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List of best courses after 10th class

List of best courses after 10th. So you are in 10th standard or just completed the 10th standard. If yes, you may have many doubts regarding your career path, such as what to do after 10th class? What are the best courses after the 10th class? How to choose the right course to get the best job? Which subjects should I take in the 11th standard? And so on. and this is happening with every student, and it should be.

If you are finding the answers to all these questions, then you are in the right place. Here you will get the list of best courses after the 10th standard. From the 1st standard to the 10th standard, we do not have the choice to choose your career path, but after passing the 10th, you have the option to choose your career path (what you want to be).

After the 10th, we have lots of options and choices by which we can achieve what we want to get. You have waited for ten years to complete your 10th standard (excluding LKG, HKG) so give it some more time to think about what you want to be and which course is best for you as you have some time after the completion of the board examination (around 2 to 3 month).

So read this guide till the end and find out which course is best for you that can give you your dream job that you want to get. So let’s get started with this guide and see the list of best courses after 10th – what are the courses after 10th that you can join.

List of best courses after 10th class

There is no limit to courses after the 10th. There are many courses available for you to choose your future. With the increasing use of the internet, several online courses are there that you can do online.

Below is the list of courses after 10th class. You have to choose which course will be the best for you. When you select the course, you must consider some things such as career opportunities, scope, and so on. The below list will help you to cover that.

Art stream after the 10th class

The first option is the Arts. There is a myth regarding the arts stream and that some students think that this course is a very low-quality course, and this course is for those students who have low marks in class 10th. But this is not true, but also it is true that as of now no more students taking this course.

In the Arts stream, you will learn many subjects, and it depends on what subject your institute or your board provides. If you want to become a teacher, professor, author, socialist, then this course is the best for you. And if you are planning to join a government job and you are going to prepare for that, then this is the best course for you to do after 10th class. Let’s see what type of subjects are there in Arts.

  • You’ll study humanities-related subjects, such as political science, social and cultural anthropology, history, geography, and more.
  • Courses related to Elective languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and foreign languages such as germen. Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

And also, there are many more subjects that are available in the Arts stream.

If you are planning to pass UPSC, RRB, SSC examinations to get a high-paying government job, then this course will be best for you. Just like other courses this course is a good one for your future.

Commerce stream after class 10th

After the 10th means in the 11th standard, you have the choice to enroll in the commerce stream just like Arts. If you want to be an accountant, CA (chartered accountant), Bank officer, professor, teacher, HR, businessman, then commerce stream is a good option for you to choose as your career path. It is the best course after the 10th.

Also, you can join the government sector by doing this course. You can prepare for the UPSC, GPSC (Gujarat), SSC, etc.

You will learn the accountant, business-related, economy, and statistics-related subjects in this stream. This stream is more focused on business ideas and development.

Science stream in 11th and 12th

Some students think that this course is for those who are very intelligent and have a good knowledge of math. But this is not true. Some years ago, most of the students were joining the Arts stream, but now the trend is coming to the science stream. The scope of science is on the training.

To become a doctor, scientist, Data scientist, and engineer, Many students join this course.

Now, look at the course overview. In the science stream, there are two groups.

  1. A-Group
  2. B-Group

Both groups have only one different subject. If you want to be an engineer, then you have to choose group-A. And if you want to be a doctor, then go for Group B.

Now let’s look at the subjects covered in group-A and group B.

In group-A, there are three main subjects: Math, Chemistry, and Physics and along with these three subjects, there are two more subjects and depending on your interest, you have the option to choose these two subjects.

In group B, you have a biology subject instead of a Math subject. Yes, in group B, Chemistry, Physics, and biology are the main subjects.

It depends on what you want to be. Choose according to your interest and dream job that you want to get.

In the list of best courses after 10th, we have talked about some courses you can do in 11th and 12th. And after the completion of the 12th, you have more study options to go ahead with your career. Now let’s see the other courses after 10th without 11th and 12th (list of best courses after 10th class).

Diploma courses after 10th

If you don’t want to go into Arts, commerce, science, then diploma courses are the best courses to do. If you select commerce, Arts, or science stream, then the next two years of your career will be in the school, but if you want to leave the school and join a training-based course, then this is a good option for you. Find out the below list of best courses after 10th in diploma.

  • Informaton and technology (IT course)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer science & engineering
  • Automobile
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumental
  • Machine learning and IOT (internet of thing) courses
  • Editing
  • web designing & web development
  • civil engineering
  • Biomedical

So this is the list of best diploma courses after 10th class. And just like that, many other courses are offered to you. Based on your interest and passion, you can choose any course. You don’t need to think that my friend will do this course so I will do that course. Do not follow this thing. According to your best career, choose the right course.

You can do a job once you complete the course. If you want to study more in your field, then you can. You can do BE/B.tech in the same field to get a higher degree.

Now let’s look at the list of the best ITI courses after class 10th and see what is there to do and how to make your career bright with these courses.

List of best courses after 10th class in ITI

These courses are training-based and skill-based. Practical knowledge is given more attention in these courses. If you want to focus on the industrial-based course (as the name suggests, Industrial training institutes) or on the small business course, then the ITI courses are best.

These courses are not long compared to others. These are the short course that you can complete in a short period and can join the best industry to get the best job.

ITI offers you several industrial-training based courses. There are a variety of courses in ITI. You can choose any of them based on your area of interest. So let’s see what are the courses after 10th in ITI to do.

Best ITI courses after 10th class

  • Computer operator
  • data entry operator
  • Draughtsman (ME)
  • Turner
  • marketing course
  • information technology
  • Computer hardware and software
  • plumber
  • Graphics designing
  • Web development & designing
  • Electrician
  • CNC, VMC, HMC machine-related courses
  • Other computer courses
  • Toolmaker engineering
  • FIlter, turner

Also, lots of industrial training-based courses are there for you. After you complete the ITI course, you can join any organization based on the course you did. So this is the list of the best courses after 10th class in ITI.

In the internet world, you are free to learn anything you want. You can join any online course based on your interest. Lots of platforms are available for you to join online courses. YouTube is the best one to learn anything for free.


I hope you find this article valuable. In this article, we have discussed the list of best courses after 10th that you can do to go ahead with your career path. Also, we have seen the list of best courses after 10th class in diploma and the list of best ITI courses after 10th class.

Please do not forget to share this with your classmate. So they can read this post and decide what course is best for them to do after the 10th class. Follow our blog to get every update of this type of valuable article. Thank you.


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