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How Is Ai Used To Ensure Workplace Safety

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the technology of the present, with more and more industries adopting it into everyday operations. In fact, around 432,000 companies in the UK are utilising at least one AI technology and 62,000 are trialling it. It offers many benefits that improve workplace function, including improved efficiency and productivity. 

A recent development has been its use in workplace health and safety practices in the way of practice drills and reducing human error. Here are some of the pros and cons of using AI in safety management. 

Examine existing employee behaviour 

AI can be used to monitor existing policies and employee behaviour. This means potential risks can be identified before they occur and ways to avoid them can be put in place ahead of time. Where in the past, employees may have needed to make a personal injury claim due to workplace accidents, this risk is now mitigated. 

AI technology also has the capability to monitor employee behaviour in connection to workplace violations. By analysing past history and other elements, it is possible to predict dips in productivity as well as monitor work investigations. 

Predictive capabilities 

Human error often plays a key role in workplace health and safety violations and AI has been useful in managing human failures. It does this by simulating certain scenarios to identify potential risks and allows employees to practice procedures safely. 

This is essential in better decision-making and predicting the future needs or events of a company. AI can anticipate upcoming trends, alongside future issues and solutions. 


Machine learning and complex algorithms can be used to keep machinery and equipment running smoothly and to automate dangerous tasks to reduce human error. It can provide instantaneous and accurate risk assessments to make workplace safety simple and allows businesses to support their staff. 

Advancements in AI-driven solutions include cloud integration platforms and mobile access control devices that have touchless and biometric functions built right in. 

Provides real-time data 

By providing real-time data, AI allows businesses to make more informed decisions and refine company protocols. This can improve everything from inventory management and customer behaviour to employee work hours, break times and task history. 

This may pick up patterns in the data that humans are not able to detect, allowing changes to be implemented before a problem is encountered.


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