to another Applicant Tracking System. Whether expanding your team or entering new markets, Jobvite provides the flexibility and tools to support your changing recruitment requirements.

  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making: 

Do not just jump onto decisions without knowing the impact. With Jobvite, you can gain valuable insights into analytics and reporting features. Also, use its features like tracking key recruitment metrics that include source effectiveness, time-to-fill, and applicant conversion rates, empowering you to optimize your hiring decisions.

  1. Expanded Candidate Pool

To find the best candidate, you can dive into a wider talent pool using Jobvite extensive candidate sourcing capabilities. It’s possible to avail of multiple benefits from access to various job boards, social media platforms, and other sourcing channels to find suitable candidates for your small business within your budget.

  1. Enhanced Candidate Engagement:

The software is specially designed to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process with Jobvite candidate relationship management tools. Also, it allows you to automate communications and run targeted email campaigns to provide a positive candidate experience.

  1. Streamlined Recruitment Process: 

You can surely simplify your hiring process by integrating Jobvite ATS. With its features like job distribution, applicant tracking, and candidate relationship management, you can efficiently manage recruitment tasks from a single centralized platform.

Why Choose Jobvite over Other ATS?

If you need 100% convenience and smooth automated hiring software, this is undoubtedly the one for you. 

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit Application Tracking System


 End-to-end recruitment solution with ATS capabilities

Zoho Recruit Top Benefits: 

Customizable workflows, candidate sourcing, engagement tools, and integration with other Zoho apps

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Zoho Recruit Application Tracking System

  1. Comprehensive Features: 

Zoho Recruit software stands out amongst competitors due to its extensive features covering the entire recruitment process. From posting job openings to conducting interviews and making offers, it’s a seamless toolkit. 

  1. Seamless Integration and Collaboration: 

This STS effortlessly integrates with all popular tools and platforms, like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and job boards. The integration lets you sync data, import resumes, communicate with candidates, and manage your recruitment pipeline from a centralized platform. 

  1. Automation & Personalization:

It’s possible to tailor Zoho Recruit to fit your unique recruitment workflow, and requirements are a breeze. It offers complete customizability, allowing you to create custom fields, templates, and workflows. 

  1. Analysis, Reporting, and Management:

For valuable insights into your recruitment performance, you can trust Zoho Recruit’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities. You can easily track metrics such as time-to-fill, source effectiveness, make reports, and candidate engagement to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. 

  1. On-the-Go Productivity:

Zoho Recruit is an Applicant Tracking System with the proper mobile accessibility functionality. So, no matter where you are, you can track the latest updates through your phone’s notifications. 

Why Choose Zoho Recruit ATS?

You can pick Zoho Recruit for your small businesses for the precise automation expected for recruitment and enhanced mobile accessibility. 


pinpoint applicant tracking system


Recruitment-focused ATS with emphasis on candidate experience and data-driven hiring

Benefits of using Pinpoint Applicant Tracking System

Simplified candidate tracking, personalized communication, and AI-powered analytics for improved hiring decisions

Top 5 Features to Use Pinpoint

  1. Document Management:

Managing the documents of applicants can be highly tedious at times. Pinpoint helps you with valuable end-to-end documentation for present and future hiring. 

  1. Performance Management:

It helps small businesses not only track new employees but manage older ones too. You can closely monitor employee performance, manage work reports, target completions, and boost the company’s productivity to the next level. 

  1. Application Management:

Not all applications are relevant to your requirement. Pinpoint ATS shares only the applications that match the JD in terms of skills, experience, reimbursement, and all the criteria predefined by the user. 

  1. Invoicing:

Pinpoint Applicant Tracking System also has an invoicing feature to create the necessary invoices for agencies, referrals, tie-ups, buyouts, or other associated recruitment procedures without following hectic processes and calculations. 

  1. Interview and Evaluation:

If shortlisting candidates after the interview is complex, the software can use the comparison feature, evaluate all the applicants and shortlist the best one. 

Why Subscribe Pinpoint ATS?

Pinpoint ATS is a good option for automating old-school hectic administrative procedures. 


eddy applicant tracking system

Usage: AI-powered ATS with features for automated candidate sourcing and intelligent screening

Benefits of Eddy Application Tracking Software:

Time-saving automation, efficient candidate filtering, improved accuracy in candidate selection

Top 5 Features of Eddy

  1. AI-Powered Application Sourcing

Eddy utilizes artificial intelligence to automate applicant sourcing, intelligently matching job requirements with candidate profiles. For efficient shortlisting, it is the best software.

