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Pura Payments Review

As a successful business owner, everyone wants a business with the fastest production and sales that generate huge revenue. You need to focus on many things like sales, quantity, production, marketing, capital, and so on. All of these must be the focus of a leader of the business. 

Among all these tasks, payment processing is delegated to the third party to make it easier and continent for the company. Pura Payments is a company which been capable enough to deliver the best payment service serving decades.

There is no doubt about the origin of Pura payments which is then owned and operated by Fortis Payment Systems. 

Application process

Pura Payments review provides a basic facility of merchant accounts blandly. All you need is some basic requirements like receipts, proof of business ownership, etc.; like the majority of the company, you need not go through a huge chunk of paper and lengthy process. The company is great about the process where you do not even sign, print, and return any document. All of this process occurs online.

Furthermore, the company also guides you for the best payment processing solution for your business or company. To get the perfect direction, you just need to keep in touch with the sales representative of Pura payments. They all go with the specification of each service and product you need the most for the growth of your business. Not only the best option but also the plan with extra benefit in your budget to get maximum benefit for your business.

You get instant access to your credit card payments once you get the merchant account approval from the company. In between 1 to 5 working days, the company will deliver you the terminal and E-commerce passwords.

Services offered by Pura payments CCP review

Where it is about inquiry, business needs, different options, and software, Pura Payments has the best consultative approach. The technical sales teams always provide you best services per your business need and discuss the possible options. 

By providing strong stats and data about the services and facts, any business owner can make better decisions. A more tailored approach and handy all the facts and information make huge differences in the customer’s mind. Here are some of the services offered by the Pura payments:

  • Value added services 

It is just not only about processing software and hardware. When it comes to Pura, Payments are beyond expectation. The company also provides an array of additional services that directly benefit the customer and you as a business owner. Different loyalty programs, POS systems, ACH, check guarantee services, business cash advances, and many major valuable tools make your business one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, all of these additional services come under the package. This means you do not need to pay extra bucks for it.

  • Flexibility and Integrations

Once you pay for the services from Pura Payments, you feel like you get one of the most flexible payment processes. From hardware equipment to different applications, you can get lots of access to many programs. To ease, the company integrates with QuickBooks, where you can sync up with accounting software to your payment processing data. You can also benefit from gateways, pre-existing shopping card applications, etc.

  • Best customer support

There is no business where you don’t face any errors. At a time when you find out any sort of technical glitch during the middle of a transaction or purchase, all you need is support from the service provider company. Pura Payment assures you to help at any stage of the way you have. With a highly experienced software solution and customer support team, the company provides round-the-clock services to its customers. Another major benefit is a region where you get someone who speaks your languages 

  • Customer support

We have already discussed the customer care services of the company. You can get instant help with customer support, regardless of the different queries like account queries, login queries, technical issues, payment errors, etc. Pura Payments is always with you as a stellar customer support staff. 

Furthermore, the company has a blog that always posts informative articles regularly. Whether there is a new update or user guide to any other technical glitch error, you get the best solution interestingly to make it easy to understand. 

Pricing for Pura Payments

Are you looking for flexible payment options? Are you looking for a company with multiple plans with tiered pricing that fits your business and financial goal? Pura Payments services review has the best flat rate pricing plans, interchange plus, tiered plans, and many more for you where interchange is charges or fees charged by the different card service provider company to accept the credit cards like MasterCard and Visa.

But, if you are looking for the pricing information, then you can’t get it online in any form. Like all major payment processing companies, Pura Payment doesn’t publish any pricing for services, whether it’s software or hardware. The reason behind it is that they provide tailored service, so every business will get a customized pricing plan as per their business need. The only thing we can get is that you can either have to pay on a daily or monthly basis as per the term.

Percentage rate and interchange fees per transaction are always deducted on the same business day. At the same time, monthly charges and transaction fees are deducted from your linked account between the first week of each month.

With the $200 Assurance Program, the company charges low rates as low as 0.15% per transaction. Additionally, the company’s software also works with most payment processing equipment, making it easy to change your payment processing company.

Most preferable for businesses like:

  • Online businesses
  • Mobile businesses
  • Brick shops
  • Mortar shops
  • Car wash business

Other services offered by Pura Payments:

  • Retail/swipe/ in house
  • Wireless payment processing
  • Mail order processing
  • Phone order payments
  • Mobile payment processing
  • E-commerce
  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing 
  • EMV compliant
  • NFC and PCI compliant


All in all, the only need for doing business with any company is the power of their expertise in the field. A trustworthy company like Pura Payments is worth its salt and provides you the best advantage you did not know your company needed. 

At last, Pura Payments is a company that allows your business to grow more by expanding the payment processing option for the company, whether your customer wants to pay using wireless, mobile, EMV card, NFC cards, or credit card. The company makes it banal to make payments. It is just like a one-stop shop for your business.

With benefit like merchant service available, full payment processing option, and an extensive array of additional service, the company also have some drawbacks like not having proper pricing information, no live chat option, etc., with more than 100 years of experience in payment processing in merchant service, Bankcard industry, and payment processing solution the company successfully provide every need and type for your business.


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