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Laravel Developer Salary Trends and Compensation Packages

As the most well-known PHP web application framework since its launch in 2011, Laravel has established itself. Developers now frequently select it because of its clean syntax, simple readability, powerful capabilities, and thriving community. A high-quality, interactive web application can be created quickly by utilizing the advantages of Laravel developers.

Laravel developers are in extremely high demand as a result of all this. To create and maintain their web apps and APIs, businesses are now looking to hire Laravel developers. As a result, the growth has impacted the pay scales and perks for Laravel developers as the demand for developers rises. 

This blog will look at the current salary trends for Laravel developers. Apart from that, we will also examine how various factors affect in the salary calculations. This blog will help the beginner and experienced Laravel developers understand their potential and maximize their compensation.

Let’s Begin! 

Average Laravel Developer Salaries

Based on various reports & surveys, the average annual salary for a Laravel developer in the United States is between $80,000 to $120,000. However, the salary calculations depend on location, company, experience level, and skills. 

  • Entry-level Laravel developers with 1-3 years of experience can expect to earn $60,000 to $90,000 annually. 
  • Mid-level developers having 3-5 years of experience can earn anywhere between $80,000 to $120,000. 
  • Senior Laravel developers with 5+ years of experience can earn an average of $100,000 to $150,000

In metropolitan areas like San Francisco and New York, senior Laravel developers at top companies can make up to $170,000 per year.

Salary by Location

Location significantly impacts salaries for Laravel developers. In high-tech hubs and major cities, salaries are much higher than in smaller towns and remote locations.

Some of the top-paying metro areas for Laravel developers in the US include:

  • San Francisco Bay Area – $112,000 to $172,000
  • New York City – $105,000 to $160,000  
  • Los Angeles – $95,000 to $145,000
  • Seattle – $92,000 to $140,000
  • Boston – $90,000 to $138,000

Compared to large cities smaller cities will pay between $65,000 to $115,000 based on experience level. Fully remote Laravel jobs tend to pay 10-20% lower on average compared to big tech hub cities.

Countries like Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland pay very well for Laravel talent outside the US. Average salaries in these regions can reach $100,000 to $130,000 or more. In contrast, East Asian companies like India tend to pay the lowest globally.

Salary by Experience Level

One of the biggest factors that can determine developers’ salaries is their experience. As the experience level of developers increases, they gain more hands-on experience & expertise with Laravel. This hands-on experience makes them more valuable and deserving candidates for the higher salaries.

Here is average Laravel developer salaries breakdown by experience level:

Junior/Entry Level (1-3 years): $60,000 – $90,000

Junior Laravel developers usually have 1-3 years of experience. These developers are focused on crafting their skills and works mostly on small-to-medium sized projects.

Mid-Level (3-5 years): $80,000 – $120,000

Mid-level Laravel developers have 3-5 years of experience. They typically work on more complex projects and leading development teams. These developers are proficient in PHP and Laravel.

Senior (5+ years): $100,000 – $170,000

Senior Laravel developers has 5+ years of experience. This experience makes them expert in all aspects of application development. Senior developers usually take on leadership roles and work on mission-critical projects. Their salary ranges are the highest.

Principal/Lead (8+ years): $130,000 – $180,000

The most experienced Laravel developers are at the Principal or Lead level with 8+ years of specialized expertise. They manage large dedicated development team and make strategic technology decisions for the company.

As you can see, Laravel developers can expect to see steady salary growth as they gain more experience over the years. Learning advanced and niche skills can boost salaries further.

Salary by Company Size

Large tech companies and corporations generally tend to pay the highest salaries for Laravel talent while startups and smaller companies pay slightly lower salaries.

Here is a comparison of average Laravel developer salaries by company size:

Large companies (5000+ employees): $110,000 – $170,000

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon pay top dollar to attract the best Laravel talent. Compensation often includes salary, stock options, bonuses.

Mid-size companies (1000-5000 employees): $90,000 – $140,000

Known companies that are beyond the startup stage can pay very well for experienced mid-to-senior level Laravel pros.

Startups & small companies (<1000 employees): $70,000 – $130,000

Early-stage startups may pay on the lower end for Laravel developers. But successful startups with funding can offer lucrative salary and equity packages.

Freelance & Contract: $75/hour – $150/hour

Experienced freelance Laravel developers can earn hourly rates of $75 to $150 based on their expertise, reputation, and demand for their work.

While startups and small companies may not always pay as much as the technology giants, they often provide opportunities to take on wider responsibilities and ownership of projects. This can ultimately accelerate career growth.

Other Benefits and Perks

In addition to attractive salaries, companies offer various other perks and benefits to lure top Laravel talent, such as:

  • Bonuses: Annual or performance bonuses are common, especially at large tech firms. Bonus can range anywhere from 5% to 20% of salary.
  • Equity: Some Startups may offer stock options and equity that could yield significant wealth in case of an acquisition or IPO. 
  • Profit Sharing: Gain a share of the company’s profits based on individual or team performance.
  • Flexibility & remote work: Many companies now offer remote working options and flexible schedules to improve work-life balance.
  • Learning & development: Access to learning programs, conferences, mentorships, and other initiatives to help further skills.
  • Wellness perks: Gym subsidies, mental health benefits, Unlimited PTO, recreational activities, etc help reduce stress.
  • Hardware & tools: Latest laptops, large monitors, software licenses, and other productivity tools.
  • Premium healthcare: Comprehensive health insurance plans that cover vision, dental, therapy, chiropractic care, etc.
  • Retirement plans: Strong 401(k) matching contributions, pensions, and other retirement saving initiatives.
  • Paid family leave: Paternity and maternity benefits offered by many companies now for new parents.

The combination of lucrative salaries, equity upside, flexibility, and other perks make careers as Laravel developers highly rewarding. Especially if you land opportunities at leading tech firms or promising startups.

With the rapid pace of evolution in the tech landscape, Laravel developers who stay ahead of the curve on new and emerging tools are rewarded. More companies are also embracing remote work which broadens the geography for hiring talent.

While economic downturns could moderate tech salaries, the demand for skilled Laravel experts is expected to remain strong in the long term.


This overview of the salary and compensation landscape for Laravel developers shows the lucrative earning potential available in the field. When coupled with factors like remote work and career development opportunities, Laravel skills are clearly a valuable investment for any web developer or programmer.

By delivering robust and complex applications using Laravel’s elegant frameworks, developers can drive tremendous value for companies while realizing salaries from $80,000 to $170,000 a year based on their expertise and experience. For developers who want to build the future on the web, Laravel is definitely one of the top skills worth mastering.


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