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How to make a resume for freshers | In this article, we are going to show you the best way to create a good resume and some tips to create an attractive resume. So if you are searching for how to make a resume for freshers or for the first job then this post is only for you. here you will learn the best practices to make your resume in a way that it looks like a professional and will help you to get the first job.

How to make a resume that looks attractive

You can create your own resume with the help of any resume builder or from your phone with the help of some best resume builder applications. and in this post, we are gonna use the best resume maker app. so if you do not have a computer then you can easily make it from your phone as everybody has a smartphone. So be with this resume creation guide till the end.

Some of you might be going to a cyber cafe to make a good resume but there is no need to go anywhere. it is very easy to create a resume with the help of your smartphone.

So let’s get started with this post. first, we will discuss what is a resume and some tips to create a good resume before knowing how to make a resume for freshers on mobile.

What is a resume

A resume is one type of document in which you adds your personal, educational, commercial details. In simple words, you show your qualifications for the job. this is the cover letter in which you can add your interest.

Tips to create a resume

Whenever you apply for a job you submit a resume first. Then the organization person will check it and will analyze why you are the best for the required position in an organization. First, he/she will check your resume, and based on that, that person will identify you, your skills, and so on.

So to get a job, we have to make our resume attractive so the interviewer makes some attention to you.

  • Add your full name, email address, mobile number in the header section of your resume. you can add more personal details too but these three pieces of information are a must. so they can contact you.
  • If possible then add an email that covers your name. don’t include more numbers in your email address that you are going to be added to your resume. ( doest not make sense but instead of this type of email you can use your name in your email. for example if your name is Kartik shah then your email should be like or you can add some numbers too if the email has been already taken)
  • Add your education details in a good format. so the company person can identify exactly what you have done in your school or college.
  • list out your hobby too. means what is your area of interest.
  • If you did any other courses whether the courses are related to the field or not for which you are going to be joined then add the details of that course too.
  • In the past, if you have worked for some other company then add the details of it in your resume.
  • Add the details of the projects you have completed in your college.
  • If you have participated in any contest and you have been a winner then list out to make your resume more attractive.
  • List out the skills you have, activities you did.
  • Never make grammar mistakes in your resume. Make sure you write all the sentences or paragraphs with English grammar in mind.

So above are the tips to create a resume.

So now let’s see how to make a resume for freshers (how to create a resume in mobile). how to make a resume that looks like professional and good than others.

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How to make a resume for freshers

You can make a resume in MS word or you can use any online resume builder tool or you can use any best resume builder app to make a good resume that looks attractive. On the internet, thousands of professional resume formats are available for you. you can use it to make a resume.

Again I am talking you that you should have to make your resume in a professional way that looks more attractive than others because your resume is the first impression for the interviewer. While making a resume, you should avoid some irrelative information. You can see more about resume mistakes here.

In this guide on how to make a resume, we are going to use a resume builder tool to create your resume online. in that tool, several professional resume formates are given to you to use.

The best Resume builder tool

If you want to use any other resume builder app then Hundreds of applications exist on the play store by which you can make a resume in an easy way.

Here, we will use the resume genius tool. This is the free resume builder by which you make a resume in an easy way without any type of difficulties. So let’s see how to make a resume for fresher by resume genius. you can use a smartphone or computer as you wish.

  1. First, you have to visit the website.
  2. After that, click on the “Build my resume now” option to start making a resume.
  3. In the next step, you have to choose a template for your resume. (you can choose any template you like the most)
  4. Once you choose a template, the tool will be asked you some questions. Such as “Do you have work experience?” if you have then click on yes, if not then click on No. if you tap on the Yes then the option to add work experience will appear and you can add your word experience. if you ta on the No the step will be skipped and the next screen will appear.
  5. Fill out the information such as educational details, hobbies, skills, projects, and so on.
  6. At the last, enter your personal details that you want to add to your resume.
  7. Once the process completes resume will be available for you to download for free. you can download your resume in PDF format.

This is how you can create a resume for the first job. so now you know how to make a resume for freshers. After you made your resume you can download it and take a print of it and use it.

It’s a very easy method to create a good resume using the resume genius tool. because it has a very user-friendly interface and it has some advanced features and lots of templates are there to use.

If you wish then you can use any other resume builder tool or app to create an attractive resume. I have listed here one of the most popular resume maker tools.

Below are some other resume builder tools which helps you to build a beautiful resume.

  • Jobscan Resume builder
  • CakeResume
  • My Perfect Resume
  • Indeed
  • Zety Resume builder
  • NovoResume

FAQ on Resume creation guide

Below are some frequently asked questions and i have answered to those questions.

Which resume format is best for freshers?

You are a fresher, so obviously, you don’t have enough work experience in your industry. So for fresher, the chronological┬áresume format is the best resume format.

Which font is best for resume?

You can use any font to create a resume but you should use the font which is easy to read. Don’t use any fancy or more styled font as it becomes hard to read. You can use Calibri font, Cambria font, Arial font, Didot font, and other types of sans-serif fonts.

What is job function in resume?

In simple words, job function means job title. If you want to add a job function to your resume then you have to write about your duties and responsibilities held by you. Try to explain your job title in short words, don’t make it very long.

Can my resume be 2 pages?

Yes. of course, it can be 2 pages. But in general, most people keep their resume on one page. If it is necessary then you definitely make it 2 pages.

How many types of resumes are there?

Mainly, there is 4 type of resume.
1. Chronological Resume.
2. Functional Resume
3. Combination Resume.
4. Targeted Resume.

Want to convert your resume from a PDF to Word file or from word to a pdf file then you can read this post: How to convert PDF to Word.


In this resume creation guide, we have covered all the topics related to resume such as what is a resume, how to make a resume for freshers, how to make a resume for the first job, how to create a good resume, or what you have to consider while creating a resume, what things you have to exclude while making a resume, also we have given you some tips to create a resume. this is all about how to make a resume for the first job.

Share this guide with your friends and read more on our blog to get this type of information. follow our blog to get updated when we publish a new post for you. if you have any questions then do comment. Thank you.

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