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How To Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark?

Shutterstock is a global, leading provider of seemingly pleasant, high-quality, and licensed images, music, and videos. It, therefore, has become an inevitable and quintessential tool for video editors, web developers, creative directors, marketing agencies, filmmakers, media organizations, and other notable, creative professionals. Their diverse contents help the end-users in creating promising and creative content for both business and personal purposes. It’s a great tool for storytellers/makers.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking out for ways to Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark. Yes, that is possible. We will look in detail about remove the Shutterstock image watermark.

How To Download Shutterstock Images for Free Without any Watermark?

Though downloading images from the internet without a watermark could cost you a potential amount, some websites remove the watermark from your images for free. Apart from websites, there are also a lot of mobile applications that help to remove the Shutterstock image watermark. Let us look at some of the websites, applications, and the steps involved to download Shutterstock Images for Free Without Watermark. 

Stocksbunny – Shutterstock image downloader

With Stocksbunny Shutterstock image downloader, you can download any stock images for your business, free of cost, and without any watermark with few simple steps. They are very reliable, bug-free, easy to use, and can produce images of the highest quality and resolution. 

Steps to use Shutterstock image downloader

  1. Open your browser and go to the Shutterstock website.
  2. Search for the image you want to download.
  3. Now, open https://stocksbunny.com/ and scroll down.
  4. Paste the copied URL in the Shutterstock image downloader.
  5. Click on Download.
  6. It will generate a link. Click on the link and you can download your desired image.

Find Stock – Download Free Shutterstock images without watermark

  1. Open the image from the Shutterstock images for which you want to remove the watermark.
  2. Copy the URL link of the image.
  3. Go to the link – https://png.is/tool/findstock
  4. The image will get downloaded to your device within a matter of seconds.

Downloader – Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

This is one of the sites that have the option for Shutterstock images free download without watermark. To download the Shutterstock image from this site without a watermark, follow the below steps. 

  1. Open your browser and go to Shutterstock website – http://www.shutterstock.com/
  2. Choose the image of your choice and copy the URL of the same.
  3. Now, open the link of this tool – https://downloader.la/
  4. You will find various sections on this site. Download Shutterstock photos for free is one of the options. Click on Download Now option.
  5. Now paste the copied Shutterstock image URL in the Full Photo URL and click on Generate.
  6. Now, the tool will generate a link from where you can download the intended image. 
  7. Once you click the link, the image will be downloaded for free.

Nohat – remove Shutterstock image watermark

Are you thinking on how to download Shutterstock images without a watermark from Nohat? Here, you have the complete guide.

  1. Open Shutterstock and enter the keyword related to the image you’re looking for, and choose an image.
  2. Copy the link to that image you chose.
  3. Now, go to https://nohat.cc/s/shutterstock
  4. You will find the options list on the right side of this website.
  5. From the list, choose ‘Find Stock’.
  6. Click on it and paste the link you copied from Shutterstock.
  7. Hit on Search.
  8. When you click on ‘View Image’, you will be redirected to watch an ad.
  9. Once you finish watching the ad, the image will be downloaded to your device.

Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark from Shutterstock

If you wish not to go with the options discussed above, you can download it for free from Shutterstock’s official website and remove shutterstock image watermark. Thrilled? Well, it is possible and let’s see how.

  1. Go to Shutterstock’s official website.
  2. Sign-up and click on the option ‘Start a Free Trial’.
  3. Choose one from its millions of professional and copyrighted photos.
  4. In the Billing page, enter the promo code ‘PICK10FREE’.
  5. Please note that, by doing this, you can only download a maximum of up to 10 images from their website for free and without a watermark.
  6. Lastly, please do not forget to cancel the subscription before the end of the month or you will have to incur a cost for the subscription.

Alternative Website to Download Shutterstock Images Free

Shutterstock is the leading site for photographers, graphic designers and other professionals. It provides more than 55 million photos, vectors, footage clips and images with cutting-edge technology rendering it the best resource to look for royalty free images. And because of its huge collection of photos in different subjects, one can always find what they need there. However, Shutterstock is a paid site.

But don’t worry because there are also a lot of websites that offer free photos for personal and even commercial use. There’s just a need to search for these sites in the web and one can have access to high-quality images, textures, backgrounds, patterns and other design resources. All they have to do is to create an account and the download will start right away. Here are provided some of these sites:


Pixabay is one of the best applications to remove Shutterstock image watermark. This comes both as a website and an application. This is considered to be an alternative for Shutterstock. This is CCO licensed, that is, you can simply download the image and use it as you wish, without having to worry about the cost, watermark, and other underlying factors. Apart from these, you can also apply filters to your images like color, orientation, category, etc. Not just images, you can also download free videos from this app. This is available for both the operating systems, Android and iOS.

Click the below link to download this app to your device.

Website – https://pixabay.com/

Pexel – Shutterstock images free download without watermark

This is yet another alternative for Shutterstock, where you can download images without additional cost or watermark. This site is also CCO certified, and you can use the images from this site for both personal and commercial purposes. This app has a collection of authentic images of high quality, created and shared by professional and talented creators. There’s no attribution required on this site and you can edit the images and videos as you desire. The quality of images from this app is top-notch and they can be used for your website, application, blogpost, marketing purpose, social media, and promotion. You can also upload your images to this site for others to use.

Link – https://www.pexels.com/


Stocksnap is one of the free websites that let you download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark. Since this site is CCO certified, you can download and share images as you please, without agonizing about different permissions or cost. The images are also of high quality and resolution. Finding an image of a particular category from this site is extremely easy as they have classified images of all categories. You can edit, modify, copy, and share images from here in different formats, for different purposes. This is an ideal site for image publishers and creators too as it gives the needed flexibility for them. 

Link – https://stocksnap.io/license

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Final thoughts

Shutterstock has been one of the biggest and the best websites consisting of about 300 million background images, illustrations, graphic designs, photos, and more, which makes it a great platform to get the perfect images for your website and business. Along with this number, their collections grow rapidly each day. The only problem associated with it was the underlying costs. Now that we have seen multiples solutions for it, I believe there’s no stopping factor now for you to Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark and remove Shutterstock image watermark.


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