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3 Effective Ways to Promote Hotels

As a hotel owner, you know how important it is to promote your business and reach out to potential customers. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract more guests and increase bookings. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which way is best for promoting your hotel.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to market hotels that don’t require large budgets or complicated campaigns. From setting up an impressive website, using the expertise of a Hotel Website Design Agency to utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, there are many options available to you.

As well, you could look to create special offers for returning guests to offer them an incentive to use your hotel again. Many travelers will return to the same part of the world and you want to make your hotel the one they use again. With so many choices out there, as good as your service is, everyone needs that extra nudge.

So, these kinds of tips will help get you started on the path toward successful hotel promotion. Read on for more details on these three effective ways to promote a resort hotel or any other kind.

Setting up a website

An effective way to promote hotels is through having a well-designed website. It will allow customers to easily find information about the hotel’s location, amenities, and services. Anything that can be achieved at a glance is popular with busy working families looking for a location for their next vacation.

Additionally, many guests prefer booking online instead of calling or visiting in person, so having an impressive website can make all the difference between gaining or losing customers. Have it functional as well as informative. This will include extra design so that you can take payments from the bookings.

Utilizing social media

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, offer an excellent way to reach potential guests with targeted advertising campaigns. 

By sharing content regularly, you can create a buzz around the hotel and boost its visibility. 

You can also create special offers for followers and post pictures of your hotel to give guests an idea of what to expect. Avoid being misleading and keep up-to-date with your posting so that you remain in sync with what you are promising versus what customers receive by way of amenities in reality. You might be afforded some margin by the understanding guest but do not rely upon it.

Offering special packages and promotions

To increase bookings, you can offer guests deals and discounts such as complimentary breakfast or free Wi-Fi. Creating loyalty programs for regular customers is also a great way to keep them coming back. 

You can even offer special packages tailored towards couples, families, or business travelers.

Be aware of just what guests are using your hotel for so that you can better target promotion toward them. Have it so that a website or social media post is shown to understand just what the customer would want to know and informs them in an engaging way how a hotel could aid their stay at a location.

Understand that many value an idyllic view such as a seascape, cityscape, or mountain range, and so will return wanting to see it again through their guest bedroom window. See if you can book in advance with them their ideal room.

Others will value facilities such as a restaurant and food that can also be delivered to their room. Offer this free or at a discounted rate. 

Guests may want laundry facilities if staying for longer next time. If you can offer a voucher for this, for example, you can attract them back. This can be something that you email to them while thanking them for their previous visit.

Make it clear via your website or social media posts what is all-inclusive or discounted. Customers will want to accurately see how competitive you are for next year to make comparisons with your competitors. Have this all displayed in a clear font in a place they can easily navigate to.


These are just some of the effective ways to promote hotels. With the right strategies and a bit of creativity, you can increase bookings and make your hotel stand out from competitors. 

Start by setting up a website, taking advantage of social media platforms, and offering unique packages and promotions – these tips will help you get on the way to successful hotel promotion in no time.


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