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Google VPN Review – Pros, Cons, and More!

Everything is going digital these days and it’s very important to keep your online activities safe and secure. One way you can do this is by using a Google VPN. A VPN secures the internet traffic and directs it via remote servers. It’s always ideal to check Google VPN Review to explore everything. 

This way, you improve your browsing experience and protect your online activities with a service that is offered by a technology player like Google. You can encrypt your internet data and other online activities with just a click. Apart from this, you can download and stream content on this encrypted network. 

So, if you are looking to use Google One VPN, you must read this Google One VPN Review. We have covered Google One VPN, Google VPN Pros and Cons and other things in this article. 

What is Google One VPN?

Google One VPN is a secure virtual private network service that protects your web traffic to keep it private from hackers. It allows you to access geo-restricted content. The application is available in all platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. There are different Google One plans that you will see later in this VPN by Google One Review and once you purchase one, Google One VPN will assign you an IP address based on your location.

Google VPN Pros and Cons

Just like any term, technology comes forward with its pros and cons and Google VPN is no exception. If you still wonder: Is Google VPN Safe? Explore the pros and cons and make a better choice.


Let’s get started with some of the Google VPN Pros:

  • Strong security – Google One VPN is great for keeping your online activity private and secure. It uses strong encryption protocols to keep hackers and cyber criminals from snooping on your internet traffic. 
  • An established brand – One of the biggest tech companies, Google is dedicated to security and privacy. It’s easy to rely on Google One VPN’s expertise and infrastructure.
  • A large server network – You can choose from thousands of servers spread across multiple countries and regions with Google One VPN. It is the best way to access geo-restricted content and ensure faster connection speeds.
  • An easy-to-use interface – You will love Google One VPN’s intuitive interface, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. You can set up a VPN connection in just a few clicks.
  • Policy of no logging – The Google One VPN does not log anything, so no records are kept of your online activities, IP addresses, or connection timestamps. This will enhance your privacy and anonymity.


You’ve got the pros on your side. Let’s see what Google VPN Cons bring: 

  • Restricted features – You might get fewer features with Google One VPN than with dedicated VPN services. If it does not have advanced features like split tunneling or dedicated IP addresses, it might be a disappointment.
  • Privacy issues – Online privacy is a big concern for users when it comes to tech giants like Google. Even though Google One VPN claims to have no logging policy, its ownership by Google raises questions about its data collection policies.
  • Varying speeds – Some users might experience slowdowns during peak hours despite Google One VPN’s efforts to minimize the impact. You can have a lot of control over how fast and how well the internet performs, including where you live and what Internet provider you’re using.
  • Availability – You can only use Google One VPN in select countries right now. The service isn’t available in countries where it’s not yet available.
  • Google Powered – Google One VPN asks for a Google account and Google One subscription. That’s why Google’s ecosystem and services become more and more connected.

Costs connected with Google One VPN

Having read the VPN by Google One Review, you know its benefits and drawbacks. We are not done yet. If you want to use Google One VPN, you will need a Google One subscription. 

But, keep in mind that it cannot be sold separately. When you choose this option, you will be able to take advantage of the cloud storage package that comes with it. It allows you to store 30 TB of data. 
Apart from this, there are four different subscription plans, so you can find a VPN by Google One Review that fits your needs best.

google one vpn different subscription plans
  1. You can get 15 GB of storage.
  2. You can get 2TB for Rs 160/- p.m. for 3 months or Rs 6500/- a year.
  3. You can get 200 GB for Rs 150/- p.m. for 3 months or Rs 160/- for 3 months.
  4. There’s an annual fee of Rs 100/- for 3 months or Rs 35/- a month for 100 GB.

In general, VPNs do not offer free trials. There is only one device per subscription. It is up to you how you pay.

Features of Google One VPN 

Let’s stick around this Google VPN Review and explore some incredible features of Google One VPN. 

  • Using encryption

Secure your internet traffic with Google One VPN by using strong encryption protocols. Taking this step will make sure your data is secure and can’t be accessed by hackers.

  • A large server network

There’s a huge network of Google One VPN servers all over the world. You’ll be able to access geo restricted content and increase your connection speed if you connect to servers all over the world.

  • Masking IP addresses

Google One VPN servers mask your IP address and replace it with the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to. The service hides your location and identity so you can browse the internet anonymously.

  • IP and DNS leak protection

You’re protected against DNS leaks and IP leaks with the Google One VPN. Your privacy is protected, and it prevents tracking. It blocks DNS queries and real IP addresses.

  • Wi-Fi protection automatically

You’re automatically protected when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks with Google One VPN. You can’t be intercepted with the software since it encrypts your internet traffic.

  • Multi-platform compatibility

There are a lot of platforms where Google One VPN is available, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The VPN works with ChromeOS and Chrome browser extensions so you can use it on multiple devices.

Is Google One VPN Trustworthy?

Now the question might again click your mind Is Google VPN Good? There is a lot of buzz around it. People think Google runs a VPN like a fox watches over chickens. They make their money collecting data and selling ads. 

But Google One VPN was made with that in mind. VPNs usually have their privacy policies spelled out in their products, but Google put out a whitepaper explaining theirs. 

They say, “We won’t keep tabs on, record, or sell your online activity when you use VPN by Google One.” They even do this thing called “cryptographic blinding” to ensure nobody can connect their identity to your VPN use.

Does Google track you while you use a VPN?

Indeed. When you use a VPN, it does not mean that Google cannot track you. 

