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How to Make Money from YouTube Shorts: Your One-Stop Shorts Monetization Guide in 2023

With over 30B daily Shorts views, YouTube Shorts have exploded the creators market at an unprecedented rate. Not just that, you will also be able to earn money from YouTube Shorts with their new revenue sharing model of 2023. You must be thinking about How to Make Money from YouTube Shorts with this model?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about! We are here to help you crack the code of monetizing your YouTube Shorts in this competitive YouTube market. In this detailed guide, we will learn about all the ins and outs of earning money through YouTube Shorts the right way!

Introducing Ads In Shorts Monetization

Finally the creator fund is gone and Shorts Ads are here to replace it. Yes, you heard me right! Just like Ads revenue model for normal YouTube videos, you will now find Shorts video Ads to help creators get advantage of it. Ads will run between the Shorts feed to help creators make good money from this long-term sustainable model.

What is the New YouTube Shorts Monetization Model?

Well, now that you know about how to make money from YouTube shorts, it is essential to learn about the revenue-sharing model for your YouTube Shorts.

First things first, you should know that the entire Shorts revenue gets divided in 2 parties i.e., the Shorts creators and music publishers who share background songs for your shorts. Check out the in-depth details below:

  1. Some part of the entire Shorts revenue gets collected in the creator pool (this is analyzed by the number of views and music in different shorts).
  2. YouTube pays different music publishers since it is their intellectual property playing in your Shorts video background. For instance: If a creator makes use of a music track in the Short, 50% of its revenue is received by the creator and 50% of it will go to the music publisher of that track. On the other hand, if two music tracks are used, the creator will receive only 33% of the revenue while the music publisher gets 66% of it.
  3. In case, the creator does not use any music tracks, all their revenue from the creator pool goes in their pockets.

All-in-all, you will find monetizing creators will earn 45% of the share from the pool after all music usage deductions are made. For more details, check out here.
Not just this, there is still one important aspect left. Remember, your Shorts earnings highly depend on your geographical location, your number of views as well as the number of music tracks you add in your videos.

What Are The YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements?

You can make money from YouTube Shorts ads. However, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before you can earn money from it. Here, we will explain all the requirements so that you don’t miss anything and fulfill all the criteria of the platform.

  • You have to earn 1000 subscribers on your channel within a time limit of one year.
  • You have to either earn 4000 public hours of viewing in one year or ten million views on public shorts within 90 days.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to join the YPP program to monetize your channel.
  • You should not get any strikes on your channel. So, you must follow all the advertiser-friendly content guidelines, social ethics, conditions of service, and regulations of the YouTube Partner Program. 

New Rules To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts

These are the new rules introduced by the YouTube platform that you need to follow to make money from your shorts.

  • The video length of the YouTube shorts should be between 15 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • The content of the videos on YouTube shorts should not be harassing or violent in nature. There should be no vulgar material in the videos that you are going to upload to your channel.
  • You cannot use copyrighted music and other elements in your videos without proper authorization from the creator.
  • The content of the video should be in accordance with the YouTube Community Guidelines. There should be no offensive material in the videos. Moreover, conducting fraud through your videos is not permitted in any case.

If you follow all the regulations and guidelines of the platform, then you can become eligible for the program and start earning ad money from YouTube Shorts.

How To Apply For The YPP Program Through Different Devices?

Here we will go through all the steps that you need to follow to apply to the YPP program to earn money through Shorts.


  • Power up your PC or laptop and open any browser.
  • Now go to YouTube and sign in with your account.
  • Now click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the browser. Look for the YouTube Studio option and click it.
  • In the left menu, you will find the Earn option. Click it.
  • Now click on the Start option to start the review and agree to all the Base terms. 
  • Now again, click on the Start option to link an AdSense account with it. If you have an existing account, then link it with your channel or create a new one and link it.
  • You will see In Progress status in the Earn section. This means that your application is now with the platform for complete review.

On Android and iOS

  • Open your smartphone and click on the YouTube Studio app. If you don’t have the app on your smartphone, then install it from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Now look for the Earn option in the bottom menu of the app and select it.
  • Now click on Start and then Accept option to start the review process and agree to the base terms of the program.
  • Now click on Start to link the AdSense account to it. You can link an existing one or create a new account and link it.
  • You will see In Progress status in the Earn section. This means that your application is now with the platform for complete review.

How YouTube Reviews The Application?

