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The Best Esthetician Insurance Companies

If you are an expert esthetician, then liability insurance is imperative for protecting your business. Estheticians perform several procedures that may produce unwanted results, and a single lawsuit from an unhappy customer may destroy your career and bankrupt you if you haven’t purchased the Insurance.

Whether you are a skincare specialist, medical esthetician, waxing expert, or spa worker, you will need esthetician liability insurance; the best types of esthetician insurance are general and professional liability coverage. If you are not sure whether you need esthetician liability insurance or not, don’t fret, we have made this article that will tell you all about the policy and the best esthetician insurance companies that offer best Insurance for estheticians.

What Is Esthetician Liability Insurance?

Esthetics is a rising field with many services, from waxing to the body to facials and skin care advice. However, like any business, there are always underlying risks and liabilities that should not be overlooked. Estheticians must protect themselves, their business, and even their clients by getting professional liability insurance for estheticians.

Esthetician insurance is also called spa insurance; this type of Insurance covers a wide range of losses, such as liability claims, medical expenses, and property damage. Without Insurance, estheticians will be solely responsible for any incidents or accidents during the sessions or services. It can lead to loss of legal fees, income loss, and even the closing of the business.

What Are The Benefits Of Esthetician Liability Insurance?

There are many benefits of getting esthetician liability insurance from top esthetician insurance companies; the following are some of the primary benefits you will get:

  • Protection Against Any Liability

One primary benefit is that it is a cushion against any liability claims. If a client is injured or suffers a severe reaction during the treatment, liability insurance will cover any medical expenses and legal fees. It can be highly beneficial for estheticians who provide laser treatment, waxing, or other services with a higher risk of injury. 

  • Protection Against Property Damage

Another primary benefit of esthetician liability insurance is that it protects against property damage. Most estheticians run their business from rented spaces such as spa facilities and salons. In case of theft, fire, or other disaster, this Insurance will be helpful by covering the repairing costs or replacing supplies and equipment.

  • Sign Of Commitment and Professionalism

Purchasing Insurance shows commitment to professionalism and offers peace of mind to customers; this benefit will also increase the chances of getting more clients. By getting the insurance policy, you can show that you are serious about your business and have taken all the essential steps for protecting your clients. It will build more credibility and trust amongst current and potential clients.

  • Legal Requirement in Most States

Some states have made it mandatory for salons to have esthetician liability insurance to run a business legally. By getting this Insurance, you can ensure you follow all the essential rules and regulations. With this, you can prevent legal trouble and costly fines.

Best Esthetician Liability Insurance Companies 

To help you make the right choice for the Esthetician Liability Insurance companies, we evaluated different insurance companies based on financial strength, coverages, customer satisfaction, etc. Following are the top picks for professional estheticians who want to protect their business:

  1. Next Insurance: Best For Policy Management

Next Insurance offers professional and general liability, commercial auto, workers’ compensation, and commercial property insurance to estheticians. You can also opt for the personalized package with premiums starting at $134 per year. Estheticians can also choose monthly billing options. 

Next Insurance is the best company for those who transact online. Through their top-notched mobile application or website, you can manage your policy, raise a claim or share your digital certificate of Insurance. 


  • Customize your policy with a variety of coverage types
  • Monthly billing options
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • Online claims and policy management with digital certificates


  • Professional liability is claims-made
  1. The Hartford: Best For Comprehensive Coverage

Hartford is the best option for those looking for a completely customized, comprehensive policy, especially for businesses with employees. You can purchase a business owner’s policy with features like esthetician liability insurance, general liability, business income insurance, and commercial property, and you can also add professional liability and product liability.

This esthetician liability insurance company provides claims-made and occurrence-form policies based on the type of coverage purchased. They are also known for best financial strength and customer satisfaction.


  • Coverage for businesses with employees
  • Customizable policies with a variety of coverage types
  • Few complaints with the NAIC


  • Must provide personal info for a quote
  • Location-based coverage
  1. ASCP

ASCP, also called Associated Skin Care Professionals, is known for offering the best Liability insurance for estheticians, such as general, product, and professional liability coverage; they also offer educational and marketing resources to help new estheticians grow their business. 

Another reason to choose ASCP is that they also cover legal fees that exceed limits. Their policy costs $259, and estheticians can add $10,000 in business personal property insurance at $95.


  • High coverage limits
  • Offers an add-on for business personal property coverage
  • Occurrence-based claims
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • High prices than other companies

The Arch Specialty Insurance Company underwrites general and Professional liability insurance for estheticians; they have an A+ financial strength. 

Moreover, customers also rave about the services this company offers on third-party review sites. NACAMS provides occurrence form coverage; in other words, you will get coverage if an incident occurs while the policy is active, even if the policy has expired. However, remember that when the policy expires, the coverage may also expire in most cases.


  • Occurrence-based claims
  • Covers more than 350 services wherever you work
  • Excellent customer service reviews
  • Few complaints with the NAIC


  • Does not offer business personal property coverage
  • Many claims become invalid the moment the policy expires


These are some of the top insurance companies that offer the best liability insurance for estheticians. These companies are best suited for different individuals; if you are a beginner just breaking into the industry and want the cheapest Insurance, Hartford is the best option. If you want a basic and cost-efficient policy, then the best option for you would be NACAMS, as they offer the best occurrence form policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Insurance will be best for an esthetician?

Professional and general liability insurance is the best option for estheticians. If you rent or own the equipment for the services, you should also choose a business property insurance policy.

What are the characteristics of the best esthetician insurance company?

Following are some of the best things to look out for in an esthetician insurance company:

  • Cost.
  • Financial strength.
  • Exclusions.
  • Consumer complaints.
  • Online tools.

Is Aesthetician insurance different from Esthetician insurance?

Both Insurances are the same; the only difference is the misspelling of the word “esthetician.”


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