  1. Time-Saving:

 Small businesses can automate various time-consuming tasks of the recruitment process, such as resume parsing, interview scheduling, and communication with candidates, allowing recruiters to shift their focus to more strategic activities.

  1. Insightful Analytics:

 The software offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. It provides valuable insights into recruitment metrics, candidate pipeline, and hiring trends, empowering recruiters to optimize hiring strategies.

  1. Intelligent Screening

Eddy Application Tracking System employs intelligent screening algorithms to analyze resumes and applications, identifying the most qualified candidates based on specific criteria.

  1. Collaborative Hiring Tools

With Eddy, you get one-stop collaborative features for hiring teams to collaborate effectively, including shared candidate profiles, interview feedback sharing, and real-time communication, streamlining the hiring process.

Why Prefer Eddy?

Well, what can be better than AI-driven applicant-tracking software? So, if budget is not a constraint, go for Eddy.


Usage: Modern ATS with features for job posting, applicant tracking, and team collaboration

Benefits: User-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and affordable pricing options for small-medium-sized businesses

Top 5 reasons to choose Recooty ATS

1. 100% User-Friendly Interface: 

As an ATS, Recooty offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

2. Job Posting and Applicant Tracking

Recooty has high-end job posting and applicant tracking features, allowing small businesses to post job openings and manage applications seamlessly.

3. Team Collaboration Features: 

Recooty is a compelling choice as it has collaborative features that allow recruiters and hiring teams to work together effectively. 

4. Customizable Hiring Workflows:

With Recooty, small businesses can customize hiring workflows to align with recruitment processes. It’s also possible to tailor the system to match unique requirements and optimize the hiring procedures.

5. Affordable Pricing

Recooty is affordable. Small businesses can access essential ATS features without compromising their budget.

Why Choose Recooty Applicant Tracking System?

Recooty Applicant Tracking System is one of the finest ATS choices for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. However, its affordability makes it a first-choice ATS that drives small businesses forward to achieve bigger goals.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors applicantion tracking system

Usage: Integrated talent management system, including ATS functionality

Benefits of Using SAP Success Factors as an ATS

Seamless integration with other HR modules, global recruiting capabilities, robust analytics, and reporting

Top 5 features of SAP SuccessFactors ATS:

1. Inbuilt Integrated Talent Management System

SAP SuccessFactors is part of a comprehensive talent management suite. It allows seamless integration with other HR modules for a unified HR management system.

2. Global Recruiting Capabilities: 

This Applicant Tracking System is beneficial for small businesses. It has an outstanding global recruiting feature, enabling organizations to manage diverse candidate pools and multilingual job postings. Moreover, it complies with regional hiring regulations.

3. Unmatched Analytics and Reporting: 

For advanced analytics & reporting features that include valuable insights into recruitment metrics, applicant demographics, and hiring trends to optimize recruitment strategies, SAPSuccessFactors is the best ATS.

4. Seamless Integration of Various Modules:

Small businesses use this ATS as it seamlessly integrates with other SAP SuccessFactors modules. Some include performance management & onboarding, ensuring a smooth data flow across the entire employee lifecycle & more.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

This software accommodates organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It offers scalability and flexibility to meet evolving recruitment needs and supports high-volume hiring requirements.

Why Choose SAP SuccessFactors ATS for Small Businesses?

You can opt for this ATS to get a seamless and integrated talent management experience. With global recruiting support, it has become a choice for small businesses with a vision of international expansion. 

PayCor/Newton Software

paycor applicant tracking system

Usage: Applicant tracking system designed for small and medium-sized businesses

Benefits of PayCor Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

User-friendly interface, automated candidate communications, customizable reporting, and analytics

Top 5 Features of PayCor Applicant Tracking Software

Here are the top 5 features of Newton/PayCor Software ATS:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

 The primary feature of PayCor Software ATS is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

2. Automated Candidate Communications

The software can help recruiters to automate candidate communications, such as email notifications and status updates. It saves time and keeps candidates informed throughout the hiring process.

3. Customizable Reporting

PayCor Software ATS offers customizable reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to track and analyze key recruitment metrics, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions to improve your hiring strategies.

4. Precise Workflow Management: 

PayCor Application Tracking Software provides collaborative features that enable recruiters and hiring teams to work together efficiently. It has all the tools for managing tasks, scheduling interviews, and sharing feedback, streamlining the hiring process.

5. Smooth Integration with Third-Party Apps

If you use third-party applications, you can count on PayCor Software as the best for your business. It can be easily integrated with job boards, background screening providers, and HR systems, allowing seamless data exchange and enhancing overall recruitment workflows.

Why choose PayCor Software Applicant Tracking System? 

