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What is the Most Expensive Item On eBay?

eBay is an American e-commerce company that provides the best marketplace to people for buying and selling goods online. If you are looking for the most expensive item on eBay, there could be many reasons for this. For example, you can be fond of expensive things and are thinking of doing some shopping for yourself or someone special, you just want to see out of curiosity what is the most expensive thing on eBay or you just want to buy an antique item for yourself. Want to collect some historically valuable things which are rare and precious.

Whatever the reason, in this article we have added the list of the most expensive things available on eBay. Read this article and get information about the most expensive things on eBay in 2023.

Top 8 Most Expensive Items on eBay

Bonita Bramante Art Painting Original Acrylic Canvas “ Blue Dissected Flower“ – US $ 27,000,000.00

bonita bramante art painting blue dissected flower

Source: eBay

If you are an art lover and interested in collecting expensive art, then this art painting can add beauty to your collection. Although its price is very high and your bank budget can also get spoiled by buying it. The price of this art painting on eBay is twenty-seven million dollars (US $ 27,000,000.00).

This is one of the most expensive items available on eBay. This artwork is done by the artist name “Bonita Bramante”. Bonita Bramante is an artist known for her unique and expressive artworks. Her style often incorporates vibrant colors, intricate details, and a fusion of abstract and floral elements. As an acrylic painter, she uses acrylic paints, which are known for their versatility and fast-drying properties, allowing artists to layer and blend colors effectively.

Details about the Art Design

Artist NameBonita Bramante
Artist SignatureYes
Design TypeBlue Dissected Flower
Original/Licensed ReproductionOriginal
MaterialAcrylic, Canvas
PaintsGolden Professional Grade Paints
Year of Production1996
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
Size (Length/Width)22 in/17 in

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Bonita Bramante Art Painting Flower Original Acrylic Canvas – US $ 27,000,000.00

bonita bramante art painting flower original acrylic canvas

Source: eBay

This is also an amazing piece of art made by the same artist above (Bonita Bramante) and the price (twenty-seven million dollars) is also the same. This art is very expensive and attracts many art lovers to buy it but because of its high price, only a few can afford this amazing painting.

If you can check this art on eBay then you can see that it is one of the most expensive items available on the website. Bramante’s original acrylic canvas paintings offer collectors and art enthusiasts the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece directly from the artist’s hand.

Details about this Art

Artist NameBonita Bramante
Signed ByBonita Bramante
Original/Licensed ReproductionOriginal
StyleAbstract, Modernism
Production Year1996
Size (Length/Width)22 in/17in
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States

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Mexican Indian War Cowboys Horses Canon Landscape Historic Oil Art Painting – US $250,000.00

mexican indian war cowboys canon historic oil art painting

Source: eBay

If you are looking for an expensive Art painting that was made by a renowned Artist, then this Art is one which you want to add to your collection. The date of this amazing art painting creation is between 1990-1999. This art will help you to transport yourself back in time to the captivating era of the Mexican Indian War with this extraordinary oil art painting.

This oil painting captures the essence of the Mexican Indian War, a conflict that took place during the mid-19th century. The use of oil as a medium adds depth and richness to the artwork. The smoothness and blend-ability of oil paints allow for intricate details and subtle nuances, enhancing the overall realism and capturing the essence of the period.

The artist of this amazing art painting (Frank L. Rappa) has passed away. This amazing art is related to MEXICAN INDIAN WAR, a conflict that took place during the mid-19th century.

Details about this Art

Artist NameFrank L. Rappa
ConditionNever been framed and in very nice condition but is not brand new
Signed ByFrank L. Rappa
Original/Licensed ReproductionOriginal
Size18 inches * 24 inches
Production Year1990-1999
Art TypeOOAK
Painting SurfaceCanvas

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Fausto Zonaro Original Portrait/Profile Self Portrait/Profile – US $140,000.00

Fausto Zonaro Original Portrait Profile

Source: eBay

The date of this painting’s creation is about 1900-1924. This painting is made by the famous Italian painter (Fausto Zonaro). He is known for his realistic painting style of life and history of the Ottoman Empire.

This is the perfect piece of art for someone who is like to collect ancient art designs that were made by reputed artists. In 1891 he came to Istanbul and earned respect and money by selling his amazing paintings to the merchant of PERA.

He got the title of “Painters of Hazrat Shahriar” and was awarded by Sultan Abdulhamid II. He is a prolific artist known for his extensive body of work, which delved into various genres such as portraits, landscapes, and historical paintings. Zonaro played a significant role in shaping and advancing Western-style art in Turkey, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s art scene.

Details about this Art

Production TechniqueOil Painting
Time Period Produced1900-1924
Size58.5 x 48 cm by 95.5 x 85 cm

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Antique Pottery Vase #1 From Tomb Of 1st Emperor of China From 221 BC – US $10,000,000.00

Antique Pottery Vase

Source: eBay

There are many rare and Antique items available on eBay but this one (the Antique Pottery Vase from Tomb of 1st Emperor of China) is one of the most expensive and valuable items on eBay. The price of this unique and rare tomb is 10,000,000 (ten million).

