Tsys Merchant Solutions Review

Want to know about TSYS merchant solution review or TSYS credit card processing review? If you want to discover the TSYS merchant solution review, just stay connected with this article. 

TSYS is an independent business company that provides merchant services all across the globe. The company is situated in Georgia and provides debit and credit card transaction processors in over 80 countries. The full form of TSYS is Total System Services, Inc. Started in 1959, TSYS is one of the oldest processor service provider companies that still have its international presence.

At the same time, there is also a company’s regional office in the United States. One of the fascinating facts about the company is that with more than 650000 merchants, the company’s annual turnover is nearly a trillion dollars. In 2017, the company became more massive by acquiring Cayan for $1.05 billion. While in 2019, it also acquired another one of the largest direct processors from Georgia and started its services under one roof by naming Global Payments. 

With 3.5 stars out of 5 stars, the company has such a high-volume business that mid and small-volume businesses need to look elsewhere. This article focuses solely on the TSYS merchant solution review or TSYS credit card processing review. 

Services and products of TSYS (TSYS credit card processing review)

Whether it is about eCommerce, omnichannel, or retail services TSYS provides one of the most promising products and services. With different acquisitions during different periods, the company also focuses on improving its products and services, making the company peak of the mountain. Here are some of the major services offered by TSYS:

  • Integrated Payment Platform

As we discussed earlier, the company always focuses on providing the best of it by learning and acquiring different entities. When TSYS acquired Cayan, the company’s payment processing system was named Genius. It offers services like a wireless terminal, payment gateway, in-person payment, online payment, debit card payment, credit card payment, Echeck, and many other things. Moreover, all of these systems were cloud-based, providing a sync facility so that all devices get synced automatically. While now, Genius is no longer on TSYS, you need to set up with Global payments.

  • Merchant Accounts

As a giant payment processing company around the globe, the company is a direct processor. The company has access to all its merchant accounts to process any transaction. One of the major benefits of such an arrangement is that it provides better control over issues like account freeze, chargeback, and many more. 

  • Payment Gateway

With a full-featured payment gateway, the company’s motto for e-Commerce merchants is to provide the best possible service. Whether it provides different facilities like optional USB-connected magstripe card readers, in-person transactions, card not present transactions, etc., with such cool features like support for recurring billing, tokenization for high-level security, customer payment information database, hosted payment pages, and many more. The company also provides Authorize.Net with a TSYS merchant account to deal with a proprietary product. 

  • Credit card terminals

When it comes to Credit card terminals, this company provides you with several Verifone and Ingenico credit card machines. You can also get wireless and wired models with EMV compliant, which supports NFC-based payment options. However, among all of these services, TSYS has not disclosed the price of any of this equipment. We recommend you always prefer to buy your terminal as per your requirement rather than leasing them with such extra services. As a merchant, you also have to pay a reprogramming fee for compatibility with your TSYS merchant account.

  • eCheck processing unit

While TSYS provides you with great services and products to get the best out of your merchant account, one of the major drawbacks is that the company still does not offer EMC-compliant card readers for mobile processing. But it offers an eCheck processing facility. The company has a tie-up with CrossCheck to provide their optional feature. While for this service, the company never discloses pricing.

  • Virtual Terminal

Want to operate your laptop or desktop as a full-featured credit card terminal? TSYS provides a virtual terminal that turns your PC into a credit card terminal that allows you to enter transactions manually and automatically. You can also do it by swiping cards using an optional USB-connected card reader. However, the company still use the older model, which works for magstripe card only. It still does not work for EMV card readers.

  • POS

TSYS offers you a tablet-based POS system when it comes to the point of sale. This system comes with a card reader and tablet stand. While for this system company once disclosed it charges $39 to $49 per month. This system is compatible with both Androids as well as for iPads. While the price range depends on the options, you choose.

  • Mobile processing

There are two ways to use Mobile processing services with TSYS. With Mobile Payment Acceptance application and magstripe card reader. Both options are free of charge. The company provides this amazing service with the help of the Mobile Payment Acceptance Solution. However, the older system has no support for NFC or EMV payments.

Technical support and Customer services

While most companies provide you with live chat features, TSYS only offers such basic customer services with email and phone calls. Also, the company never use third-party representative. All of the customer services operate from the US. 

However, a company like TSYS is acute. Despite having such strong financial resources, the company needs to improve the quality of customer services. On the other side, TSYS offers a self-service option that is not so clear and, like more educational, does not provide any help with troubleshooting, while the company’s website also has a support page where you can find some FAQs and informative articles.

Drawbacks of TSYS

When it comes to BBB rating, the company has 11 separate profiles. At the same time, the headquarters profile with reviews and complaints from all of these offices has been taken down from the BBB website. So we won’t be able to see the details of any current complaints.

Here is the list of most common complaints about the company:

  • Expensive equipment leases

While many companies still offer a lease for terminals. TSYS is trying to move toward selling its terminals outright. But the scenario looks different; there are lots of pending complaints about the majority of merchants who agreed to a 4-year non-cancellable lease. However, as a merchant, you stick with the lease for four years or early; you need to pay the same for all machines that can easily purchase for several hundred dollars.

  • Difficulty in closing the account

As we know, no one wants to lose customers, but this is one of the major problems with most the service provider companies. TSYS also have countless complaint about the same. Many TSYS merchants have issues about being billed monthly charges after even requesting a close account request. However, the company offers refunds in some cases too.

Final words:

With its full range of services and products, TSYS is a viable payment processing company most suitable for High-volume businesses and large entities. While rather than any other payment processing company, TSYS offers more flexible pricing models that are a good fit for any range of merchants. The low volume of complaints and higher services ratio indicates the company’s strong side.


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