What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?


A mobile point of sale system is a device that allows retailers to accept credit card payments, along with checks and other forms of payment. Mobile POS systems are different from traditional POS systems in that they can be used anywhere, whether inside or outside the retail establishment. This makes it possible for small businesses without their own storefront to take credit card payments.

The device also allows retailers to process payments by simply inputting the amount of the transaction instead of swiping the credit card or handing it over to a cashier. Data entry is keyed into the touch screen, using an interface that is easy for customers to understand. When entering payment information, merchants can choose from preset options for tips, discounts, and other fees. The transaction total is created instantly, which leads to less processing time at the register.

How Does a Mobile Point of Sale System Work?

The first thing that needs to be done by anyone using this system is downloading the mobile POS app onto their smartphone or tablet. This is where all items for sale, product information, and prices are stored. As customers shop at the retail establishment, their items are scanned using the barcode scanner on the POS system.

The item’s price is automatically deducted when it is added to the customer’s virtual shopping cart in the mobile POS app. When customers are ready to pay for their purchases, they can do so by inputting their credit card number manually or by using the device’s built-in card swiper.

The retailer is able to handle several different transactions at once, which increases both speed and efficiency throughout the store. When it comes time for customers to pick up their items, employees simply key in the transaction total and print a receipt for each customer, whether they paid by cash or credit card.

Merchants Save Time & Money With a Mobile Point of Sale System

One of the most important things that many small businesses need today is speed. When it comes to processing transactions, the more time it takes, the lower the profit margins will be. And as profit margins continue to decline, even the smallest of expenses become a major consideration for retailers.

The mobile point of sale system makes it possible to process credit card transactions quickly and easily. Customers can pay by inputting their information into a touch screen that is easy to understand and navigate, or by swiping their own credit cards using a built-in reader. This makes transactions go smoothly and quickly.

As part of the mobile POS app, each retail establishment has access to a support team that offers free technical assistance seven days a week. Customers can also call for help with registering their accounts and any other issues they’re experiencing. The system itself is easy to install and use, which saves retailers money that would otherwise be spent on a technician.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems Make Businesses More Competitive

In the retail industry, it is essential to have an edge over competing stores. This can be accomplished by offering customers differentiated services or products from other businesses in the same area. It’s also possible to distinguish a business from its competitors by making transactions easier and faster for customers.

The mobile POS system is one of the easiest systems available to businesses today. It offers retailers a number of features that they can’t get using traditional point of sale systems, such as increased product visibility and the ability to accept credit card payments without having access to a storefront or even an internet connection. The ease with which the system can be installed and updated makes it even more attractive, since businesses are able to improve their systems without having to hire outside help.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems Are Quick To Deploy & Affordable

There is no need for retailers to create a big-budget strategy in order to afford this service. In fact, the VIA Retail POS system is very affordable, with packages starting at less than $50 per month. There are no set up fees or long-term contracts involved, nor is there any hardware to buy or maintain. All of the features that businesses will need come standard with the software they download for free.

Businesses can also take advantage of its unique features immediately. The system can be downloaded and set up in less than an hour, then businesses will be ready to go — no further configuration is needed. This is especially important for retailers who do not want to spend a lot of time getting their new mobile point of sale systems up and running.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems Are Customizable

While the system comes with all of the features small businesses need, there is also the option to add on additional features for an even better experience. For example, business owners can get advanced inventory tools that let them know when they are running out of products or need to reorder new ones. They can also get more advanced receipt options if they choose to.

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