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Looking for a Heartland payment processing review? Before you choose Herald payment systems review as your business, you need to know different aspects of the company like fees, contracts, reputation, customer services, fraud protection, rates, and many more. In this article, we will share some vital information that will help you with the Heartland payment system customer review.


Heartland payment systems are one of the largest credit card processors in New Jersey. As per the data, the company processed nearly 11 million transactions for more than 300000 businesses. The main niches the company try to focus on are the food industry and restaurant. Heartland payment also accommodates many other sorts of business.

History of Heartland payment systems review

The company was founded in 1997 to provide easy and quick credit card processing. The headquarter of Heartland payment is located in New Jersey. The company also operates in states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, and many major states. Wells Fargo Bank and The Bancorp Banks are registered firms for Heartland.


The original company Heartland was acquired by Global Payments in 2016. After the acquisition, the company filed a case against Robert Carr, the former CEO. The claim filed by the company was the former CEO alleging insider trading.

Services provided by the Heartland Payment Systems review

From e-commerce payment processing services to gift cards, from payroll solutions to micropayment, from mobile to business loans, Heartland provides you with all sorts of payment processing services.

  • Micropayments

Whether you just started your new business or have a small business, the company offers exclusively the best small payment services, which a core focus on providing the best micropayment processing. Businesses like arcades, parking garages, vending machines, car washes, laundromats, etc. 

Heartland payment processing review provides several options like WaveRider, MicroPay, and Smartcard for implementing a cashless system.

  • Credit card processing

Regardless of the companies like MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Visa, etc., you can easily do the transaction with all debit and credit cards with Heartland Payment Systems. Along with this, the company also offers you to choose the perfect equipment for your business.

  • Capital need

Want to grow your business? Or looking for capital to expand your business? If you need money for any improvement in your company or business, you should try out the Heartland Capital landing service. As per most Heartland Payment Systems customer reviews, the company provides the best capital lending service. With bonds and partnerships with different companies, Heartland payment service provides the best portfolio to the customers. 

The company provides many services regarding capital like business credit cards, commercial mortgages, startup loans, business loans, equipment financing, and many more. One of the major benefits of purchasing such capital for your business is that the rates can be as low as up to 4.9%.

  • Payroll services

H.R. functions and payroll are the major part of deciding a perfect person for your business. If you are looking for one of the best effectively managed payrolls, then you must try heartland payment systems because the company owns the best proprietary payroll service. The company provides a customer satisfaction graph that directly states customer satisfaction with different services. Heartland is far good than the competitors like Intuit and ADP.

During the hiring process, the company allows you to send an electronic job offer letter, eliminating paperwork. It also helps you to identify the top best candidates and screen automatically for WOTC. This will helps you to save up to $9600 per new recruitment. 

Cloud-based storage facility helps you to save employee documents safely. Even the system will provide you with easy onboarding for new hires.

  • Gift Cards

Nowadays, Gift cards are highly popular in almost businesses. Customers are looking for something extra during such occasions as holidays, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, etc. Heartland payment systems review offers a gift card program where you can cash in on the gift card craze too. 

  • Virtual terminal

Whether you only want to use your existing computer as a virtual terminal or want to take payments by mail or phone order, Heartland payment systems review provides you Portico Virtual terminal. This system allows you to pay in person or with the card and other payment information on the phone, by fax, or by mail. Or you can enter credit cards manually or use an encrypted PIN pad.

  • E-commerce

Have you heard about Heartland SecureSubmit? The company provides the best option for e-commerce. As a customer, you can take payments through your website by using it. With the help of SecureSubmit, customers can enter their mode of payment on your website, and then the company will receive it in encrypted mode, where the data will proceed further. 

  • Heartland Mobile Pay

Are you fed up with traditional and rigid credit card machines? Heartland payments offer another mode of transaction where you can take debit and credit cards using your tablet or phone. 

Heartland mobile pay is one of the best-developed apps with a Bluetooth EMV chip card reader. Whether you want to do an invoice, inventory management, back office work, or any work, this app will help you to do in cards. If you want to use mobile processing, you must need t0 set up for credit card processing. 

Services in different industries by the heartland payment system

From Restaurants to Education, loading to hospitality, healthcare to Grocery, parking to liquor, Heartland payment systems review provides many services tailored to different businesses. 

  • Lodging and Hospitality

Heartland payment systems are preferred by the American Hotel and Loading Associations. If you are in the Lodging or hospitality business, you can easily get to use different payment solutions by the company. It includes credit card processing, debit card processing, payroll solution, reward card programs, and gift card.

  • Restaurants

Businesses like restaurants and beverages are highly popular in the USA. To process your credit or debit card for your business, Heartland offers a Freshtxt restaurant application that not only helps with the wait list but also provides reservation services. Another benefit of this app is that it comes with round-the-clock customer care support in the U.S.

  • Education

The company touts’ lots of experiences in the K-12 industry that allow it to grasp the need for every kind of education. To increase efficiency, the company offers an integrated software system that also reduces the waiting time for students. On the other hand, for any query or training, heartland payment services offer online and in-person training to help your new staff with the software and its operation.

Wrap up:

All in all, Heartland payment systems is one of the largest merchant account providers and credit card processor companies with such excellent services. The company also experienced some sort of data breach first time in 2008. After the incident, the company thrived in data security and merchant education. On the opposite side, the company is known as one of the best options for an overall merchant service provider. 

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