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How to Get a Free Tablet with Medicaid

With rapid technological transformations, laptops, phones, and tablets have become integral elements of our daily work. From completing your office tasks remotely, and getting newsfeeds on social media platforms to researching and meeting your campus projects, gadgets such as tablets are almost indispensable. However, tablets are more expensive than most cellular devices. What if you can’t afford a tablet? Can you get a free tablet with your Medicaid? This guide takes you through obtaining a free wireless tablet with Medicaid

What’s Medicaid?

Medicaid is a US federal and state government insurance program providing free or low-cost healthcare coverage to low-income American citizens and households that struggle to afford health coverage. The US enacted this public health insurance program under the Social Security Amendments of 1965. The state governments manage this federal government-funded program. 

Medicaid remains the largest and most significant healthcare funding for low-income residents in the US. The program has benefited over 75 million Americans as of 2021. Different states have a varying list of benefits that residents enjoy through the Medicaid program, and the program has names such as ‘Medical Assistance’ and ‘Medi-Cal’ in other states. 

What Are The Qualification Criteria For Medicaid Program?

You must meet the eligibility criteria parameters to qualify for the Medicaid program. The requirements vary across states, but you must complete the following;

  • That you must be a resident of the state where you’re applying for the program 
  • You are a US citizen or a qualified non-citizen such as a permanent resident 
  • You must produce proof that you’re from a low-income family 

Would you like to find out if you qualify for the Medicaid program and apply? Find out more information on how to apply here

Can I Get A Free Tablet With Medicaid?

It’s essential to know these facts before answering these questions;

  • Individuals that participate in government assistance programs, including Medicaid, are Lifeline Emergency Broadband benefit-eligible
  • The Federal Communication Commission designed the Lifeline program to enable low-income households to afford communication services 
  • Certain EBB and Lifeline providers provide free tablets for Medicaid recipients 

 So, can you get a free tablet with Medicaid? Yes, it’s possible if you follow the proper steps. 

What Steps Should You Follow When Applying For A Free Tablet With Medicaid?

Applying for a free tablet with Medicaid is a simple and hassle-free process if you follow these steps;

  • Step 1

You must apply for the Medicaid program first. We earlier mentioned that Medicaid program participants are eligible for Lifeline emergency broadband. Joining the Medicaid program allows you to apply for a wireless free tablet with Medicaid at a Lifeline provider. 

  • Step 2

Find an EBB or Lifeline provider offering a free tablet with Medicaid in your state of residence. It’s worth noting that the list of devices and other benefits at EBB and Lifeline providers is dynamic. Find out with the providers currently offer. 

  • Step 3

Visit your selected EBB or Lifeline provider’s website to apply for free tablets for Medicaid recipients online. Fill the in the application forms by providing personal details and other required information, including proof that you’re a Lifeline or EBB participant. Submit the forms and wait for the provider’s feedback. 

  • Step 4

The EBB or Lifeline provider would notify you if your application were approved by sending you the tablet or a voucher redeemable for a free tablet. The voucher includes guidelines on how and where to redeem and get your free tablet with Medicaid

  • Step 5

Register the tablet by choosing an eligible plan. 

Best Lifeline & EBB Free Tablet With Medicaid Providers 

EBB and Lifeline providers provide eligible customers with discounted monthly wireless services. Limited providers also offer free phones and tablets. These providers review their offers regularly such that some providers no longer provide free tablets and vice versa. For instance, popular EBB and Lifeline providers such as Metro by T-Mobile, Assurance Wireless, TracFone, and True Connect that offered free tablets with Medicaid previously no longer have such offers. Only two EBB and Lifeline providers offer free tablets; QLink Wireless and StandUp Wireless. Here’s what you need to qualify to apply for free tablets for Medicaid recipients with StandUp Wireless. 

StandUp Wireless 

StandUp Wireless is a popular EBB program provider that allows participants to enjoy up to a $100 one-time discount on specific gadgets. This provider offers an 8-inch free tablet with Medicaid that works on StandUp’s mobile network and Wi-Fi. However, you can’t make calls or send texts unless you install Wi-Fi-enabled applications such as TextNow or WhatsApp. 

Eligible participants enjoy free monthly services, including texts, unlimited talk time, and 10GB of data.

