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7 Best Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses [Updated 2023]

Every business wishes to save most of its time and resources by efficiently investing in top-notch services. This means delegating all the tasks that consume a lot of your time and provide the best returns. In such a case, investing in the best bookkeeping services for small businesses makes a lot of sense. 

Proficient small business bookkeeping services provide ardent support in handling major business accounting and budget functions. Besides that, it can be easily integrated with your regular accounting software and provide ample help in payroll and tax planning with its dedicated support channel. 

So, are you looking for the best Bookkeeping services for small businesses? If yes, this comprehensive guide covers the top bookkeeping services for small businesses.

List of Best Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses 

Bookkeeping is important to keep your business books clean. Have a sneak peek at all the outstanding bookkeeping services online that always provide bespoke Bookkeeping services.

  1. QuickBooks live

If you are looking for cleanup bookkeeping services, QuickBooks Live is one of the best bookkeeping services for businesses. This service is perfect for businesses that want to keep all the books in order but do not possess the resources or time to maintain everything.

The services of the company are a little expensive, but they offer an accuracy guarantee and update both balance and P&L sheets (Profit & Loss sheets). However, they don’t include tax filing services in their bookkeeping services. You can book them separately if you want to enjoy them.

Rating: 9.3/10

Why should you pick it?

You get a dedicated team for bookkeeping with Quickbooks Live and a free consultation when you opt for their services. You get complete virtual support for all your issues.


  • Customized invoices
  • Categorization of transactions
  • Full virtual support


  • Additional cost for payroll services
  • Extra fee for setup session
  1. 1-800Accountant

When it comes to the best bookkeeping services for small businesses, 1-800Accountant is a popular choice in the market. They offer a wide range of services, including cleanup bookkeeping, tax and payroll, financial, advisory, and entity formation services. 

There is a free trial, after which the starting price for their services is 129 dollars per month which can go up to 399 dollars per month in the Enterprise plan. You get a dedicated accountant and the power of automation with 1-800Accountant. 

Rating: 9.7/10

Why should you pick it?

The company will manage the whole tax filing process by working directly with the IRS. They will evaluate the details of the company and secure several tax benefits. They will make everything seamless so that you can grow your small business.


  • Name verification facility
  • Tax saving consultations
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Some billing issues in services
  • Bit pricey on pockets
  1. Bookkeeper360

Bookkeeper360 is one of the best bookkeeping services for small businesses with its hourly, weekly, and monthly plan. You can opt for w services on a periodic-time basis which will reduce your overall budget. In case you want their full-time services, then you have to pay 399 dollars per month.

The Bookkeeper360 in-house team harnesses the powers of 3rd party apps to provide excellent services. They even offer an a-la-carte version of their services. You can use the app to avail of all the services and manage everything.

Rating: 9.5/10

Why should you pick it?

Bookkeeper360 offers outstanding services and support to clients, especially Xero users. It offers real-time metrics to adjust future strategies and gives cash flow and burn analysis.


  • White-glove services support
  • Dedicated accountant
  • Email, phone, and chat support for all users


  • Limited app support
  • Pricing is not transparent
  1. Botkeeper

Are you running an accounting firm and want to scale your business? Don’t worry. Botkeeper will help you rise to the top and spread your brand’s services. The company specializes in bookkeeping services for accounting firms. Besides workflow tools and communication channels, you will get white-glove support and a resource library at a starting price of 155 dollars per month. It automates the manual task in your business so that your employees can properly cater to the client’s needs. However, for accurate pricing of the services you avail of with Botkeeper, you have to complete a lead form.

Rating: 9.4/10

Why should you pick it?

Specializing in accounting firms, the company automates all the bookkeeping tasks, freeing your staff to handle other aspects and grow the business.


  • White-glove services available
  • Automation support for manual bookkeeping tasks
  • Complete phone and email support


  • Pricing is not completely transparent
  • Services are on the expensive side
  1. Bench

There are several online bookkeeping services for small businesses in the market. However, when it comes to entrepreneurs, Bench is one of the top choices among the class. You get the full support of a dedicated team in all the services. When it comes to tax filing, the in-house Bench team covers all the elements and prepares everything for a seamless filing. 

