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Here’s Why Premium Tyres Are A Great Investment

They’re the only point of contact between your car and the road, so it’s vital that your tyres are in tip top shape. Tyres are a key component to your car’s safety whilst also increasing your car’s efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. 

The UK has a lot of requirements when it comes to your cars’ tyres, enforcing a minimum tread penalty, safe tyre pressure and also fining those who do not use appropriate tyres during the winter months. 

The importance of good quality tyres

On a very basic level, good quality tyres will satisfy all the legal requirements. The UK legal tyre limit means that you cannot use tyres that have less than 1.6mm tread depth. This applies to the central three-quarters of the tyre’s width too. Many people prefer to stay on the safe side and change their tyres once the tread is down to 3mm. 

The fines for exceeding the minimum tread are no laughing matter and can amount to £2,500. If officials find that all four tyres exceed the limit, you could face an eyewatering fine of £10,000, as well as 12 penalty points on your licence and a six-month driving ban. 

With so much at stake, good quality tyres will see that you won’t be at risk of any potentially lifechanging fines. 

The difference between cheap and premium tyres

There are hundreds of tyre manufacturers to choose from, many of which can tempt you in with substantial savings and deals. However, seeing as the safety of your car is so dependent on your tyres, it’s important to do your research before choosing which brand to go for. 

Low quality tyres increase the risk of you losing control on the road, leading to serious accidents or even death. What’s more, low quality tyres produce a lot of noise which can be disruptive during a long journey. Finally, you’ll find that you need to replace your tyres more regularly which could amount to more overall than better quality tyres that you only have to buy once. 

China in particular exports lots of cheap tyres that are not altogether trustworthy. Look out for manufacturers like Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company who sell tyres without putting them through thorough safety checks. Spend good money instead on Yokohama tyres and be safe in the knowledge that your car is secure and that you won’t have to shell out on tyres again in the near future. 

This is why you must look into an export company before availing of their service. 

Basic maintenance of your tyres

There are a few routine checks that you need to remember to ensure that your tyres last. Check your tyre valves as they can perish over time, keep the tyre pressure at the optimum level and avoid doing damaging manoeuvres, making sure to drive carefully around corners and break in plenty of time to avoid skidding.


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