The software allows small businesses to streamline recruitment processes effectively. It’s a popular Applicant Tracking System for its user-friendly interface and tailor-made reporting options.

Bullhorn ATS

bullhorn applicantion tracking system

Usage: Cloud-based ATS and CRM platform for staffing and recruiting firms

Benefits of using Bullhorn ATS:

 End-to-end recruitment functionality, candidate & client management, and sales & business development features

Top 5 Key Features of Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System

  1. Centralized Applicant Tracking

It has a centralized system to track and manage applicants throughout the hiring process

  1. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): 

Like all the top Application Tracking Systems, Bullhorn helps you build and maintain relationships with candidates. The CRM functionality lets you store candidate information, track interactions, and engage with candidates through personalized communication.

  1.  Job Posting and Distribution:

Bullhorn ATS offers seamless job posting and distribution capabilities. You can create job listings and distribute them to multiple job boards, social media platforms, and your company website, reaching a wider pool of potential candidates.

  1. Analytics and Reporting:

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is a holistic platform with robust analytics and reporting features. You can generate reports on key recruitment metrics such as time-to-fill, source of hire, and applicant demographics. These insights can help to make data-driven decisions.

  1. Integration and Automation: 

This feature keeps it apart. It easily integrates with various third-party applications and offers automated features to streamline recruitment. 

Why choose Bullhorn ATS? 

Bullhorn ATS is a top choice for small businesses catering to all their needs. In short, it serves to be a complete package along with a distinguished centralized tracking system. 


greenhouse applicant tracking system

Usage: Integrated talent management system, including ATS functionality

Benefits of using Greenhouse ATS

Seamless integration with other HR modules, global recruiting capabilities, robust analytics, and reporting

Top 5 Features of Greenhouse ATS

  1. Handles Scheduling Complexity:

Don’t hustle with scheduling interviews; Greenhouse allows you to schedule as per the availability of the hiring team, recruiters, and applicants. 

  1. Check Complete Pipeline:

You can review the entire candidature pipeline, check the reviews for a candidate at multiple stages, and compare and finalize for the best closure.

  1. Collaborative Decisions With Shared Views:

You can shortlist altogether by using @mentions, getting feedback, and acting as per feedback without needing multiple iterations.

  1. Get Instant Approvals:

No more cabin-to-cabin knock games for HRs to get approvals. Get instant approvals through the Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System. 

  1. Get Information Stored:

Even if you close the position, you can store the information of other candidates along with the scorecards easing your future hiring processes. 

Why Choose Greenhouse ATS?

When you wish to make Data-Driven, informed decisions, Greenhouse is the best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses. 

Well, we have given you the best names of Applicants or Application Tracking Systems, but the best one for your small business is entirely based on your business requirements. All the software might fall under a single category of ATS, but they have some unique features, benefits, and also loopholes. So, choose the one wisely. 

Do you wish to know the best ATS for your business?

Tips to Select the Right ATS or Applicant Tracking System For Small Businesses:

When choosing an applicant tracking system (ATS), several factors must be considered. Here are some key factors that can help guide your decision-making process.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: 

You should always choose an ATS that fits your budget, with affordable plans tailored to small businesses.

  1. Easy implementation: 

Small businesses need to look for an Applicant Tracking System that can be quickly set up without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

  1. User-friendly interface:

For those planning to shortlist for an ATS that can equip your team with an intuitive interface that can easily navigate.

  1. Scalability: 

Always select an ATS that can accommodate your growing business needs without compromising performance.

  1. Essential features: 

Do not forget to focus on core features like job posting, resume parsing, applicant tracking, and basic reporting.

  1. Integration capabilities:

You shall always ensure the ATS can integrate with other tools or systems you use, such as payroll, CRM, or HRIS software.

  1. Frequent feature updates:

While you are shortlisting any Applicant Tracking System, make sure it’s updated frequently and has all the advanced features. If the last update was not within 45 to 90 days, you are investing in the wrong software. 

  1. Mobile Integration:

Mobile integration is the must have feature for an ATS software. You cannot always sit in front of the desktop and miss on necessary communications leading to unnecessary delays.

  1. Database Storage & Management:

Yes, it matters. It’s not possible to keep maintaining excel sheets manually for employee information. 

  1. Customer Support:

Choose the one who is always by your side when you are in need. Ensure the customer support team is readily available and resolves your issues within the minimum possible turnaround time. 

By considering the factors mentioned above specific to small businesses, you can choose an ATS that meets your budget, addresses your core recruitment needs, and supports your growth and hiring goals effectively.

Small businesses have no scope to make mistakes, so choose the Application Tracking System wisely. 

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