Queen Cleopatra Netflix Review: A Controversial Netflix Documentary

Overall Rating For Queen Cleopatra Netflix Series

About Queen Cleopatra Netflix Series

Queen Cleopatra is a Netflix documentary that Released 10th of May 2023 on Netflix. This new Netflix series queen cleopatra directed by Tina Gharavi and Victoria Adeola Thomas. This Netflix series about queen cleopatra life tries to provide a fresh perspective on her life and reign with the help of historians. In this “queen cleopatra netflix review” we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Queen Cleopatra series and determine whether it is worth watching or not.

Star Cast of Queen Cleopatra

In this “queen cleopatra netflix review” we tried to provide all the details about this series. Below are the star cast of this series.

Adele JamesCleopatra
Jada Pinkett SmithNarrator
John PartridgeJulius Caesar
Craig RussellMark Anthony
Andira CrichlowArsinoe
Kaysha WoolleryCharmian
Laya LewisEiras
Calum BalmforthPtolemy XII
Louis EmerickPtolemy Auletes
Philip WalkerPasharenptah
Michael GrecoPothinus
Greg LockettAmmonios
James MarloweOctavian
Simon KunzCicero
James O’DriscollThyrsus

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The Documentary’s Approach to Cleopatra’s Story

In this documentary, Cleopatra is shown as an African woman and this is the most controversial part of this series. The director has tried to glorify queen cleopatra, although queen cleopatra has been very famous since the beginning and has been known as a symbol of beauty.

In her time, she had controlled many kings with her beauty. But in this series, her beauty has been shown in a different way. For example, you must have heard the name of Julia’s Caesar, the famous ruler of Rome. According to this documentary, when he meets Queen Cleopatra for the first time, he is impressed by her develometic skill and confidence.

Because at that time women in Rome were limited only to the house and the women from elite class did not interfere in political matters. But cleopatra is a pharaoh, a ruler in ancient Egypt was called a pharaoh. She had knowledge of many languages and because of these qualities, Julia’s Cesar was impressed by her.

Queen Cleopatra Netflix Review – What is Good in This Documentary?

The best part of this documentary is, it is guided by the historians. The documentary focuses on the political strategies that Cleopatra used during her reign. Through stunning visual effects and recreations, viewers get a sense of what life was like during Cleopatra’s reign. Watching cleopatra series on netflix you also saw historians who provide insight into the culture, politics, and religion of ancient Egypt.

In this documentary, an attempt has been made to tell everything in detail about the life of Queen Cleopatra. How she gets her brothers and sisters killed to be in the centre of power, makes a relationship with Julias Caesar so that her heir can become the ruler of Rome and many more things that make this documentary better.

Queen Cleopatra Netflix Review – What is Bad in This Documentary?

Which is the biggest feature of this documentary, it also makes it boring. Because historians are guiding this documentary and as they are telling about Cleopatra, we are being shown performing with on-screen actors. Because of this it seems irritating in the beginning.

The other biggest problem with this documentary is that the rest of the characters in this documentary like julias cesar, Mark Antony, Ptolemy Auletes, etc. have not been introduced properly, due to which it becomes difficult to understand who this character is, What is their work, where are they from. Due to which it becomes difficult to connect with this documentary.

The Life and Legacy of Queen Cleopatra: A Deep Dive into Netflix’s Documentary

The Documentary “Queen Cleopatra” is a four-part series that covers Cleopatra’s life from her early years as a princess in Egypt to her last pharaoh of the ptolemaic dynasty. This Documentary is featured with the historians who provide in-depth analysis and insights into the life and legacy of Cleopatra.

In this “Queen Cleopatra Netflix Series” historians, professors, Archeologists all come from time to time to tell you the story and help you to give more information about Cleopatra and the Ptolemaic dynasty of ancient egypt. 

There are many movies, stories and web series that already exist but this is different. Because in this “Queen Cleopatra Netflix Series” you get more details about her life, struggles, strength, language knowledge and more. shedding light on her remarkable achievements as a political leader and strategist. The documentary uses a combination of interviews with experts who share their knowledge and point of view about Cleopatra’s life.

Along with this there is one controversial part with the series is that they showed Cleopatra as black women and share the reason why they consider her as black. However till now Cleopatra is considered as the white skin tone and beautiful women and this series tries to break this image about queen cleopatra.

In this documentary, Dr. Sally-Ann Ashton and Assoc. Prof. Jacquelyn Williamson said “There is a long history in ptolemy dynasty that they are exiling, fighting, and even murdering their siblings.

In this Queen Cleopatra documentary in Netflix you also know about Cleopatra’s female advisors, Charmion and Iras, who had been with her since childhood. This sheds light on the important role that women played in Cleopatra’s inner circle and in the political landscape of ancient Egypt.

Also Assoc. Prof. Jacquelyn Williamson said “growing up in the Ptolemy dynasty was a constant battle for survival with family members” she also said “it was like game of thrones kind of environment“.

This “Queen Cleopatra Netflix Series” delves into the cultural and social norms of ancient Egypt, including the practice of sibling marriage. It explores the reasons why Cleopatra was married to her brother, Ptolemy XIII, and how this was seen as a legitimate and acceptable practice in ancient Egyptian society.

Because at that time Rome was a semi-democratic empire where the king was elected and dynasty ruled in Egypt. Under the influence of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar had declared himself dictator, which meant that he would remain king for the rest of his life, but Roman senators (Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus) get him killed.

Queen Cleopatra Netflix Documentary Review: Watch it or Leave it?

In this “Queen Cleopatra Netflix Review” we already mentioned all the information which you required to make your decision. In the beginning the documentary might be bored you because the story of this documentary is guided by the historians but if you have seen the first episode then the further story becomes quite engaging.

After the end of the whole series, the opinion that is formed about Cleopatra is that she was an opprtunist. Who tried to keep herself in the center of power all her life and for that she got his brothers and sisters killed, made relations with Julius Caesar so that her heir could become the ruler of Rome.

Overall, this series is worth watching once and want to know a lot like this, but you should keep your expectations low because its main objective is to glorify cleopatra, and the interviews of historians in between make it more boring.


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