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Promerchant Review

ProMerchant is a United States based company situated in Boston. It provides the best services for Small and large businesses for credit card processing solutions. The company was founded in 2017 but one year later rebranded as a ProMerchant in early 2018. As per the company’s representative, the company’s owners have spent more than 1.5 decades in the payment processing industry. 

From e-commerce client to mobile, from restaurant to retail, from online order to customer care, Promerchant works primarily with different industries. However, for a High-risk merchant, the company had an issue with a business owner’s credit rating, making it tougher to get approval for a merchant account.

Do you want to get a POS system for your business? Promerchant review suggests that it is one of the best options for point of sale. Clover named product by Promerchant credit card processing review provides customizable and EMV-compliant that help customers establish the best virtual terminal.

Whether you are looking for a flexible pricing plan or want interchange plus a fixed rate or interchange plus a flat monthly fee, Promerchant provides you with a choice as per your business needs. When it comes to credit card processing, the merchant provides you with a POS system for traditional methods in a retail store, on-the-go mobile payment processing, online processing for e-commerce, and many more with some of the free hardware to use.

ProMerchant credit card processing review and plans

Like most companies, Promerchant also does not publicly disclose any of the prices of its services. It creates difficulty to compare the price of other companies for credit card processing services. Here in the Promerchant review, we find out two pricing plans:

Interchange plus a flat monthly charge and transaction fee

There is not any specific amount declared by the company’s spoke person, but the company’s flat rate is slightly lower than any other competitor. As a business owner, if you process approximately $15000 per Month or more on your credit card sales, you can get eligible for the benefit for a flat monthly price.

Interchange and transaction fee and fixed percentage rate

Like other companies, ProMerchant also gets a small markup over every interchange rate assessed by credit card companies. The company claims 035% per transaction. While, if you have a small business, it is one of the best options for you because the rates will never go up. This helps you to get an idea about monthly expenses. If you confuse with the tiered pricing model, this model is best for you. Here you can’t get confused about different rates for standard credit cards and debit cards.

Month-to-month agreements with no cancellation charges

ProMerchant provides free installation or setup. The company also provides an online application that is bland, straightforward, and easy to use. There are two ways to start an online application. By toll-free number, you can fill up the online form with all your details like name, email address, and phone number. Once you fill up the form by the side of the company, an account director will connect with you by telephone to proceed with further needs. The company’s Support director will assist you in completing your first transaction once your account is approved. The support director also assists you in any query regarding the application. As we discussed earlier, the company mainly offers Month to month agreements, and if you want to cancel the agreements early, the company does not charge any cancellation fees.

Free Equipment and processing solutions

When it comes to services, the team member of ProMerchant company is highly experienced. as we know, every business has different and specific needs that require different setup and solution to make it completely useful. At the same time, the company emphasized that it has knowledge about most business needs and experts to provide a tight monetary schedule. 


ProMerchant provides you best and multiple points of sale options for restaurant and retail merchants. The POS system comes with multiple options like NFC technology, swipers, integrated thermal printer, EMV Chip readers, High-resolution cameras, QR scanners, impact resistance, etc. moreover, the POS system provided by the company also contains reporting functions, inventory, and ticket that helps businesses to process refunds, organize inventory and manage weekly balance sheets.

Retail and restaurant Merchant

Have you heard about Verifone VX520? It is a kind of credit card terminal that provides reliable EMV compliant and NFC. To make a transaction via any remote area, NFC stands near Field communication to make transactions by smartphone over a terminal. Many businesses like retail and restaurant get instant payments through mobile wallets, instant sales, and higher revenues. 

E-commerce Merchants

Nowadays, every small or big company has its website. Many businesses get higher inquiries regarding their products and services on their website. Whether Promerchant provides their customers with a rock solid solution, who want to complete any payment transaction on their website. The company provides Authorize.Net to their E-commerce merchant, one of the simple HTML scripts for the website payment page. Along with this system, the company provides numerous filters and tools to prevent fraudulent transactions. Even in some cases, it restricts dollar amounts of transactions, total transactions per hour, and IP address ranges.

Phone order or Mail Order Merchants

ProMerchants provides one best virtual terminal option without any cost for their merchants. Whether your business relies on phone orders/ mail orders from your clients, you can easily get done the process of the credit card by phone, tablet, or computer with 100% security. With the help of this virtual terminal, you can quickly run reports, email or text receipts, initiate returns, set up recurring billing, process voids, print out, and many other facilities under one roof. Furthermore, this company does not charge any monthly fees for virtual terminals.

Mobile Merchants

Want to look for a pay anywhere option with mobile? ProMerchant provides one for all mobile merchants. ProMerchant provides the best system with Pay Anywhere App without any charges. This app provides several benefits like NFC technology, a Bluetooth credit card reader, and many more. 

Moreover, this app allows customers to get customer signatures that only need the finger of the individual to electronically sign the receipt on the phone. You can easily get email or text receipts too. These options provide you with sales tax and returns, initiate voids, capture sales, apply tips, and many other facilities. One of the best parts of this application is that even if you still have no signal on your phone, you can still save transactions and process them after restoring the signal.

Support by ProMerchant review

A deep understanding of every business provides vast experience in facing challenges in this industry. A highly extensive experience of ProMerchant makes it one step ahead in the competition. When it comes to services, the company knows the uncommon in the payments industry and how to deal with such a problem. The company is highly recommended for providing the best services and sustained support. The review of the support director and account director is also good by providing continued support throughout the life of the merchant account. All in all, ProMerchant always focuses on providing the best service and handling their customer’s needs with the utmost priority, which is the most absent from many processors in the industry.

Bottom Line

When it comes to ProMerchant, I suggest it as a top pick for its transparency and services. Better Business Bureau also rated it the highest rank too. The fair pricing model, transparent way, free terminals, and processing solutions with excellent support strategy make ProMerchant such a tough competition.


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