So, how do you qualify for StandUp Wireless’s EBB program? You must fulfill the following statements;

  • Your annual household income is below 135% of the federal government’s poverty guidelines 
  • You or a member of your household is a participant of any government assistance program such as SNAP, Medicaid, and Lifeline
  • You or any person within your household has been a Federal Pell Grant beneficiary in the current financial year
  • Your household has experienced significant income loss resulting from job loss since February 29, 2020, and the total income was below $99,000 for single filers and $198,000 for joint filers in 2020
  • Your or family members have benefited from the free school breakfast or reduced-price lunch program 

How Do You Apply?

Apply for StandUp’s free tablet with Medicaid program by visiting the provider’s website at standupwireless.com/apply-now. Begin the application by entering your email address and ZIP code. A simple on-screen DIY application procedure requires you to provide relevant information and proof that you’re EBB eligible. 

You’ll select an eligible plan after submitting your application. If your application is successful, StandUp Wireless applies your monthly discount to your bill before sending a separate email to order your tablet. 

What Documents Do You Need In The Application?

  • Official identity documents such as state ID, passport, Military ID, driving license
  • An official document bearing your address, including utility bill, tribal ID, driving license e.t.c
  • Official documentation proofing your household income 
  • Documents showing that you’re a participant in an assistance program 
  • Documentation showing significant income loss in your household 

QLink uses similar criteria to StandUp Wireless in determining your eligibility and the application process. Learn more by visiting the provider’s official website at qlinkwireless.com/signup/g-6-717. 

Benefits Of Having A Tablet 

There’re many benefits of getting a free tablet with Medicaid. These benefits include;

Large Display 

The wireless tablet with Medicaid has a more massive display than a smartphone, thanks to the generous screen size. The large screen enables you to use the tablet to complete most activities ranging from research, remote work, video calls, and online classes. 

Cool User Interface 

Tablets boast an excellent user interface with a range of features that mobile phones offer. For instance, you can partition the tablet screen into different sections to run multiple errands at ago. This feature saves time as you can accomplish more tasks than if you were using a cellular phone. 

Educational Tool

A tablet has broken the ceiling to become one of the best learning tools. Perform several education tasks, from reading documents and PDFs, attending online classes, and completing class assignments and submitting them to your tutor from the comfort of your home using your tablet. Teachers also use tablets to arrange steam tables and schedule class meetings with their students. It’s essential to get a high-performance tablet for flawless activities. 

Enhances Communication 

Communicating with family and friends becomes quicker and more efficient with a tablet. You can also access vast social media channels such as Twitter, Metaverse, and Instagram, where you connect with like-minded friends globally. Share videos and text messages, and make voice calls using your tablet. 

Which Other Way Can I Get A Free Tablet Apart From The Medicaid Program?

There’re different ways through which you can get a free tablet apart from the Medicaid program. Here are some of them;

Charities & Not-for-profit Organizations 

Low-income individuals and families may access a free tablet through charity or non-profit organizations like the Salvation Army. 

The Salvation Army runs charitable missions to provide low-income residents with essential services. These necessities include giving food, clothing, and furniture to struggling families. Visit the organization’s website to learn more about their free tablets and computer program offers. 

The organization assesses your financial situation to determine your eligibility for a free tablet. Salvation Army also asks you to explain why you need the tablet as part of the eligibility criteria. 

You can get a free tablet with ebt if you meet the eligibility criteria. Check out the required documents. 


Several companies offer free tablets to low-income individuals and families. Here’s a list of reputable companies that can give you a free tablet. 

  • World Computer Exchange 
  • Smartriverside 
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher 
  • Adaptive.Org
  • Computers for Learning 
  • Accelerated School Programs 
  • Komputers for Kids 
  • Technology Assisting People in Need 
  • Everybody On
  • On It Foundation 

Local Churches 

Local churches, mainly Catholic and Orthodox churches, offer different kinds of donations, including free tablets. Check with the local church for free tablets if you’re in need. 

Search Online

Some sites like Freecycle and Craigslist offer affordable or free second-hand items. Search for free tablets online. 


Can I Get A Government Wireless Free Tablet With Medicaid?

You’re eligible for a free Tablet with Medicaid if you are EBB, Lifeline, or any government assistance program. 

Are Free Tablets For Medicaid Legit?

Yes, free tablets for Medicaid recipients are a legit government program that allows EBB and Lifeline participants to access free laptops. You need to qualify for the eligibility criteria to get your tablet. Visit how to qualify for the Medicaid program to learn more. 

Final Words

Tablets and computers have become integral elements in the modern world. However, not everyone can afford the cost of laptops, especially if you’re a low-income earner. The good news is that the government has enacted a free tablet with the Medicaid program for EBB and Lifeline participants. See the qualification criteria and follow the guidelines to get your tablet.

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