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How To Open A Disc Lock Without Key: A Quick Guide

You’ve misplaced your disc lock key and are wondering how to go out with your motorbike. Can you open a disc lock without a key? How about it? Unlocking a locking disc without a key is challenging, but you can do it within minutes if you have the proper technique and tools. 

So, if you cannot find your key lock, don’t panic. This guide is for you. We’ve explained simple and easy-to-follow how to remove a disc lock without keys. 

1. Picking The Lock

This method requires the following tools;

  • Tension wrench 
  • Lock pick rake 

Picking locks is one of the oldest and most effective methods of opening locks without keys. Use these tips to open a disc lock without a key;

Put the tension wrench into the lock’s keyhole and turn it as you’d with a key. Use the lock pick rake to help you gain access to the first pin. 

Push the pin up while keeping the tension wrench in its original position. Begin by placing the first pin before moving to the adjacent pins. 

Use the tension wrench to remove the shackle once all the pins are raised. 

2. Drilling The Lock 

Drilling is the second method you can use to open a disc lock without a key. It would be best if you had the following tools;

  • Bolt extractor 
  • Titanium drill bits 
  • Drill machine 

Here are the steps on how to drill out a disc lock;

Use the drill bit to drill through the hole of the disc lock. Ensure that you drill with caution to avoid touching the bike body. 

It’s advisable to drill the lock from the center and hammer it if the shack doesn’t open. 

Make more holes on the disc lock if it doesn’t open after the first hole until the lock comes off. This method is quick and straightforward as it helps you to open your disc lock without a key in no time. 

3. Cutting The Lock 

Cutting the lock is another quick method that you can use to open a disc without a key lock. This method requires the following tools;

  • Hammer 
  • Bolt cutter
  • Angle grinder
  • Wire cutter 

Cutting the lock is the most convenient method of opening a disc without a key if you misplaced your key. So, what’s the procedure for cutting the lock? It’s easy;

Ensure that you have the bolt cutters on your hands

Grip the lock with a pair of pliers to separate the lock from the bike. 

Grab one of the cutters firmly with the bolt cutter, angle grinder, and wire cutter to cut the lock by applying pressure. 

Remove the disc lock in a hassle-free manner after cutting it. 


How to remove a disc lock?

It’s simple and quick to remove the disc lock by following this solution;

Use bolt cutters or angle grinders to remove the disc. 

How to open a lock with a hammer?

Begin by putting on your goggles and gloves. Create tension by pulling the shackle loops. Pound the side of the lock repeatedly with a hammer until it opens. You can reuse the lock if it’s in pristine condition. 

Can I pick a lock with scissors?

Yes, you need to push the scissors into the hole. Ensure that the scissors’ blades are thin enough to fit into the lock. Turn the scissors clockwise after inserting them deeply into the lock. The lock opens if you move and shift the scissors round. 

Is drilling a lock a good idea?

Drilling your lock is the last resort, as drilled locks can’t be reused. Drill the lock if your disc lock’s pins have been damaged. 

Do ballpoint pens work for all tubular locks?

A ballpoint pen works on older tubular lock models only, especially the locks manufactured before 2005. Newer and more sophisticated models need special tubular locks to pick to open. Misplacing your key shouldn’t hinder you from completing your tasks when you can open a disc lock without a key. We’ve looked at different methods of how to remove a disc lock without a key. Choose one of the three methods and open your lock hassle-free.


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