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How to Make a Tattoo Gun Without a Motor?

Quality isn’t a word you will generally join forces with DIY tattoos. By means of model, could we assemble the circumstances wherein you might allow someone totally deficient to take a needle to your skin: since it’s 4 AM at a nearby party and shockingly the Sports Direct cups of warm white wine have evaporated, or because you’re in prison. Regardless, the story behind your hand crafted skin writing is better than the genuine scribbling.

The Tools

Our gadgets are fanned out totally on the workbench—scissors, pliers, nine-volt batteries with fastens to relate them, toothbrushes, lighters, sellotape, infinitesimal electric motors like what you’d find in an electric razor, buttons, super glue, a cutting edge, and screwdrivers. Everything you could have lying around, Piereeno indicates—whether or not you’re in prison.

The Frame – how to make a tattoo gun in prison

The chief assignment is to gather the packaging, which fills in as the base for the handle and will eventually maintain the whole framework. Piereeno, who made his first tattoo machine last year, encourages us to warm the cycle between the head and the handle preceding contorting it 90 degrees, guaranteeing the handle remains longer than the head.

The Tube

The resulting stage is to make the chamber that the needle will open through. We’ll use the barrel of a ballpoint pen, cut to about a huge part of its length. A couple of people from the class make a pass at cutting the barrel with scissors, which is essentially simple to do, yet moreover makes frayed edges that ought to be smoothed. With my ability to bear harmful fumes by and by settling, I use the lighter to heat up the edge of an edge shaper, allowing me to slice through the plastic.

Setting up the Needle

Since noticing a sterile tattoo needle in prison is comprehensively problematic, detainees routinely use guitar strings or sewing needles taking everything into account. Outside of prison—and for our circumstance—a sterile tattoo needle with a thick tip is your most brilliant decision. The tip can’t be used everything being equal: We need a wire shaper to wipe out the ring around the completion of the needle. Then, with the pliers, we wrinkle a centimeter of the needle’s base over by 90 degrees and space it through the chamber.

The Electrics

It’s an optimal chance to start considering the veritable instrument. To secure the battery life of the machine, we first need to manufacture a switch. We take the catch from the batteries and cut the red wire down the center. As of now we cut back the security and leave around an enormous piece of a centimeter of uncovered wire on the terminations. Heating up the securing material makes it more direct to dispose of the thick outer covering, uncovering the copper inside.


It’s an optimal chance to test our machine, by inking someone or something. While doing tattoos in prison, Piereeno explains, prisoners much of the time use lampblack—a fine carbon created utilizing charcoal or residue—mixed in with pee, which is expected to be sterile as long as the person who produces it is sound. We will not use that. Taking everything into account, we go to central tattoo ink.


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