Once you connect your VPN to your Google account, they can still monitor what you will do. If you change your VPN location, Google can still figure out where you are. They have their own sneaks ways that keep eyes on you. For example, keeping cookies or fingerprinting your browser.

But don’t worry, you can still keep your online activities private. You can disable cookies in your browser and use private search engines. Or, you can use a VPN that will protect you from any leaks. This is because if your information get out, you will be in trouble. This is why, you should be smart and keep checking on VPN for its security.

Is Google One VPN safe?

You should keep in mind that Google is based in the United States, so facing privacy concerns is common. Even the reliable companies can be surveilled. This is because the US officials have the broad surveillance powers. If you are concerned about your security online, you must go with a VPN as per your country that does not need data retention.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The encryption key for Google’s VPN needs to be defined. Although they mention “advanced cryptographic techniques,” they do not provide any additional details about how it works.
  • A VPN protocol is used to secure Internet traffic, but details about it are not available as it is proprietary. The Google One VPN does not currently support industry standard protocols like OpenVPN or WireGuard, but Google has expressed interest in supporting other protocols in the future.
  • Using Google’s US headquarters may pose privacy concerns due to government surveillance powers. Consider using a VPN in a country without mandatory data retention for better privacy protection.
  • You can turn on the Kill Switch. There won’t be any data leaks if your VPN drops. 
  • When it comes to privacy and logging, Google does not gather sensitive information such as IP addresses or network traffic. However, it does collect aggregate data.
  • Payments are traceable since the company doesn’t accept anonymous cryptocurrencies.
  • The Google One VPN directs all your online activity through Google’s servers. While Google assures that your privacy is safeguarded, it’s reputation and the vast data collected may cause some apprehension.

How does Google VPN work?

Google One VPN creates a secure connection between your device and a remote Google server. When you turn on the VPN, your internet traffic gets routed through a secure tunnel to a remote Google server. This means that your data is protected from prying eyes and potential hackers. Want to know how to use it? Here’s a quick step-by-step process:

  • Secured network

When you use the Google One VPN, you will see your internet traffic is secured with strong protocols. It’s kind of a secret code that makes it super challenging for anyone who is not supposed to see your data to understand it. 

  • Masking IP addresses

Google One VPN replaces the IP address of the VPN server on which you are connected. This way, your location as well identity gets hidden and you can be anonymous person. Also, websites will not be able to track you.

  • Using remote servers

The VPN server sends your internet traffic through a different country or region. If you use this routing method, you will be able to access content that is not geo-restricted to your location.

  • An encrypted tunnel

When your data travels from your device to the VPN server, it goes through a VPN tunnel. You can’t have anyone intercepting or monitoring your online activity through the tunnel, not even your internet service provider (ISP).

  • DNS and IP leak protection

The Google One VPN protects you from DNS leaks, IP leaks, and explicit DNS queries, which can reveal your browsing habits. When your real IP address is exposed, your privacy is at risk. These leaks aren’t happening to your DNS or IP address with Google One VPN.

How to set up Google One VPN?

You can set up Google One VPN by following these steps:

  • Sign up for Google One
Sign up for Google One VPN

When you sign up for Google One, you’ll get Google One VPN. If you have not already chosen a storage plan, you can do so on the Google One website (one.google.com).

  • Download the Google One app

All you need to do is head over to the Google Play Store (if you’re using an Android device) or the App Store (if you’re on iOS) and download the Google One app. 

  • Sign in to Google One App
Sign in to Google One App

Once you open the Google One app, you can easily sign in by adding your Google account credentials.

  • Turn on VPN
Turn on VPN

Once you sign in, the next step is to go to the VPN tab or section in the Google One app. You will need to turn on the VPN feature by toggling it.

  • Make sure to give permissions 

There are some permissions that the app may ask for, like setting up a VPN connection. Make sure you will give all the permissions before you start.

  • Connect the VPN server

You will need to activate the VPN features if you wish to connect to your VPN server. You will see a list of different servers to connect. You can choose the one as per you want. 

  • Set up a VPN connection

Click on Connect or something related to it to get connected. Once the connection gets established, you will see a confirmation within the app.

You will find no hassle in setting up Google One VPN on your device. It is great to keep your online activity secure. You can also set it so that it automatically disconnect when you do not use it. 


Here are some useful FAQs for Google VPN Review that are sure to clear all your further doubts in mind. 

Will Google One VPN allow me to watch stuff I cannot get in my country?

Google One VPN provides you an IP address as per your location. And, you will not be able to change your IP address if you want to access content in other region.

Does the VPN need a Google One subscription?

You will have to sign up for a paid subscription of Google VPN if you want to use VPN. In case, you have a Pixel 7 o Pixel Pro, you are free to use Google One VPN without paying anything.

Does Google One VPN store any logs?

If you are using a VPN, it is important to know that your login and browsing are connected to the same server. This can be risky because if someone gets access, they can track what you’re doing and link it to your account. 

You can sign in with one server and browse with another with Google One VPN. This means the first computer knows who you are but not what you do. Meanwhile, the second computer knows what you are doing but not who you are. And it cannot see what websites you are visiting, so it cannot log them. 

What is the ease of use of Google One VPN?

Google One’s VPN is super easy to use and you only need to tap to connect. It is also convenient to add to your Android’s Quick Settings menu for quick access.


After reading this Google one VPN review, it is clear that Google VPNs are an excellent tool for users who are looking for a reliable and secure Internet connection. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, and it has fast speeds and great security. A low price point makes Google VPN a great choice for anyone looking to keep their data safe online.


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