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YouTube: The Most Powerful Video Sharing Platform

Do you know youtube has more than one billion users and these users watch more than a billion hours of videos each day? Have you ever thought about why this website is so popular? Today, we will discuss some of the advantages of this website. Them why you are still confused about it being the most powerful video sharing platform. 

Side Note: This stunning American video-sharing website was created in 2005, and sold to Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. 

It is the most popular and strong platform. Whether you want to make money online or earn fame at the ease of your home, we recommend Youtube for you. 

Moreover, the videos that you upload on YouTube will not only be seen by the people who use this platform but it also appears in different search engines like google.

Advantages of YouTube As The Most Powerful Video Sharing Platform 

1.  Free To Use

YouTube is a platform for all people because it’s accessible for even poor people and they can watch videos for free in HD quality even. This is why it is the most visited platform every day because if you have access to the internet then you can watch it anywhere in the world. 

We can download videos if the owner has no restriction of copyright and you can easily watch them later without the internet.

YouTube has an issue that it runs ads between the videos that benefits the channel and YouTube also because the company pays YouTube and the channel owner. To avoid this YouTube has now a feature called a premium version of YouTube that allows you to watch videos without ads but it is paid and you have to pay several dollars for a monthly subscription like Netflix although it has no effect on the hold on the channel if you have one that is the same for all.

2. Allows You To Earn Money Through Your Videos

Youtube allows you to make your channel, upload the videos for free, and earn money. Youtube values unique video content and attractive thumbnails. After completing 4000 watch hours and 1k subscribers, youtube monetizes your channel and you can earn handsome money. YouTube also encourages the owner by sending silver, golden, diamond play buttons, and Red Diamond Creator Award based on subscribers.

The packages include 

Silver: 100,000 Subscribers. 

Gold: 1,000,000 Subscribers. 

Diamond: 10,000,000 Subscribers and 100 million subscribers.

One of the most important ways to earn from YouTube is that if you have a good number of subscribers then many brands will run ads between your videos to promote themselves and they pay the channel owner for that.

3. You Can Find What You Want

YouTube is a very simple web application to use even for uneducated people and that’s why people from many villages have their channels and they share information about their villages and their business. One of the easiest features of YouTube is that it recommends the related videos in the sidebar. It allows you to find what you are looking for.

You can also search related keywords in your own language and it will show the list of videos.

4. An Easy Way To Share Information 

As YouTube is very easy to use, it makes it super simple to share information and communicate through this website very easily. As far as students are concerned as many of us if we have some issue in understanding some of the topics we have studied in school, colleges, or even university it is simple to search for that specific topic on YouTube and it gives a very good playlist from teachers all over the world discussing the same topic we have searched for.

YouTube can help you to improve in SEO (search engine optimization) of our website so when uploading a video in the description we can provide the link to our website so if someone reads the description and clicks on the link then it will transfer the traffic to our website that will help us to increase the traffic on our website and so we can earn from their as well.

We can say that YouTube is an all-rounder in this area it has all kinds of informative videos it all depends on your search and what you want to see.

6. Matchless Learning Platform 

A lot of online free video courses are available for unlimited learning. You simply have to browse through the channel and start learning. Youtube has made it possible for everyone to learn skills and make money. It is an all-in-one solution for everyone. Learn and earn with youtube.

My experience

I have learned a lot of skills using Youtube. Whenever I face any kind of problem in my life related to technology, cooking and anything else, I simply search for the videos and trusted channels. Some people misuse Facebook by uploading useless and irrelevant videos, but it’s up to you to find out what’s right for you. I personally recommend the channel “Hisham Sarwar” for learning to freelance, copywriting, and blogging. TEDx videos are also a major source of motivation in my life. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, I would like to say that youtube is the most powerful video sharing platform as it gives a wide range of functionality to its users like they can share, watch, rate, subscribe, comment, upload, and monetize the videos. You can simply achieve your goals and learn seamlessly if you make the right use of Youtube. But if you watch movies and funny videos all the time, you can not excel in your life. 
Make your quality channel and learn from others as well. This is the sole purpose of youtube. In this way, you will get more views on YouTube and can increase YouTube subscribers. As a result, you will be able to generate handsome income from this amazing platform.

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