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Omegle Error Connecting to Server: Fix it in 5 Steps

Technology has brought many things to us. We can now connect with anyone from anywhere as long as we have an internet connection and a smartphone. One of the applications that have gained immense popularity for chatting is Omegle. And, if you are using this app, then you might come across an Omegle error connecting to server issue.

In this blog, we have just the solutions that you can use in case of an Omegle error connecting to server.

What is Omegle?

Omegle, at present, is among one of the most popular online chatting services in the USA. You can use this app to chat with random strangers. And, at present, the application has over 1 million active users. This application allows you to befriend new people online. And, there are no charges that you need to pay either.

Reasons for Omegle Error Connecting to Server

Omegle is known for the uniqueness of the platform as well as quality services. However, almost all the users come across Omegle error connecting to server issues at least once while using this app. There can be many reasons behind the issue. And, if you could figure out the exact reason for the error message, it would come in handy. So, let’s look at the possible reasons and try to figure out which one is the culprit.

  • The most common cause of the occurrence of a connection issue is a faulty network. So, you need to check it first.
  • Another reason could be an issue with the user agreement. When you start using a new application, there are some terms and conditions you need to agree with. A violation in any of those could forbid you from using the app.
  • Sometimes, the reason behind the connection issue of Omegle might be your browser’s fault. Accumulation of browsing data is capable of causing such an issue.
  • It can also be the antivirus’ or firewall’s fault.
  • Lastly, the issue can occur if Omegle’s website is under maintenance for some reason.

Now that we are done with the reasons, let’s get into the solutions to the issue.

Simple Tactics to Fix Omegle Error Connection to Server

Most of the time, Omegle error connecting to server messages appears because of minor issues. So, it is always better to try a few simple things at first before jumping on to more complicated fixes. Here, we have put together all the hacks that can work. And, we have listed them as per the difficulty of the fixes. So, try the fixes one by one and see if this helps.

Fix 1: Restart all the Devices

The easiest thing that you can try is restarting all the devices. Sometimes the connection issues can get resolved by restarting the PC or router.

  • Begin by turning off the device from which you are trying to access Omegle
  • Then, turn off the router you use for internet connection
  • After that, detach any plugs or cables that are there
  • Now, allow all the devices to cool down for 10 minutes
  • Once done, plug in all the cables and turn on your PC or smartphone and router

Lastly, check if the issue is there. If you keep seeing the error message, continue with the next fix.

Fix 2: Disable the Antivirus

This is the second thing you can try. If the antivirus of your PC is causing trouble, then this step will help.

To do so, open Task Manager and locate the antivirus. Upon finding the application, right-click on it. Then, choose Disable from the list of options. Don’t forget to restart the device after that.

Fix 3: Use a VPN

If the above fix fails to help you out, then the next best thing is to use a VPN to open Omegle. In case Omegle blocked your IP address or penalized your account for some reason, using a VPN will fix it.

For that, look for the reliable VPNs available in your country. Make sure you are using a legal one. Upon getting the VPN, set your location to a country where Omegle is legal. Then, try to open Omegle again and see if it works.

Fix 4: Clear Browsing Data

Accumulation of browsing data can cause the Omegle error connecting to server issues. Hence, clearing the browsing data can be of help.

  • At first, open the browser and click on 3 dots at the upper right corner
  • Then, click on it and select Browsing History from the options
  • After that, proceed to clear browsing data, as well as Cache and Cookies
  • Confirm the task by clicking on Clear History
  • Lastly, restart the browser

Once you are done, check if the error message is still there.

Fix 5: Run ‘FlushDNS’ Commands

Flush DNS commands can help you restore the network settings and resolve Omegle error connecting to server issues. To do so, open Run Dialogue Box and paste the following commands one by one.

  • ipconfig/flushdns || ipconfig/release || ipconfig/release6 || ipconfig/renew

Make sure to copy and paste the commands and press Enter after each one.

Wrapping up

We hope that after trying these 5 fixes, the Omegle error connecting to server issue won’t bother you anymore. However, if none of the tricks help, you can try to contact the Omegle helplines for technical assistance.


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