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The Best Way to Increase Instagram Followers in the Fourth Quarter of 2022

Instagram is not just a social media for photos and videos. Now, this application from the United States has been used by many people for business. The number of Instagram users is so large that it is a lucrative business field.

Business opportunities on Instagram are still very wide open, with 52.3% of Instagram ad reach audiences being female users and the remaining 47.7% being male. Are you interested in knowing how to add Instagram followers to a business account? Come on, see the information in this article!

The Best Way to Increase Instagram Followers in the Fourth Quarter of 2022

1. Don’t make a private account

If you want to maintain privacy, it’s good to private your Instagram account. But if you want to add followers on Instagram, you must open the account to the public. This method of adding free Instagram followers helps potential followers to be able to see your feed more freely. You may need to private your business Instagram account because you don’t want followers to be easy to unfollow. 

However, there are more losses than gains, you know. If your account is more visible because it is set to public, then the content you share can appear in other people’s explore tabs, making it easier to attract new followers.

2. Follow people first

By following people first, you can increase your Instagram account followers. You can find an artist or celebrity Instagram account with many followers. Go to their follower’s tab and follow at least 10-15 accounts that just follow the celebrity (usually at the top).

The skipper can set a pause of about 10 minutes to continue following other accounts to avoid getting banned due to an unreasonable increase in followers. 

If you don’t want the following to increase, you can unfollow these accounts a few days later. How to add Instagram followers quickly is quite powerful, you know.

3. Hold a quiz or giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff. So, you can get the attention of other Instagram users through a giveaway by giving away products, services, or other merchandise related to your business.

Many businesses on Instagram require giveaway participants to follow accounts. In addition to following accounts, you can set conditions for users to enter the giveaway by tagging three to five friends and reposting content. By doing so, you can get the first 100 free Instagram followers easily. This natural way to increase Instagram followers helps increase the visibility of your business and allows your business to get a lot of followers quickly.

4. Post quality content

You also need to post quality content that your followers want to see consistently. Take a look; some content on Instagram must perform better than others. Therefore, trial and error in Instagram content are crucial. You must stay sensitive to new Instagram trends to post popular content.

To go one step further, you must invest in Instagram analytics tools. This method of increasing Instagram followers will make it easier for you to track, compare, and analyze Instagram content across all accounts to produce the highest quality content. Besides using the Instagram followers increase app, you should be confident in building a content strategy by analyzing various filters, text, and other aspects to see what kind of content will best suit your business audience. If you do not know where to start, try your competitor analysis. 

Instead of directly imitating competitors, you need to note what competitors are doing or what kind of posts drive engagement. Slight competitive research can go a long way, you know.


Despite the fierce competition, you can increase your followers by doing the methods above. Please note that these are only the basics. To increase and maintain the count, you’ll need to do advanced methods that involve using SEO and learning algorithms. So, good luck with learning those, and we hope you finally get the exposure you always wanted.

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