Is ​​Amber Heard Removed from Aquaman 2?

The controversy about removing the Aquman fame ​​Amber Heard (Meera) from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been coming for the last 2 years. It is said that the game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke will replace her character in Aquaman 2 as Meera. In the 2018 released movie Aquaman, ​​Amber Heard was shown as Queen of Atlantis. 

After the fight between Amber Heard and Her husband Johnny Depp goes public, it is thought that the Amber Heard role from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom can be removed. 

Is ​​Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

Above all these controversies after the CinemaCon movie trailer launch it is confirmed that Amber Heard is again seen as “Meera” in Aquaman series movie Aquaman 2 (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom). 

Bruce Campbell Reacts to Amber Heard’s Replacement Meme in Aquaman 2

There are many memes that go viral on Amber Heard’s Replacement from Aquaman 2. A twitter user @DrGregVR shared an image with bruce campbell and Amber Heard that claimed around 3 million people have signed a petition asking to replace amber heard from Aquaman 2. Along with a caption “we must make this happen!” 

However Bruce Campbell does not take it seriously and replied with a joke and “asking for a script”. 


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