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Best U.S. Cities for Finance Workers

After a challenging few years during the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is finally healing. Consumer confidence is returning, and the finance industry is thriving. Though highly competitive, there are now more jobs than ever available in the field, making it the perfect time to start your new career in finance.

With the industry booming, you can find banking and investment roles in any American city, with many even offering remote work arrangements. However, some key locations offer additional opportunities to enhance your career.

Here are the top three best U.S. cities for finance workers to move to.

Dallas, TX

Home to several well-established banks like this one, Dallas has recently been referred to as the Wall Street of the South. While larger cities weathered the impact of the pandemic, Dallas saw an unprecedented rise in employment opportunities and now boasts the second highest growth of finance jobs in the country. In addition, Dallas is well known for its business conducive environment, with Texas’ no-income tax law attracting big businesses to the area and supporting smaller companies as they grow.

When compared to other strong financial centers, the cost of living in Dallas is extremely affordable, making it an attractive place for financial professionals to start out and build their net worth.

New York, NY

Despite a slightly higher cost of living, financial professionals also flock to New York and with good reason. The city is one of the best-known financial centers globally, boasting a concentration of formidable financial institutions, such as Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange

New York is also known for its cultural vibrancy. Citizens from diverse backgrounds come together to create a landscape of high-quality intellectual and artistic experiences, from theater shows and street fairs to museum exhibits. This rich environment ensures a steady stream of tourists, which offers financial professionals a wealth of opportunities to build relationships and network with key economic visitors from around the globe. This can lead to career advancement and even international job opportunities.

Chicago, IL

Chicago offers a goldilocks experience for financial professionals who value their work-life balance. Positioned in a central location within the US, Chicago is a convenient city to travel to and from, making conducting business and networking interstate a breeze. It’s also home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which attracts thousands of serious financial players to the city every year.

Effective transport systems mean shorter commutes and more time to spend on recreation. Chicago has no shortage of cultural and entertainment opportunities to soak in, from breath-taking architecture to renowned museums and highly celebrated sports teams. The culinary scene is also world-class.

Chicago also supports a diverse economy that stretches far beyond banking. Finance workers aren’t limited to roles within banks or exchanges and can experience working within a range of other thriving industries, such as transportation, technology, or healthcare. This diversification is a great way for budding professionals to expand their expertise and build a name for themselves in finance.

If you’re a finance worker looking for a new city to call home, look no further than the three well-positioned, network friendly and highly liveable cities listed above.


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