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Why is plastic surgery often done in Turkey?

Plastic surgery in Turkey has become a very popular medical service among residents of many countries in recent years. It can be argued that plastic surgery is a “Turkish” direction of medicine, and Istanbul is the world capital of plastic surgery. More information at https://experts-medical.com/en/specialty/plastic-surgery/?country=turkey

Turkey is among the top ten countries in terms of the number of plastic surgeries performed annually. The country ranks third in the world (after Thailand and Mexico) in terms of the number of foreigners who come to Turkish medical centers for these surgical interventions (data from the International Sociaety of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery). The reasons for the great popularity of Turkey among people who want to make high-quality plastic surgery at an affordable price are as follows:

  • a large selection of qualified and experienced surgeons with high rates of patient satisfaction with the results of interventions;
  • the optimal ratio of cost/quality of operations;
  • use of the latest technologies, safe surgical techniques, and high-quality materials for procedures;
  • a large selection of comfortable clinics with modern equipment and excellent service;
  • a well-thought-out system for receiving foreigners: all-inclusive packages, medical hotels, coordinators, translators;
  • the ability to combine many operations with recreation and tourism program.

All this attracts patients from Europe, the USA, and the CIS countries to Turkish centers of aesthetic medicine.

What kind of plastic surgery is done in Turkey?

Turkish doctors perform all types of aesthetic surgical interventions using the most modern methods. Most popular for foreigners are:

  • rhinoplasty (nose reshaping);
  • septoplasty (surgical treatment of sleep apnea);
  • hair transplantation (alopecia treatment);
  • mammoplasty (breast augmentation);
  • liposuction (maybe in the program of complex treatment of excess weight);
  • facelift;
  • blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).

Nearly 400 aesthetic surgery centers (individual clinics or departments in large multidisciplinary hospitals) are at the service of those wishing to have an operation with a good surgeon in Turkey. Most of them are located in Istanbul and Ankara. Many clinics are internationally accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). They feature modern design and a pleasant atmosphere. Some of them, such as Esterian, specialize in hosting foreigners.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Turkey?

Affordable prices for high-quality plastic surgery in Turkey are the “strength” of plastic surgery in this country. The cost of plastic surgery may vary slightly, depending on the fame of the surgeon and the level of the clinic. But in any case, the prices for aesthetic surgery services in this country are comparable to those in the CIS, and 50% less than in Europe.

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