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Top 10 Amazing Benefits of a TWIC Card

Since most of America’s goods get exported and imported via its maritime ports, the port security personnel follow strong security measures for keeping high security in sensitive zones. To ease the convenience of people, the introduction of TWIC cards was done to gain rapid access to ports. This is an excellent opportunity for people involved in the maritime industry to get a TWIC card without having to go through unnecessary security checks. In this in-depth guide, we have shared everything about the basics and benefits of a TWIC Card. 

What’s a TWIC card?

A TWIC card refers to a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, which provides instant access to different secured maritime vessels and facilities. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issues this tamper-resistant card to save the clearance time of personnel while keeping full security integrity of US vessels and ports.

Now let’s move to the next section of TWIC card uses and why you should have one!

What Are The Top-Notch TWIC Card benefits?

Here are some of the significant advantages that will come your way by holding a TWIC card.

  1. Acts as Solid Security Proof

To get a hold of the TWIC card, a person needs to go through a strict fingerprint criminal history check and robust security threat assessment. With these tight protocols in place, only completely legitimate people can earn the TWIC card. 

However, once you have received the TWIC card, you can show this as security proof to get other credentials like a driver’s license or a passport. Another premium perk of the TWIC card is that you can now board planes using the card in some areas. The latest card fulfills the standard of TSA, and the TSA personnel accepts it as a valid form of identification.

  1. Saves Time and Money

With a rigorous testing assessment in place to avail of the TWIC card, you get the benefit of accessing the ports and other secure areas without security escort officers. You will save a lot of time and money with unrestricted access to these secure areas. You don’t have to stop for the security checkups and pay the escort fee. However, some brokers may add the fee to your load price, so stay sharp and look into all the details properly.

  1. Boosts Reputation

With a valid TWIC card, you get the security clearance to access secure ports, boats, and other confidential sites. Being a cardholder elevates your reputation as a safe employee in the whole industry. It helps you gain a cutting edge over the other competitors.

You can even add hazmat endorsement to your card and further elevate your status. The hazmat or hazardous material endorsement allows a person to transport hazardous materials safely.

  1. Elevates Income Opportunities

The TWIC card boosts your credibility as a transportation worker. It also allows you to add hazmat endorsement, further widening the scope of work. By going through the tight and strict security assessment to get the card, you get a solid status in the transportation industry.

TWIC cards will bring tons of new opportunities on your front with which you can earn better profit. Most companies look for credible workers and offer better remuneration for their services. It will upgrade your security clearance and allow you to access the secure sites without any interruptions. 

  1. Access to enhanced security programs

Having access to the TWIC program is one of the essential TWIC card uses. A person is eligible to go through different security training and benefits available in the TWIC program. You get regular updates on security information and important alerts with this program. Moreover, you also get apt training to respond to the threat in case of any security breach. 

You get access to high-security ports, boats, and other confidential maritime sites. On top of this, you don’t have to stop for security routines at the checkpoints and neither pay for escorted visits to the secured sites. 

The Bottom Line

By now, you must be aware of what’s a TWIC card and all the top-notch TWIC card benefits. So, you should be very well informed about the fact of having a TWIC card if you are in the maritime industry. This security threat measure will save both your money and business time. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go to the official website to get your application process started!


  1. Who can enjoy TWIC card benefits?

Anyone involved with the Maritime transportation systems must have a TWIC card for uninterrupted access to vessels and ports. These include Maritime security staff, coast guard personnel, port facility employees, maintenance personnel, truck drivers, cruise ship personnel, contractors, and longshore workers.

  1. What is the cost of a TWIC card?

A TWIC card costs $125.25 for a new application, and once you qualify, the price gets reduced to $105.25. Still, you can have a look here to get the latest price update.

  1. How to get a TWIC card?

Knowing all the benefits of having a TWIC card, you may be interested in knowing the application process for getting one. To pass the eligibility criteria for a TWIC card, you should be a permanent US citizen or a lawful nonimmigrant to start with.

Check out the complete step by step guide to the process below:

  • Open the online application form or visit the nearest application center.
  • Now, schedule an appointment for in-person document verification prior or even walk-in depending on the availability of staff. 
  • Now here, you will be required to share all essential documents such as a US driver’s license, birth certificate, and passport. Besides this, you need to submit your fingerprints, click a photograph for a facial record.
  • Once this is done, your official TWIC application will be submitted. 

Now all you need to do is wait patiently for 12 weeks to receive your TWIC Card as the card arrives after strict background checks and procedures. It is requested to apply well in advance if you know that you will need a TWIC card later.  


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