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Sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Visa and MasterCard TRY card

At first glance, it seems that it is not difficult to sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Visa and MasterCard TRY card (follow the linkĀ https://www.bestchange.com/tether-trc20-to-visa-mastercard-try.html). There are enough options for concluding a deal, and you can choose any. The situation is somewhat different. A successful exchange can be made if you choose the right service provider. Practice shows that most users prefer to cooperate with electronic exchange services. Indeed, working with them is convenient, profitable, and safe. The main thing is to select cryptocurrency exchangers on a specialized monitoring portal, such as BestChange.

Here are the works of the site that have been repeatedly tested for transparency. Each has a huge amount of positive feedback from customers who have already entered into successful transactions. If you look for a performer on your own using search engines, there is a risk of encountering scammers – they create fake platforms that work only to receive currency, paying nothing in return. But the risks can be eliminated by using the method mentioned above of finding a service provider.

For persons abroad, there is a similar monitoring portalĀ BestChange, an international aggregator of exchangers. This is the English version of the site.

As for other options for exchanging Tether USDT stablecoin in the TRC-20 network for fiat money, they have some disadvantages, due to which they are less in demand than electronic exchangers. Let’s take a closer look at the topic.

The withdrawal of cryptocurrency through a crypto-exchange requires verification, placing an order for a currency exchange, and the exact date of execution, which is unknown. Withdrawal of money from the card may involve an inflated commission made within 3-5 days.

Exchange through P2P platforms is often delayed for a long time. Here transactions are made between individuals. How long to wait for the appearance of a suitable counter-proposal has yet to be discovered.

Working with Telegram bots is very risky. Fraud thrives in this area. Even if you find a proven service, having spent a lot of time on it, the conditions for converting currencies will likely be far from profitable.

High risks also characterize cooperation with private money changers. Plus, they often use unfavourable rates for the second party and set high commissions.

Now you see why most users prefer electronic exchangers.

Advantages of exchange services

To once again make sure that you made the right choice, look at the list of advantages that you will note when working with exchangers:

  • a large selection of offers for transactions;
  • carrying out conversion at current rates;
  • small commissions for exchange transactions;
  • the possibility of concluding large and small transactions;
  • fast transactions;
  • 24/7 operation of most services.

You have to decide on the exchange option and make a deal. The procedure will take a little time.

How to exchange cryptocurrency through an exchanger

After reviewing the offers for withdrawing Tether TRC20 to Credit card in Turkish Lira, choose the most suitable one. When making a decision, take into account the conversion rate and commissions. These are the main criteria. Additionally, look at currency reserves and transaction restrictions. Having decided on the exchanger, go to its website and follow these steps:

  1. Read the exchange rules carefully.
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Check if the data is correct.
  4. Confirm your agreement with the rules and the application.
  5. Contact the exchange operator for the wallet number you need to transfer the Tether TRC20.
  6. Transfer the indicated number of digital coins to the exchange service, observing the application’s payment terms. It is important to list exactly as many assets as you noted in the form.

After payment of the application, your Credit card in Turkish Lira will be replenished in equivalent.


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