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Things to Do After You Have Hired a New Employee

You’ve finally done it – you’ve found the perfect candidate for that open position in your company. But now what? There are a few things you’ll need to do in order to make sure that your new employee is properly set up for success. From paperwork to orienting them with the company culture, here’s a quick rundown of what needs to be done after you’ve made that great hire.

Proceed With the Employee Onboarding Process

After hiring a new employee in your organization, it’s essential to jumpstart the onboarding process. If you haven’t established an employee onboarding process yet, we highly recommend that you do so. An employee onboarding software can streamline and optimize the whole process by providing an easier platform for employees and managers alike. 

This not only ensures a smoother integration of new hires but also facilitates the completion of necessary paperwork, training modules, and introductory materials. Moreover, the advantages of technology in HR go beyond onboarding and HR recruiting software has emerged as a milestone in the talent acquisition landscape. With features like automated candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interview scheduling, this software significantly expedites the recruitment cycle while enhancing the quality of hire.

This will pave the way for improved employee experience while helping managers get new teammates up-to-date on company practices without much effort or lost time.

Get the New Employee Set Up With Their Computer, Email, and Any Other Necessary Work Accounts

Setting up a new employee with all of the necessary technology and accounts can be one of the most important first steps to making sure they are successful in their role. It is key that each new hire has a computer, email address, and any other necessary accounts that they need to properly do their job. 

Making sure everything is ready to go before they step foot in the office helps make sure their transition into their new job is as smooth as possible; it also shows that the organization has given proper thought and preparation to bringing them onto staff.

Give Them a Tour of the Office Space and Introduce Them to Their Co-Workers

Starting a new job can be daunting and overwhelming for new employees, so one of the best things to do for them is to give them an initial tour of the office space. It gives the employee a chance to get familiar with their working environment and ask any initial questions they may have.

As well as the general office area, you will need to show them the nearest fire exit and muster point in case of an emergency and also point out the first aid station in case an accident requires irrigation with eye wash solution 500ml, bandages, or other first aid supplies. You must ensure that they are up to speed with all relevant health and safety procedures in the workplace.

It also provides an opportunity to introduce the new employee to their co-workers, which helps make them feel welcomed and more at home in their role. A good tour will provide insight into how their work is going to fit within the larger organization, as well as start them off on the right foot with colleagues.

Assign Them Some Initial Tasks

Getting a new hire off to a good start is essential in helping them quickly become productive within an organization. Assigning them some initial tasks or projects right away can help foster this transition by giving them something tangible and achievable to work towards. It not only serves to familiarize the employee with their new environment, the job, and their coworkers it also sends a strong message that they already have value to contribute.

Check In With the New Employee Regularly

It is important to check in with new employees regularly to ensure their full integration into the organization. Doing so provides an opportunity for supervisors to answer any questions the employee might have and for employees to give feedback on their overall experience. 

Moreover, such regular check-ins are beneficial for employers as well as they provide a platform for managers to ascertain how well an employee is adapting, measure their progress towards desired outcomes, and help improve parts of the onboarding process that can be further improved. 

Regular check-ins also play a role in helping build a positive relationship between employer and employee which can contribute positively to retention rates within the organization.


Hiring a new employee is just the first step in onboarding them into your organization. Be sure to set them up for success by following these five steps: getting them set up with their computer and work accounts, giving them a tour of the office space, introducing them to their co-workers, assigning initial tasks or projects, and checking in regularly. By taking the time to properly onboard your new hires, you can help ensure that they will be productive members of your team who contribute positively to your workplace.


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