Anyone who likes to collect ancient Antiques is interested to add this Pottery Tomb to their collection. The reason why this thing is so valuable and expensive is because it belongs to the 1st emperor of China qin shi huangdi (Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor).

The tomb complex is famous for its Terracotta Army, which consists of thousands of life-sized clay soldiers and other intricate sculptures. This remarkable antique pottery vase has a fascinating historical background.

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1851 $50 RE Humbert 880 Thous California Gold, PCGS MS65 – US $1,850,000.00

1851 $50 RE Humbert 880 Thous California Gold, PCGS MS65

Source: eBay

The 1851 $50 RE Humbert 880 Thous California Gold coin is a fascinating numismatic piece with historical significance. Augustus Humbert, a prominent assayer at the time, was appointed by the United States Assay Office in San Francisco to produce privately minted gold coins to address the scarcity of currency in the region.

The “RE” on the coin stands for “Round Edge,” distinguishing it from the “50 D” variety with a “D” for the “Octagonal Edge.” The “880 Thous” indicates the fineness of the gold content, meaning the coin is 880 parts per thousand pure gold.

The grading designation “PCGS MS65” signifies that the coin has been authenticated and graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as Mint State 65. This grade indicates that the coin is in excellent condition, with sharp details and minimal signs of wear.

Because of its rarity, uniqueness, and historical connection, this coin is highly demanded by collectors and has become one of the most expensive items on eBay.

Details about this Item

Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
Certification Number36753383
CertificationPCGS CAC

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Source: eBay

eBay provides an unparalleled opportunity for fans and collectors worldwide to acquire the legendary “Screen Gems” record sets, which were produced during the production of “The Partridge Family.” These records, never commercially released or given away as promos, hold immense historical value, containing all the iconic Partridge Family music featured on the show.

This set of Screen Gems records is likely one of the most complete collections in existence, making it a valuable and rare collection for fans and collectors. To ensure your complete satisfaction, you will receive a set of unique one-of-a-kind CDs containing the entire collection in impeccable archival quality. These CDs also include the songs from the last missing record in the set, the rare one-sided record 9.

Details about this Item

Release TitleScreen Gems Records
Style1970s, Pop Rock
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
Speed33 RPM

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1986 86 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Sticker PSA 8(ST) # 06300690 CAREER HIGH POINTS – US $6,300,690.00

1986 86 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Sticker PSA 8(ST) # 06300690 CAREER HIGH POINTS

Source: eBay

This amazing PSA card comes with a unique certification number “06300690” and features all-time great athlete Michael Jordan. This PSA 8 (ST) grade indicates that the card has been authenticated and graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and received a grade of 8, which stands for “Near Mint-Mint.”

The 1986 Michael Jordan rookie sticker PSA 8 (ST) grade card is highly sought after and many collectors would like to add this to their collections. This card holds more value than all the basketball cards till now.

If you look carefully at the serial number “06300690” of the card, you will come to know some things like “63” in the serial number that shows the highest score in Michael Jordan’s Playoff Career and is also an NBA Playoff Record. Also, “69” is Carer’s highest regular season score on March 28, 1990, against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Details about this Item

Player/AthleteMichael Jordan
TypeSports Trading Card
Certification Number06300690
Card Number#8
Professional GraderProfessional Sports (PSA)
TeamChicago Bulls

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Conclusion – The Most Expensive Item On eBay

Above in this article, we tried to add the most expensive things available on eBay. We search for different category products to provide you with the right details about the most expensive items you are looking for. However, there are many other expensive items on eBay that we missed in this article but very soon we will update our list and provide you with more expensive items in different categories to end your search for “most expensive items on eBay” in our article.

Most Expensive Thing on eBay (FAQs)

Can sellers be allowed to add Radom prices for their products on eBay?

Sellers on eBay have the freedom to set their prices for the products they list. However, sellers need to ensure that their prices are reasonable and competitive to attract potential buyers.

Can international buyers purchase expensive items on eBay?

Yes, international buyers can purchase expensive items on eBay. eBay is a global marketplace, and many sellers are open to selling and shipping their items internationally.

What items are restricted on eBay?

eBay has a list of restricted items that are subject to specific rules and guidelines. These items can vary depending on the country and local regulations, but here are some common examples of restricted items on eBay: Alcohol, Drugs, firearms, etc.

Can you report overpriced items on eBay?

Yes, as a user on eBay, you have the option to report listings that you believe are overpriced or violate eBay’s policies. If you come across a listing that you think is unreasonably priced or suspect fraudulent activity, you can report it to eBay for review.

Can you be permanently banned from eBay?

Yes, it is possible to be permanently banned from eBay. eBay has policies and guidelines that users must follow, and repeated violations or serious offenses can result in permanent suspension or banning from the platform.


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