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How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a wonderful way to pass the time. The time and effort you put into building your home, acquiring the resources (if you’re playing Survival), and actually putting the blocks makes it difficult not to be pleased with the outcome. When the dust settles and you’re almost finished with your creation, you start to become a little finicky about what you want it to look like. It may have sounded like a nice idea at the time, but now your home is giving off a swampy atmosphere that you aren’t too fond of. What should you do?

Minecraft is a wonderful sandbox game that lets its players to explore and construct anything they want within its limitless globe, which is filled with a plethora of building blocks and other resources.

Some of the game features in Minecraft are extremely realistic and closely resemble real-world physics, such as the way gravity impacts water. Gravity has a distinct effect on various creatures, but the physics of water are the same for practically every entity and block in the game.

When creating underwater constructions or underwater constructs with water as a component, the most typical difficulty is that the water becomes logged in undesirable locations. This article discusses the many methods of disposing of water in Minecraft.

As a result, this article will provide an explanation of how to get rid of water in Minecraft so that you can go back to what you do best: creating your ideal house.

Remove all Water Source Blocks from your Minecraft world

Water in Minecraft comes from “source blocks,” which are bricks that contain water. If your water body is simple or tiny, you may be able to identify the organisms that live inside. To make a bucket, first create a “v” form using three iron ingots in the crafting menu, and then search for a source block among the water. It’s simple to figure out where the water is coming from when you’re dealing with a waterfall because the water flows from the top, but in other circumstances, you have to look at the currents and figure out where they’re coming from.

Make use of the bucket on a water-containing block that you believe may be close to the source of the water. If it is the source, the water body will dry up since there will be nothing to refill it. Otherwise, the block you removed will reappear at its original location. Make a note of the direction in which it fills and continue the procedure until you discover the source.

You may also place a block over the source to remove water in Minecraft from flowing, but if you use a bucket, you can move the water wherever you want or utilise it for whatever purpose you want.

Put a fire in it and watch it burn

If it is improbable or impossible to locate the source, you will have to remove the water in a more complicated manner. In essence, the two approaches for accomplishing this are ways to simplify the process, with the “fire” option being the quickest. In order to get rid of the water in Minecraft, you need fill the space with combustible materials such as leaves, wool, or wood. Make certain that there are no combustible objects along the perimeter of the area you wish to clean out before beginning.

To light the combustible material once the space has been completely filled, use a flint and steel to start the fire. Using this method, the substance is removed completely, leaving no sign of the original water.

Using Gravity and Gravel to Your Advantage

An alternative approach involves the use of either gravel or sand to expedite the filling and removal portions of the construction project. To clean the region, get access from above the surface of the water so that you may fill it with gravel while standing on top of the water. Since every time you place a block on the surface, it sinks until that column is completely filled, this is not a tough task.

Repeat this process for every block of water you want to remove. The remainder of the work consists of removing the columns that have been constructed in lieu of the water. Dig down into one of the corners of the water body until you can see two solid blocks visible beneath the lowest block of gravel beneath the lowest block of gravel. Break the bottom of one of them and replace it with a torch to make it more visible.

For best results, remove the final solid block of gravel or sand and let the remaining blocks to fall onto the torch. You must repeat this procedure for each of the blocks that were previously occupied by water. 

Make Use of a Sponge

If you have any sponges (which you may get by looking at Ocean Monuments or defeating an Elder Guardian), you can use a sponge to remove water in Minecraft. Construct walls to divide a large body of water into several smaller portions for easier navigation. Place a sponge in the middle of each area or on the wall, however placing the sponge on the wall is less successful in removing water than the centre section location.


Regardless of your scenario, you may remove water from Minecraft world using a variety of techniques. Small bodies of water may be removed reasonably quickly, while larger bodies of water take longer to clean away.

One of the most appealing aspects of Minecraft is that it allows you to construct whatever you can think of with complete flexibility. The random world generation, on the other hand, has a horrible tendency of generating water right in the middle of the best location for a structure.


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