Once you have accepted all the terms of YPP and linked an AdSense account with your channel, your application will go into the review queue. The program team comprising experts and AI systems, will review everything about your channel. It takes up to one month for the next decision of the team. There can be a delay due to a higher number of applications in the program. You can check the status of your application in the Earn section.

In case you are not able to make the cut, don’t stop adding content to your channel. You can again send the application after a 30-day period for review.

How Much Money Can You Make From YouTube Shorts?

The YouTube Shorts money per view is different for all the channels. You can earn between 100 dollars to 10 dollars according to the content views and popularity of the channel. If you add interesting videos to your channel that go with the trending topics, you will definitely generate more views on your channel. 

Always opt for organic views on the channel. In case you wish to buy views, try for reliable sources and avoid falling into the bear trap of advertisers offering free views.

You have to use all the resources at your disposal to gain an edge over the competitors to attract more views and work all the angles of the algorithm of the YPP program to start generating revenue.

  • Be creative with your hashtags, and don’t forget to label your post with them.
  • Use the polls feature of the platform to your advantage and attract more traffic to your channel.
  • Experiment with different video styles and lengths on your channel to mix the things for your viewers.
  • Use popular and trending music in your YouTube shorts.
  • Never stop posting. Add content consistently on your channel so that your viewers are entertained. This will help you expand the reach of your channel and generate revenue from YouTube shorts.

How To Claim Money From Your YouTube Shorts Channel?

Once you earn money, you can easily claim it from your channels. Here are some key pointers that you need to remember.

  • Connect your YouTube channel with an AdSense account. You have to be in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the YouTube platform.
  • When you get a Shorts bonus, the platform will notify you through email between the 7th to 10th date of every month, and you can claim it on the 25th date of that particular month.
  • Google AdSense will add the bonus to your account between the 22nd to 27th date of the following month after claiming the bonus.

Bonus: Brand Deals And Sponsorships Never Get Old

Let’s set things straight! YouTube Shorts may be all fun and creative but they don’t actually help you in making a huge sum of money fast. It’s because Shorts don’t really get viral overnight. However, brand deals and Sponsorships turn out to be your golden ticket to start earning decent with your Shorts in no time.

Different brands love associating for promoting their products and services through Shorts. This method is rather on fire since every brand is looking for influencers to negotiate a deal for hassle-free promotion of their products and services. So, keep pitching to your favorite brands that you wish to work for to get best deals that cater your needs quite well. 

Spoiler Alert: Many Creators are going for this option even when they aren’t earning great from YouTube. This means brands don’t look for a million views or followers. They go after the right audience and an excellent YouTube journey.


  1. How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay For 1,000 Views?

As we mentioned above, YouTube creators will get the 45% of the share from the creator pool after deducting the charges for music usage in the shorts. So, the payment for 1000 views will depend on the revenue developed in the creator pool respectively.

  1. Can I Monetize YouTube Shorts Without 1,000 Subscribers?

No, you cannot monetize your YouTube Shorts without having 1000 subscribers on your channel. Moreover, there are some additional requirements that you need to fulfill to monetize YouTube Shorts. Another mandatory requirement is 4000 public view hours in the last year or 10 million public views in the last 90 days.

  1. Can You Make Money From YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can make money from YouTube Shorts. You have to fulfill the basic terms and conditions of the YPP program and link an AdSense account with it. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can earn money from the ads on YouTube Shorts.

  1. Do YouTube Shorts Make Money?

Yes, you can make money with YouTube Shorts. You have to join the YPP program and fulfill its basic requirements to make money through Shorts Ads. In the above article, you will find all the requirements and other details that you need to keep in mind while creating your channel and posting content on it. Once you become a member of the YPP program, you will start making money through your Shorts.

  1. How To Get Paid From YouTube Shorts?

You can monetize your YouTube Shorts by becoming a member of the YPP program. In the above article, you will get all the details to join the program. Go through everything so that you don’t miss anything.

  1. Does YouTube Pay For Shorts?

Yes, YouTube will pay for the shorts according to your share of Shorts views. Basically, you will get 45% of the net revenue. You can go through all the money policies here.

The Bottom Line

By now, you must have learnt all the minute details on YouTube Shorts monetization and how you can become eligible to make money from YouTube Shorts with your consistent efforts. YouTube Shorts are similar to Instagram and Facebook reels and can help you in attracting new viewers to your YouTube channel. So, it is time to start working on YouTube Shorts to get the ultimate return on your investment! Just harness the power of Creator Music for both Long-form and Short form content and 


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