You can enjoy a scalable plan with Bench and use the Android or iOS app on your smartphone to enjoy all the services. There is a free trial available to learn the services of the platform. You can get the starter plan at 169 dollars per month, which can go up to 349 dollars per month with the Corporate plan. 

Rating: 9.2/10

Why should you pick it?

Offering support with a dedicated bookkeeping team, Bench will manage all the aspects of bookkeeping and tax services. They will manage and update all the books to offer a seamless experience.


  • Complete financial reporting
  • Support of Android and iOS app
  • Tax preparation and filing service


  • No CFO advisory services
  • Services limited to the USA region only
  1. Xendoo

Xendoo helps you keep your books in order and ease the whole process of tax filing. Besides this, the in-house team offers consultancy services on all financial aspects. It is one of the best bookkeeping services for small businesses. You will get profit and loss statements, financial reports for every month, and revenue trend graphs. 

Xendoo offers an interactive mobile app that you can use to get all the services under one roof. There are three scalable plans in the arsenal of Xendoo that you can avail of according to your needs. For the starter plan, you need to pay 349 dollars per month. Moreover, all plans come with a 30-day money-back period. 

Rating: 9.5/10

Why should you pick it?

The Xendoo bookkeeping services are perfect for small businesses that want to enjoy more flexibility. You will enjoy different pricing plans under custom bookkeeping and tax solutions.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Smart app support for users
  • Excellent customer support


  • Offers essential bookkeeping services
  • Expensive CFO services
  1. Bookkeeper.com

Running a fast-paced small business and looking for a company offering the best bookkeeping services? Stop searching and opt for Bookkeeper.com to enjoy payroll, tax, and bill management services. You get complete monthly reports on all the financial elements with consultancy and advisory services.

The platform offers three different plans under their bookkeeping services, in which the starter one requires you to pay 285 dollars per month. Having an extensive experience of more than 30 years, Bookkeeper.com will take care of all your tax filing and bookkeeping needs. 

Rating: 9.1/10

Why should you pick it?

The in-house team offers individual attention to all the clients taking care of all the minute aspects of the bookkeeping domain. You can create custom plans as there are several add-ons offered by Bookkeeper.com.


  • Smart expense management
  • Quick setup of accounting software
  • Advisory services available


  • Additional cost for payroll and tax preparation
  • No mobile app support

How to Choose the Right Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses?

When looking for the best Bookkeeping services online, it is essential to know the exact criteria to find the best online bookkeeping services for small business owners. This will help you narrow down your options.

  1. Noteworthy features

Look for a fitting service provider that offers an accurate and efficient Bookkeeping service than you ever think of. Go for the ones with marvelous features and some additional ones for your additional help. Never settle for less when you are paying the price for the bookkeeping service.

  1. Security and Support

Security plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your valuable data and information. So, picking secured bookkeeping services for small businesses is essential. Also, you must go for the best bookkeeping services that impart end-to-end technical and customer support whenever required. 

  1. Ease of use

Remember, your chief aim is to reduce your work burden. So, you must feel their bookkeeping services online are quite easy to operate since it is of paramount importance. Have a look at their software if you are using it for the first time. Seek a demo in case you are not sure about the final service level.  

  1. Add-ons and Integrations

Everyone loves to have some special add-ons and integrations. You can pick the small business bookkeeping services that come with multiple integrations to simplify your tasks manifolds.

  1. Budget-friendly Service

Now that you have measured all the services make sure you check their total price. It should come within your budget boundaries since it is pivotal to keep an eye on the expenses when you are a small business. Ensuring a transparent price from the beginning will never add any extra pressure on your expenses. 

Some Last Words

Now that you have all the fine details about the top Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses, it is time to finally make your final choice. Go through our expert advice when you are stuck in selecting the best bookkeeping services. It will help you by eliminating doubts and opting for the apt choice.


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