How to Buy Refrigerators for Couples?


There are many advantages to having a significant other to make choices with, but when it comes to appliance shopping, there isn’t always a manual on how to agree on the best model for your home. Fortunately, regardless of where you are in the process, there are a few key topics to bring up when shopping for any type of appliance to help narrow down your options.

When both the partners are working professionals, they certainly won’t have time to shop for vegetables on a daily basis and cook fresh meals. In such a scenario, they opt to shop for groceries once a week and plan to store them in a fridge. The ideal choice of the fridge for such a couple would be the one with adequate space to hold a week’s worth of vegetables and meat.

Choosing the best-selling refrigerators in India is a combination of passion and practicality. You don’t want to fall in love with a style only to find out it won’t work with your kitchen layout or specifications. And, given that the average life expectancy of a refrigerator is 10 years, with some high-end brands lasting up to 20 years, you’ve probably not bought a new one in a long time. You test-drive cars more frequently than you buy a new refrigerator, so you’re bound to come across a plethora of improved features, styles, sizes, and brands to choose from.

Things to consider while buying the best refrigerator in India for couples

If you and your significant other are willing to take a chance on your refrigeration journey, read on for a couple’s guide to deciding on a new refrigerator and 6 things you should consider before buying one.

1. Agreeing on a budget is one of the most crucial steps to take. While looking for a new refrigeration appliance, it’s critical to establish a price range that both of you are comfortable with. Setting a reasonable budget is the first step in locating the ideal refrigerator for your dream kitchen.

2. Fortunately, there is a fridge for every kitchen space and cook’s need. Discuss the latest models and determine which one will best suit your kitchen, food preferences, and design aesthetic. Refrigerators with custom columns for a built-in look around your cabinets are available, as are models with four or five doors and a fridge with separate pull-out drawers for soda and other beverages.

Whatever model you choose, make sure it fits your lifestyle, whether you prefer a no-fuss refrigerator or one that can keep up with your kitchen being the main hub for conversation and entertaining.

3. Refrigerators and refrigerator openings are not one-size-fits-all items. To determine which size will be a viable option for your kitchen, grab your reliable tape measure and record the dimensions of your fridge opening, the space available for the door swing, and the size of your kitchen opening or entrance.

Knowing the height and width of the opening is a good place to start, but knowing the depth of the opening is just as important. The fridge may be beautiful, but if it can’t fit through the door for installation, it’s useless. Not leaving enough clearance space is a common mistake, but the space constraint and style of door configuration will influence whether the doors open simultaneously, from the inside.

4. The weekly shopper, the entertainer, and the meal-prepper are the three main types of shoppers. The weekly shopper wants to make the most of their space, whether it’s the total capacity or crisper drawers for storing fresh produce. 

The entertainer requires flexible door shelves for large bottles and drinks, as well as a large amount of shelf space for large platters and serving trays. Be aware of the freezer configurations and the inner configuration of the freezer itself if you prepare meals ahead of time and store them in the freezer for a rainy day.

LG 190 L 5 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is the best refrigerator in India as it has enough space to hold packed meals and leftovers. It has toughened glass shelves and the door bins are big enough to hold bottles. This LG fridge price is Rs. 14,790/-. If you are planning to shop LG refrigerators online then you can visit the website of Bajaj EMI Store for better deals. 

5. Every couple’s preferences can be accommodated by a refrigerator style. Because of their functionality and high-end design, French door refrigerators are popular. Some people prefer a bottom-freezer model because it keeps all of your fresh food at eye level. Others will purchase a side-by-side refrigerator because it is a better fit for smaller kitchens.

6. There are numerous features to entice your decision, but the more features you want, from practical features like adjustable door bins to extravagant built-in video screens, the higher the price tag will be.

Refrigerators are all outfitted with features to make life easier and keep your space organized, but before you succumb to the latest bells and whistles, consider your cooking and shopping habits once more.

Some of the most sought-after fridge features include:

  • Ice and water dispenser
  • Door-in-Door storage
  • Temperature-control drawers
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Gallon-size door bins
  • Air filtration system
  • Connected apps
  • Dual-cooling system
  • Dual ice maker

LG 360 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has top-notch features. The LG fridge price in India is Rs. Rs. 39,200/-.

Buying new appliances can be difficult, but when you and your significant other know where to begin, the journey becomes much more enjoyable and attainable. We all rely on refrigerators for their practical storage solutions, but the extra features can be the deciding factor. Discuss the features you both want to make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re looking for smart features, cooling features for fruits and vegetables, customizable fixtures, or a water and ice dispenser. 

There’s a lot more to being environmentally conscious than just recycling our plastics; sometimes it starts with the energy consumption of your appliances. There are Energy Star Certified refrigerators with improved cooling technology and insulation that are designed to use 20% less energy than the current federal standard. If going green is as important as saving green, this can be a deciding factor.

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