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Where are the Serial Numbers on the Lifeproof Case?

If you buy an expensive phone, there is also a fear that it might get damaged due to falling and we try to keep it safe, but no matter how much we try, we cannot always save it from falling. In such a situation, a reliable phone case from a good company can help you. This phone case reduces the damage caused by falling to a great extent. The serial numbers on the Lifeproof case confirm that it is different from many of the fake phone cases available in the market that come in the name of Lifeproof and are original.

If you want to know “where is the serial number on the lifeproof case” this article is for you only. In this article, we will tell you where in the LifeProof case you can get its serial number so that you can identify its originality.

Apart from this, you can also customize it for yourself, by using CustomSticker.com you can get your anime characters, words, and your or your loved one’s photo applied on the LifeProof case. In this guide, we will not only tell you where you can check the Lifeproof Case serial numbers but will also know what the Lifeproof Case is, what its warranty is, etc. Let’s start it.

What is a Lifeproof Case?

A Lifeproof case is a phone case that is used to protect the phone from all kinds of possible accidents like falling, accumulation of dust, falling in water, falling in snow, etc. This phone case is available for almost all popular phones available in the market like iPhone, iPod, and Samsung.

This is an America-based electronics accessory company, which was acquired by a company called OtterBox in the year 2013. Its headquarters is in San Diego, California. This company manufactures such cases for smartphones and tablets whose function is to protect these electronic devices from water, snow, dirt, etc.

Where Is The Lifeproof Case Serial Numbers Location?

Don’t you know where the serial number of the LifeProof case is? Want to know where it can be found? This is not difficult at all, for this, you have to look at the back side of the LifeProof case, there you will find this 10-12 letter code on a thin white slip, this is the serial number of the LifeProof case.

Does Lifeproof Case offer a Warranty on its Products?

Yes, the Lifeproof case comes with a 7-year warranty from the date of purchase of the phone case, however now Lifeproof has been acquired by Otterbox, but the good news is that Otterbox does not compromise the quality, and the same warranty Offers that came with LifeProof.

How to Claim the Warranty of a Lifeproof Case?

Both LifeProof cases and OtterBox replace phone cases and other products available on this platform at no extra charge after taking into account shipping, handling, and applicable taxes. However, you will have to answer some questions and in some cases may ask for a photo of the damaged product or may even ask for the return of the damaged product.

Faq’s about Lifeproof Case Serial Numbers

Is There A Fake Lifeproof Case Available In The Market?

Yes, many phone cases in the market come with the LifeProof brand name.

How To Know Whether Our Lifeproof Case Is Original Or Fake?

All LifeProof phone cases come with a unique serial number, which you can see on a thin white slip located on the back of the LifeProof case. This is a way to check the authenticity of the LifeProof case.


Using LifeProof cases can be a very effective way to protect the phone from any kind of external damage. In this article, we are told what a Lifeproof Case is, how it protects your phone, or iPad from getting damaged, and where you can get the Lifeproof Case serial number. If you still need any more information related to LifeProof cases, then you can ask us through comments.


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